Coyotes in Carbon Canyon

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I am accustomed to seeing a Coyote or two on each visit I make to the park in the early morning before bikers, dog-walkers, joggers, and humanity in general get out and about. As I made my way into the park I spotted first one Coyote and then another and then another. But the Coyote count didn’t stop at three. The route I was taking took me past the grove of trees that the Coyotes had disappeared into. Have you had a cool Coyote encounter?

Raven Stripping Fur Off Dead Coyote

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Our buddy Kirk Mona AKA The Twin Cities Naturalist delivers a truly compelling time lapse video of a Common Raven stripping fur from a dead coyote. Kirk even explains with his characteristic perspicacity what the corpse-robbing corvid is up to. Learn something cool today and check out this post! Asides ravens

Keep Your Cat Indoors – And Save It From Coyotes!

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Recent studies highlighted by the American Bird Conservancy show that cats make up a significant portion of the diet of Coyotes. Want your cat to survive? Keep it indoors! In related news, Universal Orlando’s Loews Hotel should be lauded for deciding to take action to remove a feral cat colony from the hotel’s grounds.

Voles Can Make Predators Pay

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It is really worth clicking through to this excellent blog post by Ron Dudley in which a coyote pays a price for catching a vole. Mammals CoyoteThe photos are amazing as is the commentary. Watching animals closely can lead to all sorts of discoveries! Hat-tip to Suzie Gilbert.

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Definitely NOT beep-beep

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Even the coyote can’t make him change his ways. Road Runner, the coyote’s after you. Road Runner, the coyote’s after you. That coyote is really a crazy clown, When will he learn that he never can mow him down?

How Fast Can A Roadrunner Run?

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Every child who has ever seen a cartoon featuring Wile E Coyote and Road Runner has to have wondered if poor Wile E ever had a fair shot at catching the Road Runner. Coyote chasing it, a Greater Roadrunner can reach speeds of 20 MPH (32 KPH) while a Coyote can reach speeds of up to 43 MPH (69 KPH). Of course, a couple facts get in the way of Wile E Coyote snacking on Road Runner. Especially considering that coyotes are known to eat pretty much everything!

Virginia Fox Smuggler Gets Six Months

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He was caught after a yearlong investigation by Virginia game officials that included the undercover purchases of 54 red foxes and 47 coyotes from Blevins. Howard Glen Blevins, 68, of Asheville, N.C., pleaded guilty in March to five counts of trafficking in wild animals. A statement from U.S. Attorney Julia Dudley said Blevins had bought animals for several years from trappers in different states and brought them to Virginia to sell to the owners of "fox pens."

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5 Puzzling Toys That Will Keep Your Pup Entertained for Hours

4 The Love Of Animals

Your dog’s wild cousins such as the dingo and the coyote need to use their cleverness to find and capture food. A bored puppy is an unhappy puppy, and possibly a destructive puppy. Puzzles are great tools to keep boredom away. Dogs are intelligent animals. You’re the alpha of your dog’s pack, and so the heavy lifting of the food gathering would fall to you. Of course, the fact of the matter is that you provide the food in your household, or one of the other humans does.

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Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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Dogs are similarly dispersed across size ranges, with Foxes, Coyotes, and Wolves taking prey across different parts of the size range. among the Mustilids, and Coyotes and to a lesser extent Foxes. It is probably true that there is a near 100% overlap in the rodents and other small terrestrial animals, as well as ground bird eggs, eaten by Coyotes and feral Cats. Plus, Coyotes eat Cats. Coyotes may affect cats in another way too, forcing exclusion zones.

There’s More to Birding than Birds

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We’ve got coyotes in Chicago and its suburbs, but I’ve never bumped into one in the field. The tours out to the Stillwater Refuge and Carson Lake, though, offered good looks at two coyotes. Much like Carrie’s recent experiences being hoodwinked by non-bird sources of birdy-sounding calls , I’ve had my share of animal encounters out in the field.

