On Betraying Your Family

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I work with my mom and dad twenty other caring individuals to provide the best, most comfortable place for my family members, all 2000 of them. His family members total 2000. Yesterday, in the comments of An Affront to the Idea of Family , Brian wrote: I understand your concern for those cows that were beat by that man and the unfortunate death of all the cows that died in the snow storm. As a dairy farmer I even had a hard time reading that.

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It’s a boy! Baby bottlenosed dolphin born!

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This is Kendall’s fourth birth and the 26th dolphin born at Discovery Cove since the park opened in 2000. A male dolphin calf was born at Discovery Cove in Orlando Monday, February 25, at 10:05 pm. The calf now weighs approximately 44 pounds and is 44 inches long. He is nursing and bonding with his mom, Kendall, both a good indication that the calf is doing well.

Guide to the Birds of China

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To say that an update of John MacKinnon’s “A Field Guide to the Birds of China” (2000) has been highly anticipated by birders interested in Chinese birds is almost an understatement.

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Etched In My Heart

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Another thing we love about Etched In My Heart is that they donate part of their proceeds to The PetSave Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Bona Tucker in June 2000 as a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption resource for domestic rabbits, cats and dogs. Etched In My Heart offers pet lovers a wide variety of personalized gifts. They were nice enough to send us personalized frames for our dog and bird. Not only are they unique, but the frames are high quality too.

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Hamsters Celebrate 70 Years in the US

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Sadly, though, some 200,000 hamsters were used for research in the United States in 2000, third behind rats and mice. Interesting article. Prior to the 1930s, hamsters were pretty much in the wild. Prior to the 1970s, virtually all were descended from one breeding pair. Now, one million hamsters are kept as pets, an increase of 41 percent since 2001. This includes the two sitting on the shelf in our house!)

A few hours of birding on Mauritius Island

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conservation success, with the free-living population in Mauritius rising from 77 individuals in1994 to more than 300 individuals since 2000. Apparently, Mauritius has one of the lowest tax rates in the world.

Hilty’s Birds of Colombia field guide review

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Over 2000 full-colour distribution maps for all regularly occurring species are seamlessly blended next to bird illustrations. Birds of Colombia (Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guides) by Steven L.

Bob Barker Offers to Pay to Move Canadian Elephants to Sanctuary

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called ARK 2000. I hope, when I reach their age, I'm as active and effective as Bob Barker and Betty White are in the animal rights movement. Excerpted from CBC News. Legendary game show host Bob Barker says it will cost $200,000 to move three elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a California sanctuary, and he doesn't mind paying for it himself. Toronto city council voted in October to move the elephants to a facility run by PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) near Galt, Calif.,

Lion Population Decreasing in Kenya

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Kenya's lion population has dropped from an estimated 2,749 in 2002 to 2,280 in 2004 and probably just 2000 individuals in 2009. I've been reading a lot about threatened elephants and primate populations in Africa and wondered about lions. One rarely hears about how they are doing. But, unfortunately, they are in trouble too. This article talks about the specific situation in Kenya. The storyline is all too familiar.

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On Quieting the Mind

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The fee for a mantra when I learned was $2500 and it is now $2000. You get a lot of education and coaching for that $2000, but you can learn mindfulness meditation or various Buddhist meditation techniques, free of charge, any day of the week from either your home via the Internet, or at a free class. I've been using Transcendental Meditation (TM) as my meditation technique for over a decade.

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Animal Rights Zone Launches Today

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Today is the launch of. I'm excited to be a blogger for Animal Rights Zone because its target market is people who don't usually subscribe to blogs. Also, it has the added bonus of organizing my content better than I have. The goal is to provide blogospheric content that is easy to find, and from a variety of sources. On the left, you'll see this: Concepts. Project Treadstone. Responsible Policies. Rabbits. More >> Animals. Goats. Horses. Mammals. Buffalo. More >> Category. Ethics.

A few more Pied Oystercatchers start to breed

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We know Pied Oystercatchers have used the area since 2000 and most likely for many years before that. A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to the pair of Pied Oystercatchers that were the first to start breeding along our coast this year.

Sobering Tiger Statistics

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Reduced to Skin and Bones (PDF, 4 MB) shows that from January 2000 to April 2010, parts of between 1,069 and 1,220 Tigers were seized in 11 of the 13 tiger range countries—or an average of 104 to 119 animals per year. Very sad. I wish I could say something inspiring or hopeful, but it's hard to feel that way when you read these kinds of stories. For the rest of the article, go to this TRAFFIC link.

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Sandpiper Species Heading Towards Extinction

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In 2000, around 1,000 breeding pairs were known, but by 2009, the number had plummeted to just 120-220 pairs, a decline of 88%. Really sad. The Spoon-billed Sandpiper, one of the world's most threatened birds, is rapidly heading towards extinction because young birds are being targeted for human consumption. Spoon-billed Sandpipers nest only in the far north-east of Russia.

