What's Up with the UK and Soaring Wildlife Crime?

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Badgers are being caught for dog-baiting. I don't get it. The Brits are known for their animal rights activism, but there's been a rise in wildlife crime against all animals. Apparently they are seen as nuisances. Bats are being targeted. A bird species is near extinction.

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Awkward Fostering

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The most spectacular case was in Krasnoyarsk Zoo (Russia), where people could watch the life of very interesting and strange family, consisting of four puma cubs, stray dog Mary and baby-badger. Later, little badger found himself in the same situation: Mary did not accept him immediately, but eventually she received the fifth kid. It turns out that people are not the only ones, who can adopt children – animals are good at this as well.

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Finally. Jasmine the Greyhound

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She has done the same with the fox and badger cubs, she licks the rabbits and guinea pigs and even lets the birds perch on the bridge of her nose.” The list of orphaned and abandoned youngsters she has cared for comprises five fox cubs, four badger cubs, 15 chicks, eight guinea pigs, two stray puppies and 15 rabbits. I received this steadily for a month or two and still find it heartwarming. And for all of you naysayers, it was verified by Snopes. *

Potato envy

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We have naughty badgers and cheeky foxes who dig and defecate, but there is no sense in getting cross if you have invited them in and take pleasure from knowing that they regard your garden as good habitat. When you open up your world to wildlife, the rewards can be rich and fulfilling. When you open up your garden to give nature room to flourish, you must do so with a sense of acceptance that your patch of ground will become a feeding station, a nursery, a battleground.

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Biofuel: Now With More Birds

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That Dickcissel you see atop this post was not photographed in the Badger State, but rather by Corey in Orange County, NY.). When you hear the word “biofuel,” you probably think of corn, right? But other types of plant matter can power our vehicles and our homes. And some of those options may be more beneficial to birds than are acres and acres of cornfields. That’s the gist of a new study published in PLOS ONE.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of March 2014)

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Like the fabled honey badger, grackles don’t care. Signs of a changing season are busting out all over, but I can’t see any of them with all the snow that fell last night. We weary winter warriors need some serious respite. Shouldn’t someone be sending St. Bernards with brandy barrels on their collars to help us get through this? The snow and cold hardly seem to faze them.

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Sepilok: Worth a Second Look

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We heard, but didn’t see, a Brown Wood-ow l, and best of all a massive cat-sized Red Giant Flying Squirrel and a rabbit-sized Sunda Stink-badger. I don’t know much about stink-badgers, except that they are possibly closer to skunks than badgers, but seeing any of the poorly known carnivores of Asia’s forests is always a privilege. I got Sepilok wrong. I’m big enough to admit that.

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The Summer Solstice Safari

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A few kilometres on, one European Badger hates swimming over the river, but prefers to walk across the bridge in full floodlights. It is mid-day of the mid-summer day in the Balkans. And it is hot. My wheels are rolling down the dirt track in the Carska Bara Ramsar site, through the meadows and arable fields interspersed with depressions filled with water and overgrown with reeds.

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The Belgrade Amazon Campaign or the House of the Eagle

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Despite mostly guiding them, I still somehow managed to see a European Badger sitting and watching me back for several seconds, before it slipped into bushes and quite a few White-tailed Eagles , e.g. four in just one morning. Beljarica backwaters cover the 900 ha of wilderness on the eastern bank of the Danube, between the river and the embankment, by the suburb of Kovilovo, some 15 kilometres upstream from downtown Belgrade.

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Introducing the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge

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The tussocks are badgers, the stones are grouse until they fails to fly away. One of the admirable things about Montana is how it contains prime examples of not one, but two iconic North American landscapes. I’ve spent a lot of time in, and done a lot of writing about, the Rocky Mountains, their beauty, their climate moods, and the wildlife that lives here.

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Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

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There are 172 species of butterflies recorded within the national park, 24 species of bats, plus the Beech Marten (which I saw only as a road-kill), Otter , Wild Cat , Badger , Wild Boar , Grey Wolf and the European Brown Bear, among others. The other day I was exploring a new area for the first time, birding the national park that I’ve watched only in BBC documentaries, the place famous for the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world – more than 1300 pairs! Have you heard of it?

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To Spotlight or not to Spotlight?

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Vipers dominated, as well as some smaller snakes, but we also found a Sunda Stink-badger and a sleeping Hooded Pitta. I love spotlighting, and I hate spotlighting. In fact, it’s hard to think of a wildlife watching activity I’m more conflicted about, other than perhaps alomost industrial levels of diving in fragile reefs (or the remains thereof).

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Cavity Nesting Birds of North America and Their Babies!

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Even though they naturally nest in burrows mainly created by ground squirrels, badgers and prairie dogs, Burrowing Owls ( Athene cunicularia ) also use artificial burrows. Bufflehead ( Bucephala albeola ) Female at Cavity Entrance photos by Larry Jordan “Some 85 species of North American birds excavate nesting holes, use cavities resulting from decay (natural cavities), or use holes created by other species in dead or deteriorating trees.

Dance Me to the End of Love

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Likely he’d sacrificed those feathers escaping an attack; Sage Grouse have numerous predators on the high plains, including coyotes, badgers, and Prairie Falcons. Today a friend asked me if ducks mate for life. Aside from creating an opportunity to deliver the whole “ducks are creepers” lecture, which is always entertaining in its effects on the listener, the question got me thinking about why people are so obsessed with animals mating for life.

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Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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And for thousands of years the lizards, rodents, and birds of North America adapted to Fishers, Badgers, Wolverines, Ermines, etc. The ranger stood on the dirt road, facing south, and the rest of us, scattered about the parked safari truck, facing north and paying close attention to what she was saying. The sun was slipping quickly below the red sand dunes to our west, and the day’s warm breeze was rapidly changing to a chill wind.

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Crossbill Guides: Interview with Dirk Hilbers

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reduce traffic casualties amongst Badgers , get the White-tailed Eagle back as a breeding bird, increase the number of protected plant species etc.).

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Sexy Halloween Birds

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Nothing is sacred, not even Big Bird or Honey Badger. Warning, saucy photos of females to follow. About six years ago, my husband was chatting with a friend of ours about how we need to have an UnSexy Halloween Party where you take the unsexy and try to make it sexy. My husband was super excited to go as Sexy Dungeon Master (from Dungeons and Dragons) and our friend was so excited to see that costumes she decided to host the party.

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Fixing a Hole: The Gray-Crowned Rosy-Finch Saga Begins

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Besides my little tiny no-car problem, I tend to huff and puff at high altitudes; a noise so much like a very hungry badger that any sensible bird will disappear long before I come into view. So, winter is very nearly upon us, and no, I never did find a Yellow-headed Blackbird. It has snowed in Montana, it has snowed at the Olde Homestead, and I have commenced my annual Andy Rooney-like wails of anguish about the earlier and earlier appearance of holiday decorations in stores.

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Birding Borneo with Non Birders

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One recommendation I can make is the night walks in the Orangutan Centre, which got us snakes, a Sunda Stink-badger and a sleeping Hooded Pitta. When you read trip reports of birders going to remote and interesting locations to see interesting (and not so interesting birds, I’m looking at you LBJs), these accounts are typically written by people who have either gone with groups of like-minded people or those that have gone it alone.

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