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Birding La Brea

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Golden Eagle and coyote fossils. Last weekend, I finally fulfilled a dream that has been hidden in my heart since I was a little girl watching Bugs Bunny cartoons – I visited the La Brea tar pits (yes, this is a fairly redundant phrase. No, I don’t care.). While the birding in the park around the pits was somewhat limited — an Audubon’s Warbler , a Northern Junco , a Black Phoebe — the birding inside was nothing short of spectacular.

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What is the State Bird of New Mexico?

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Coyote. These ground birds have been clocked going 20 mph, though their coyote predators can go more than twice that. I saw my first real Greater Roadrunner on a cold winter day in the Southwest. Walking along a dirt track next to a prairie, my friend and I were on the look-out for different sparrow species when a large bird suddenly darted into the clearing. It was large, almost two feet long with a tan look that matched the meadow grasses.

The Grackle

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When we first ran this post in March 2009, we received links from David Ringer , Danny Germer , Nick Sly , Coyote Mercury , and Shelly. The grackle is the ultimate American bird, adaptable, intrepid, and obstreperous. Ten species of these iridescent ebon irritants, most in the genus Quiscalus , are distributed throughout the New World. The banner blackbird of most of Mesoamerica as well as much of the southwestern United States is the Great-tailed Grackle.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of April 2017)

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Coyote as it stayed just out of acceptable camera-range in Irvine Regional Park. You believe in birthday birds , right? By “believe,” of course, I mean you desire them and seek them out to commemorate another year of life. If you haven’t yet embraced the theory or practice of birthday birds, I recommend that, next time your special day rolls around, you make it a point to pursue a seasonally appropriate species you don’t regularly see.

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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

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In his piece on state agencies, The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Wolves , Mr. Wuerthner states, “Perhaps the most significant and obvious conflict between the goals of the NAMWC and actual behavior of state agencies has to do with management of predators, particularly bears, cougars, coyotes and wolves. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation (NAMWC) is often held up as the best system of wildlife management and conservation in the world.

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Environmental Groups Call For End To USDA Wildlife Killing

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of Wildlife Services , which is involved in mainly predator control programs (coyotes are a big target). Environmental groups have called on Obama to get rid of the USDA's Dept. Ranchers oppose the move.

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Away From it All: The North Cascades

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There was also a young and profoundly confused snowshoe hare who fled something unseen in the brush up onto the porch and under my chair, to say nothing of the songs of coyotes in the distance and an abundance of butterflies of all kinds. “It’s the least-visited national park in the United States*,” our gracious host said as we drove up Route 20 towards the Methow Valley, through the jutting volcanic crags of North Cascades National Park.

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Crows, Contest Killing, and Communication

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Foxes, coons, coyotes, possums and hawks all get a free meal that lasts for days on some of the larger shoots.”. What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. After scrolling through piles of furious emails regarding a recent blog about Rip Van Winkle’s Crow Killing Contest , it seemed to me that all of us needed Dr. Phil. Accusations were leveled, assumptions were made, direct questions went unanswered, and there was no monitor to call the room to order.

Feral Cat Advocates Lie

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They get hit by cars, suffer from parasites, predated upon by coyotes, and die from disease. I am so sick of the feral cat colonies that infest so many locations that I like to bird. And while I am sick of the cat colonies I am even more sick of the deluded people who believe that by feeding feral cats they are somehow helping them. Outdoor cats live short, ugly, violent lives. Of course, the deluded folks just spin and lie and make stuff up.

Mexican Hummingbirds

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Male Costa’s at Playa Coyote. Last summer, such a plant bloomed near Playa Coyote, near the Cerralvo Channel of the Sea of Cortez. Ahh, for the love of Hummingbirds! I mean, who doesn’t love these energetic little beauties? I grew up in the great Pacific Northwest, and hummingbirds sightings were few and far between. We saw an Anna’s every now and then, and even rarer yet was the Rufous Hummingbird. So, I was very excited to be spending some time in Mexico.

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A Sunday morning cartoon memory

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Coyote for keeping this great bird as popular as it is! The Greater Roadrunner , Geococcyx, californianus , an iconic bird that is the symbol of many Native American, and Mexican legends. This speedy ground dwelling birds namesake has been used for a popular American car model, and without question, one of the all time great Sunday morning cartoons that we all grew up with. Hardly a brochure from the Southwest US or Mexico is published without the Roadrunners image on it.