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Avian Images from a Texas Big Week

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1/4000sec @ ISO 2000 Long-tailed Duck was the “star” of the Galveston FeatherFest , and a write-in for the Great Texas Birding Classic. A LOT of cropping for this image. 1/1250 sec @ ISO 2000 The Marbled Godwit was showing off its articulated beak to the curlews. 1/5000 sec @ ISO 2000 The Neotropic Cormorant was perched on one of the pilings at the Bolivar Ferry landing. 1/2500 sec @ ISO 2000 a. Birding, like so many other things, is bigger in Texas.

Texas 55

A Chance for Bliss

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This all started when the couple adopted 13 year old Chance and 12 year old Bliss in October of 2000, and while it is a great deal of work, there is nothing more they would rather be doing than serving these beautiful beings. A Chance for Bliss takes in and provides lifetime care for senior and special needs animals, as well as those others who are facing end of life circumstances.

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Why Is the Federal Government Awarding Contracts to a Company That Was Involved in Smuggling Primates?

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of Defense since 2000. Worldwide Primates Inc. was started by Mathew Block to import primates into the US for animal experimentation. In 1993, he went to prison for smuggling baby orangutans. Despite this, it looks like this has been no barrier to his company getting federal contracts.

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Dogtown Episode 2

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And here's a huge article from the Psychiatric Times in 2000. Another episode of Dogtown done! This episode featured three young dogs: Johnny, the golden retriever that was considered too dumb to train; "Baxt" (I think) a puppy with a neurological problem; and Tuffy, the dog attacked and left for dead by other dogs. Baxt and Tuffy were victims of a hoarder. The show's narrator mentioned that hoarders often start off as trying to save animals and then just get overwhelmed.

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Responsible Birding in Colombia with Jaguarundi Travel

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10,000 Birds is running a series of articles by and about tour guides, tour companies, eco-lodges, and other birding travel organizations. We want to help the birding tourism industry come back strong from the COVID pandemic.

7 Tips for Creating a Dog-Friendly Yard

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Since 2000, Chris Long has been a store associate at a Home Depot in Illinois. Having a pet does not mean you have to give up hopes of having a lush, well-manicured yard. Although dog ownership may pose some challenges in the quest to achieve garden greatness, it’s definitely not a hopeless cause. The key is balance.

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Birding around Chaka, Qinghai, China

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Chaka is a small town, with just about 2000 people. The main attraction here is a large salt lake at an altitude of more than 3000 meters that is claimed to attract 3 million visitors every year – and thus exactly the kind of place I try to avoid in my travels.

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What’s Going On

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At the same time, I found myself surrounded by an equally numerous group of Happy Wrens only a short distance downhill, in spite of that tropical species supposedly topping out at 2000 m (6550 ft). For the past few weeks, my posts have been thematic, rather than reporting on my latest outings.

GUYANA–Simply Delicious Birding!

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Guyana is probably most famous in birding circles for the unlikely discovery of a population of critically endangered Red Siskins in early 2000. Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “land of many waters” but it could just as easily mean “land of many birds”.

A Lake Reborn… sort of

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My outing’s total count for water-dependent waterfowl, shorebirds, herons, gulls, and terns (I’m leaving land-loving Cattle Egrets out of this count) was around 120; the count for a similar date in 2018 was around 2000 individuals.

2018 87

Birding Balangshan, Sichuan, China (part 1)

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Still, not a bird that merits flying 2000 km from your hometown. Balangshan is a mountainous area in Sichuan complete with a pass at an altitude of 4500 meters. And it is a great place for birding. China’s massive investment in infrastructure has indirectly benefited birders.

China 87

Pied Oystercatcher breeding season is here again!

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This year the first clutch was laid at the end of May and this is the first time we have had eggs laid in May along Cable Beach since 2000. In another year when time stands still when you are not allowed to move freely around Australia or overseas some things happen like clockwork.

Great Egret-134th garden bird

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Since we moved into our home in Broome mid 2000 we have kept a weekly bird list of birds that come into our garden or fly over our garden. There are several bird species that we observe daily without fail that come in for water and these include the Bar-shouldered Dove , Peaceful Doves , Brown Honeyeater , Singing Honeyeaters , Magpie-larks , Double-barred Finches , Great Bowerbird and Little Friarbird.

2018 43

Chinese Crested Tern at Nanhui, Shanghai

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It was actually feared to be extinct until 2000, when four pairs of breeding pairs were discovered. On Sunday morning, I was just lazily working on another post for 10,000 Birds – the (probably not much anticipated) part two of the most common birds in Shanghai. Then, I heard about the Chinese Crested Tern at Nanhui and headed for my car. The usual bits about the Chinese Crested Tern from Wikipedia, HBW etc.:

2019 47

Planning and executing birding plans in the times of corona-virus

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From Kerkini, I would have some 600 km more to reach home, about 2000 km in total. “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Like many of you, I had plans for this year’s spring migration: to bird the very best tour of the Balkans, heading for northeastern Greece.

