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Theres a cute badger visiting us lately when we‘re out for a walk

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/kaeschdle [link] [comments].

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Potato envy

10,000 Birds

We have naughty badgers and cheeky foxes who dig and defecate, but there is no sense in getting cross if you have invited them in and take pleasure from knowing that they regard your garden as good habitat.

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What's Up with the UK and Soaring Wildlife Crime?

Critter News

Badgers are being caught for dog-baiting. I don't get it. The Brits are known for their animal rights activism, but there's been a rise in wildlife crime against all animals. Apparently they are seen as nuisances. Bats are being targeted. A bird species is near extinction.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of March 2014)

10,000 Birds

Like the fabled honey badger, grackles don’t care. We weary winter warriors need some serious respite. Shouldn’t someone be sending St. Bernards with brandy barrels on their collars to help us get through this? The snow and cold hardly seem to faze them.

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Awkward Fostering

4 The Love Of Animals

The most spectacular case was in Krasnoyarsk Zoo (Russia), where people could watch the life of very interesting and strange family, consisting of four puma cubs, stray dog Mary and baby-badger. Later, little badger found himself in the same situation: Mary did not accept him immediately, but eventually she received the fifth kid.

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Biofuel: Now With More Birds

10,000 Birds

That Dickcissel you see atop this post was not photographed in the Badger State, but rather by Corey in Orange County, NY.). The results suggest that grasslands, often populated by diverse species of grass as well as wildflowers, tend to support more varieties of birds, including declining species like Dickcissels.

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Sepilok: Worth a Second Look

10,000 Birds

We heard, but didn’t see, a Brown Wood-ow l, and best of all a massive cat-sized Red Giant Flying Squirrel and a rabbit-sized Sunda Stink-badger. A pair of mating vipers. Sleeping Black-headed Pitta!

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