Weekend Protest Against the Oregon National Primate Research Center

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Animal rights activists stretched a 60-foot banner across the Hawthorne Bridge {Saturday} morning targeting the Oregon National Primate Research Center at OHSU. for morning commuters to see.The sign -- removed by authorities shortly after it went up -- is the latest in an ongoing clash between activists and the Primate Research Center, which houses about 4,200 primates and is one of eight national primate research centers. From Oregonlive.

Some History on the New Iberia Research Center

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Here's some background on the New Iberia Research Center, target of the Humane Society investigation showing alleged chimpanzee abuse. Tags: chimpanzees animal experimentation humane society new iberia research center medical research us

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Jane Goodall Quote on New Iberia Research Center

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The screaming I heard when chimpanzees were being forced to move toward the dreaded needle in the squeeze cages was, for me, absolutely horrifying.” - Dr. Jane Goodall responding to the Nightline special detailing the mistreatment of hundreds of chimpanzees and other primates at New Iberia Research Center. Tags: chimpanzees new iberia research center primates medical research

USDA Has Meat Animal Research Center

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Here it is.the US Meat Animal Research Center. Good site to visit to see what they're up to. Obviously, all the pictures will probably be nice and clean.

USDA Issues Warning Letter to Oregon National Primate Research Center

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In December, the United States Department of Agriculture issued a warning letter to the primate center for violations of the Animal Welfare Act, which regulates treatment of many commercial animals from pet kittens to laboratory guinea pigs. The warning cited three errors in veterinary care, including a serious 2007 incident where a pregnant monkey died when a researcher failed to notice she was having a troubled labor. Tags: medical research PETA animal welfare us

University of Louisiana Plays Defense on Primate Research

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They are at least admitting there are problems with standard operating procedures at New Iberia Research Center. This web page also has a video with a tour of the facility, conducted by center staff. Tags: animal cruelty exper new iberia research center primates medical research Officials claim to be taking steps to correct certain problems. Maybe.

Humane Society Calls for Refuge for 9 Chimps

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These chimps are currently at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s New Iberia Research Center. I just love the language used by the Research Center's spokesperson. {Dr. Jeff Rowell, NIRC director, in an e-mail Wednesday} "said the nine remaining animals are being housed as a family group at the center with access to indoor-outdoor caging. The animals have not been and are not currently being accessed for biomedical research,” Rowell said."

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PETA Undercover Agent Also Worked in Oregon

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The PETA activist who worked undercover at the University of Utah, and collected video footage of alleged mistreatment of lab animals, was also involved in an operation at the Oregon National Primate Research Center. Tags: university research animal research undercover investigation PETA

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Baby Gorilla Rescued from Snare in Rwanda

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Fortunately, wildlife staff from the Karisoke Research Center discovered it and it's okay now. Back in February, a three-year-old gorilla was caught in a poacher's snare meant for antelope. Here's the story from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund website.

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New Mexico Governor Opposes Chimp Transfer

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Bill Richardson is asking to tour a former medical research lab in southern New Mexico that houses more than 200 chimpanzees. The animals can be used again for medical experiments if transferred to the Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio, Texas. Tags: chimpanzees animal research animal laboratories Texas new mexico From the AP.

Chimpanzees Mourn Their Dead?

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This is because they quote some guy from the USC Jane Goodall Research Center who throws doubt on the premise. Tags: chimpanzees jane goodall animal research A couple of studies imply that chimpanzees may mourn their dead. I believe they do. I believe that great apes do have that capacity. I've read of the mountain gorillas in Virunga grieving over the loss of a silverback. Heck, even my cats visibly missed old Charlotte who died last August.

It’s a girl! Discovery Cove welcomes new dolphin.

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This dolphin calf is the first born at Discovery Cove that was conceived through the use of “sperm-sexing” research, which involves separating sperm carrying a female-producing X chromosome from sperm carrying a male-producing Y chromosome. Scientists at the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Reproductive Research Center in San Diego, Calif., A 3 ½ foot-long, 35-pound dolphin was born at Discovery Cove ® on Friday, November 30 at 10:22 a.m. Just look at that beautiful baby!