2020 79

12 countries with the greatest bird species density

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While Colombia may have almost 2000 bird species, it is a huge country with, still, complicated long-distance travel logistics. The Species per Square Mile Approach. On the other hand, small countries with relatively long bird lists offer higher species densities per square mile.

2019 80

Birds of Japan by Otani Chikara

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I wonder how Lynx will pack 2000 species into a single volume that should be manageable in the field – the biggest field guide challenge in the world.

Japan 76

The Cutting Edge II: Hummingbird Feeders

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Since 2000, it has obtained patents with scintillating names such as: “ Top-Fill Hummingbird Feeder with Float Valve Base Closure Mechanism ,” “ Hummingbird Feeder with Disposable Reservoir and Reusable Base ,” and “ Soft Petal Flower Port for Hummingbird Feeders.”. The U.S.

2020 63

The benefits of Billygoat Plum

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The tree has featured in many of my posts over the years and has been in our garden since 2000. The Terminalia species of tree is well known for its medicinal benefits in the north of Australia.

2000 59

Sanderling at Hopetoun

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When these six Sanderling at Hopetoun were ready to head north they would have to fly a minimum of 2000 kilometres/1200 miles to even get as far as Broome and that’s if they travelled direct! Sanderling- Calidris alba have been returning to Broome over the past few weeks from their northern migration. Each year the Sanderling depart from Australia and head north to Siberia to breed and then return to be observed running frantically along the water’s edge.

2018 43

The ‘Alal uses tools, Climate Change Hammers Hawaii

10,000 Birds

Between 2000 and 2012, populations of six of these … shrank by an average of 68% in their core range in the island’s interior, and by an average of 94% in the surrounding areas. Hawaiian Crows Use Tools. From Nature, “ Discovery of species-wide tool use in the Hawaiian crow “: Only a handful of bird species are known to use foraging tools in the wild. Amongst them, the New Caledonian crow ( Corvus moneduloides ) stands out with its sophisticated tool-making skills.

Literature, Sex, and Birds

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In response to being asked what got him into birding he said the following: In May of 2000 they came to New York to see us, and we went out into Central Park birding with them. Jonathan Franzen gets it right in this interview by Susan Cosier for Audubon Magazine. I had walked through the park several times every week for years, and I had the sensation that I didn’t know the park, that there was this whole dimension to the world that I had never been aware of.

2013 53

Borderline of Countable

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As snow was getting thicker, we found ourselves in front of one of the most impressive sights on the entire length of the river – after being 2000 metres / 6500 feet wide only a few kilometres before, the Danube gets squeezed into less than 200 m / 650 ft in the Iron Gates, among cliffs rising up to 600 m / 2000 ft above the waters. As usual at this time of year, I visited the city landfill to look for gulls.

2017 59

Rusty-breasted Antpitta in Ecuador

10,000 Birds

Pululahua Crater This bird is fairly common here in the Puluahua Geobotanical Reserve and lives between 2000 and 2600 m.a.s.l. It is a very small antpitta that lives in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia. This antpitta is found in southern Ecuador (near Peru) and curiously also inside the Puluahua Crater which is my residence near Quito in northern Ecuador.

Queensland’s First Nordmann’s Greenshank

10,000 Birds

It has more yellow legs than the greener legged – more accurately named – Greenshank [Adrian Walsh] Still, even in relatively poor light, it was wonderful to see one of the rarest of the world’s waders; sadly, only some 2000 individuals are estimated to survive.

2019 87

Birding crème de la crème: Africa – Ngorongoro Crater to Queen Elizabeth II National Park

10,000 Birds

Queen Elizabeth II National Park Almost 2000 km2 / 800 mi2 of the Queen Elizabeth II National Park represent the most popular and accessible savanna park of Uganda. This is the second post in the Birding crème de la crème series (the first, focused on southern Asia, is here ).

Water Feature Visitors

10,000 Birds

It’s probably about 300 square feet in size, holding maybe 2000 gallons of water. We have a small water feature off our back porch. In addition to nest boxes around the property and bird feeders in the yard, the water feature is our most efficient wildlife magnet. Birds, in particular, can’t resist running water. Even though Eurasian Collared-Doves have encroached on my property, I still enjoy the company of Mourning Doves ( Zenaida macroura ).

2017 41

Greater Rheas: Germany’s new Big Bird

10,000 Birds

And since the year 2000, we have an even greater bird, the… Greater Rhea ! However, one escape near Lübeck was different, indicated by the large red conglomeration, and it happened way back late in the year 2000: The birds broke free from a private enclosure again, but this time the escape involved not one but seven birds, three males and four females. Germany is underrated as a birding destination.

Bird Watching Botrosa Road

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The Botrosa Endesa Company employees some 2000 workers, exports great quantities of plywood, and generates profits to their conscious owners. I am totally impressed with what I saw and totally shocked to find out that our government has punished their sustainable model, taking away something like 2000 hectares of a nearby forest which they bought from colonos and gave it back to the colonos to protect it! Continued from Birdwatching Rio Canande Reserve.

2011 57