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West Point Cadet’s Mouse Release

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Rabbits scamper into the underbrush, only to encounter a coyote nobody saw standing there. How about that West Point Mouse Release video ? In case you haven’t seen it, after spending several sleepless nights sharing a room with a mouse, a big-hearted West Point cadet decided to catch the little trespasser and release it in a nearby field. His friend recorded the event. The video begins with the cadet shooing a mouse out of a plastic container, saying, “C’mon, Whiskers! You’re free!

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Rancho Ecologico Sol De Mayo

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This area, with its year round water supply, supports a huge amount of life, with coyotes, fox, bobcat and many different rodents, like this Mexican Ground Squirrel. The proper definition of an oasis, is “A fertile spot in a desert where water is found” Living here in the desert we don’t take for granted that “Water is life”, so where you find a consistent source, you will find all kinds of fun things to enjoy. Plants, animals, as well as birds.

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Nine-banded Armadillos in Florida

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Even worse, one of their self defense mechanisms when being attacked by a predator is to jump upwards, which might help them avoid a coyote but won’t help them get away from a car. One of the wonderful experiences when birding away from your home turf is the potential to come across creatures other than birds with which you may not be familiar.

2015 59

“Hawk” vs. Hawk

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In addition to killing birds of prey, brodifacoum has also killed coyotes, grey foxes, red foxes, kit foxes, mountain lions, bobcats, black bears, Pacific fishers, and other animals, including domestic dogs and cats. Does the product above strike you as black humor, only not funny? Let me introduce my guest blogger, Lisa Owens Viani, co-founder of the California-based group RATS ( Raptors Are The Solution ), which educates people about the dangers of rat poisons.

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Cactus Wren Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus

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As I have mentioned, the bird life there is relatively diverse and if you are lucky you can have an up close encounter with coyotes. Back in December when I was in Orange County, California, I enjoyed my early morning walks to and through Carbon Canyon Regional Park.

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Can An Early Arriving Spring Bird Survive Late Snow?

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Mallard s are a good example, a hearty and endurable bird that can survive sub zero temperatures so long as they found ample supplies of food like corn and some open water to roost on and be protected from coyotes and foxes. It’s that special time of year when birds begin to move north and people see a migrant during a snow storm and ask, “Can that bird survive??” ” The answer? Usually.

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Rip Van Winkle’s Crow Killing Contest

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Groups across the country, including Project Coyote in California, are fighting similar battles. I am not anti-hunting. I won’t pick a fight with hunters, as long as they eat what they shoot and don’t use lead ammunition. However, I will pick a fight with the Rip Van Winkle Rod and Gun Club in Palenville, New York, which is sponsoring their fourth annual “Crow Down” March 29-30, 2014.

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Wildlife Rehabilitator Slang

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Coyote bombs with sizzling wicks, so even at my sleepiest one glance at her chart would snap me into “en garde.” Slang, code, and abbreviations: linguistic shorthand which can make speakers (and writers) incomprehensible to those outside their own group. To civilians who may have been puzzled by the wildlife crowd’s tossed-off references to peefas, modos or mice cubes, here is a beginner’s guide to Rehabberspeak. BIRD ID.

Wild Turkeys Causing Car Accidents

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Also, a turkey fight and display will attract the attention of predators, I’m sure many a turkey lek gets ambushed by coyotes causing birds to flee in utter panic. What is up with all the frickin’ Wild Turkeys out there? They are running amok! This is the time of year when I tend to see turkeys dead on the side of the road. News stories of turkeys causing car accidents abound around the US right now.

What It’s Like to Be a Bird: A Review of the New Sibley Book

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“Look around, look around…” The refrain is from Hamilton , a demand and a plea to look with the brain and the heart and then to look again.

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School Burrowing Owls

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The flip-side to this is that nesting in an urban area versus a rural area provides the owls with more protection from natural predators like coyotes and bobcats. Broward County has one of the highest densities of Burrowing Owls in Florida. It also has one of the highest human population densities in the state. Not surprisingly, this brings Burrowing Owls into close contact with humans across the county.