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UC Davis Named in Criminal Complaint for Mistreatment of Lab Animals

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The University of California, Davis is the focus of a major federal complaint charging it and two other nationally known university research centers have killed dozens of primates through traumatic injuries, veterinary negligence and other violations. sponsored by SAEN {Stop Animal Exploitation Now}, an Ohio-based animal research watchdog group. The primate center at UC Davis has been cited several times after monkeys were killed in preventable lab mishaps.

Harvard Medical School Facility Accused of Improper Research Reporting

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An Ohio-based animal rights organization has filed a complaint against Harvard Medical School, alleging that the school's New England Primate Research Center in Southborough did not properly report its experiments on animals. Two Harvard research projects allow primates to experience unrelieved pain - one subjects them to electric shock and one purposely stresses animals who have already been diagnosed with self-injurious behavior, according to the complaint to the U.S.

University of Washington Allows Primate to Starve to Death

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I've been hearing nightmare stories about the Primate Center for years. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report on the UW National Primate Research Center in September. Tags: animal research University of Washington USDA I went to graduate school at the University of Washington here in Seattle. The ineptness and cruelty continues, but all in the name of "putting people first." Eff that. This is why I avoid Games Night at some acquaintances.'

Southwest Primate Center "Celebrates" 10 Years

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This place is celebrating its 10th year with ground-breaking research into what makes us all fat. Comuzzie, a nationally prominent obesity researcher and geneticist at Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, recently induced metabolic syndrome — risk factors associated with the human epidemic of diabetes and heart disease — by making the baboons' high-fat diet tastier and adding a sweet drink flavored with high-fructose corn syrup.

Last Monkey Recaptured by Primate Center

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The last of nine monkeys that escaped from the Oregon National Primate Research Center in Hillsboro was found at 2 p.m. The last monkey was found on the primate center campus. All the monkeys are healthy juvenile males and not involved in health research, officials said. They are part of the center's breeding colony. Center director Nancy Haigwood said the perimeter fence will be improved to make it more difficult for an animal to leave the property. "We

Puerto Rico Ships Monkey to.Baghdad?

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Puerto Rico is eager to rid itself of the estimated 2,000 patas and rhesus monkeys that have taken a toll on wildlife and agriculture in the Lajas Valley since escaping from nearby research centers 30 years ago. "We Unlike rhesus monkeys, patas are not considered desirable for research, and there has been little demand for either from zoos — until now. The Baghdad Zoo rakes in some more animals. Puerto Rico is using it as a dumping ground for "nuisance" monkeys.

When You Have to Make a Choice About Your Beliefs

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I've decided to quit my book club, which I dearly love, because of a member who works in medical research and supports animal experimentation. Then I read more about what's happening at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana. This is a link to a recent scandal at a primate center in Louisiana. And researching the company she works for makes me wonder whether the clinical trials she sells actually include animal experiments. Tags: animal research

From Today's New York Times

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9): Gail Collins writes: “Human-ape conversation was a very hot topic back in the late 1960s, when researchers first taught a chimpanzee named Washoe to use sign language. The Great Ape Trust is the only place in America where this kind of research still goes on.” In fact, the Language Research Center at Georgia State University has engaged in continuous social, cognitive and biobehavioral research on primates, including language training and research, since 1981.

Environmental Groups Call For End To USDA Wildlife Killing

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From WildEarth Guardians: WildEarth Guardians’ research reveals this agency is: • Biologically Unsound - Wildlife Services uses a “sledgehammer approach” to wildlife management, meaning over one million animals are killed each year using non-selective killing controls such as poisons, traps, and aerial gunning. Environmental groups have called on Obama to get rid of the USDA's Dept. of Wildlife Services , which is involved in mainly predator control programs (coyotes are a big target).

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