Mountain Goats Accidentally Killed in Study

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A mountain goat study in Glacier National Park has been suspended following the deaths of two goats after they were shot with tranquilizer darts. The University of Montana study, aimed at exploring the effects of climate change on mountain goats, got under way this month with preliminary field work in the Many Glacier Valley. The cause of death later was determined to be respiratory arrest because the tranquilizer dart punctured the goat’s ribcage.

Goat Man of Utah

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Authorities are concerned that a man spotted wearing a goat outfit and cavorting with actual wild Mountain Goats in the mountains of Utah could be in danger when hunting season opens in September. And, no, I am not making this up. Asides

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Birding Dulan County, Qinghai

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Given that it is hard to mention one of my favorite bands, the Mountain Goats, in a birding blog, these photos of blue sheep are probably the best opportunity I will ever get. Dulan County is a large county in east-central Qinghai, China.

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Revenge Birding (Shanghai, early June 2022)

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“I’m doing this for revenge” sing the Mountain Goats in their most recent song, “ Training Montage “ It is very good, though I feel it could be even better without the last 50 seconds or so.

Away From it All: The North Cascades

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A dark mountain Merlin cruised above it all. I didn’t see the mountain goats that lend the town of Mazama its logo, though I did buy a water bottle as a souvenir. “It’s the least-visited national park in the United States*,” our gracious host said as we drove up Route 20 towards the Methow Valley, through the jutting volcanic crags of North Cascades National Park.

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Little Big Year Week 33: Yellowstone

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The Rocky Mountain Goats were the same thing, saw them, got a shot, but from 800 yards away, it really isn’t much to write home about. Last week we were in the Teton Valley, getting ready to head over to Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park. Things were getting much colder, and the threat of snowfall was looming.

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Birding Mount Rainier National Park

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For, as Muir knew, Rainier is a fire mountain, a volcano, one that last erupted in the 1800s. We were in the mountains! But I am getting ahead of myself… We made our way down the Shadow Lake Trail to the sound of Mountain Chickadees and Red-breasted Nuthatches and the sight and smell of a host of wildflowers. Trips Mount Rainier mountains Pacific Northwest Washington

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Birding Shanghai in June 2022

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Random thought: What if I had died a month ago and never heard anything from The Burning Hell, nor the new Mountain Goats song “Training Montage” … Such sad and depressing thinking.

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Mega Rarity Tour of New Zealand – Extinction Special

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Here we find two of the most interesting members of the family, the Crested Moa , unique of course for the shaggy crest on its head, and the mountain-goat-like Upland Moa. The Upland Moa’s long windpipe gives it a particularly striking call, an evocative sound you’ll come to associate with New Zealand stunning mountain scenery. Down the mountain and into the drier Cantebury plains, and things get really exciting.