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Interesting Ads In The Wildlife Industry

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Here are some ads: This is from Advanced Telemetry Systems and it advertises how you can tag wildlife like coyotes and then check on your animals from anywhere…even from your beach vacation…and the magical wireless internet that is available there for your laptop.

Last Gasp for Sandhill Cranes—Act Now!

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4.Eastern flyway breeding populations appear to be maxing out their available habitat, and are subject to abundant natural limitations such as ground predation by coyotes, foxes, raccoons and opossums. As you’ll remember, Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources unanimously passed its sandhill crane hunting proposal. All eight hunters on the commission think it’s a good idea to shoot cranes in Kentucky. The proposal now goes to the U.S.

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Owls, the debait

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One wouldn’t tether a rabbit out to get a shot of a fox or a coyote, or is that somehow different? I love great bird photography, I truly do. Photos that capture great behaviour, and the incredible beauty of birds. Great photographs also inspire me to try and do better with my own photographs. Inspire me to try a little harder to get that composition just right, to get that jaw-dropping moment. Should I worry about how those photos were obtained?

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California Quail, The California State Bird: Now Forming Coveys

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In addition to these aerial predators, their eggs and young are often taken by squirrels, gray foxes, house cats, coyotes, gopher snakes, rattlesnakes, raccoons, American Crows and Western Scrub-Jays. The California Quail ( Callipepla californica ) is the California state bird, inhabiting scrub, broken chaparral and woodland edges primarily in California, Oregon, Washington and Baja California.

Beat on Assignment

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Golden Gate Park was next and it delivered with a family of Great Horned Owls , nesting Cooper’s Hawks and Red-shouldered Hawks , coyotes, an annual American Bittern , Belted Kingfishers , Brown Creepers , and a host of small songbirds that I’m still getting to know. Please give a warm welcome to Walter Kitundu, the latest addition to the bevy of beat writers on 10,000 Birds.

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Introducing the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge

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Result, families spending long dark seasons cooped up with each other, one-room schoolhouses as late as the 1950s, and a culture enamoured with self-sufficiency even to the point of self-destructiveness* (despite their willingness to graze their cows on BLM land and call on the ADC for coyote-shooting.) One of the admirable things about Montana is how it contains prime examples of not one, but two iconic North American landscapes.

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What It Feels Like For a Ferret Watcher

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No coyotes in sight right now, the Great Horned Owls are off in the cottonwoods closer to the river. As lovely as the Sage Grouse were, our trip had another primary mission — to see the amazing, highly endangered black-footed ferret.

Are there so many birds that cats don’t matter?

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adding wolves, who displace coyotes) can dramatically change the ecology and directly affect species diversity and abundance. A while back I asked the question, How much bird is there, anyway? which was a comparative look at apparent, visible, often in your face biomass we observe when we as diurnal primates look around us. I had noted that if you took a quick look around you’d think there were a lot of birds and very few mammals. Of course, a lot of the mammals would be hiding.

2012 61

Dance Me to the End of Love

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Likely he’d sacrificed those feathers escaping an attack; Sage Grouse have numerous predators on the high plains, including coyotes, badgers, and Prairie Falcons. Today a friend asked me if ducks mate for life. Aside from creating an opportunity to deliver the whole “ducks are creepers” lecture, which is always entertaining in its effects on the listener, the question got me thinking about why people are so obsessed with animals mating for life.

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How To Help A Baby Bird

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Granted, it’s fun for kids to raise some ducks but keep in mind, no one teaches these ducks what their predators are and most succumb to fox and coyote attacks within a week of being released as adults. It’s a common call/email/text that most bird watchers get this time of year: “HELP! I just saved a baby bird! What do I do? What do I feed it?&#

2011 84

15 Years: Things Will Never Be The Same

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Photographed at Coyote Hills Regional Park, CA. Hello my birding sons and daughters. Today we speak of the not-so-distant past, the present, and the history in between. A large portion of North American birders are relatively new to the game, with less than ten years under their belts. This post is meant to serve as a flashback to 1998, 15 years ago. It wasn’t a particularly eventful year in and of itself, but for those who weren’t around, a lot has changed since then.

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