Goats Yelling Like Humans

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These goats really do sound like humans! We had an especially big laugh at the last goat of the bunch. Enjoy! cute video just for fun

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Have You Considered Keeping Goats as Pets?

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Have you considered keeping goats as pets? If you want a slightly unusual pet that has lots of personality and can also be petted, consider keeping a couple of goats. Goats are intelligent and inquisitive animals with lots of character and energy. Female pygmy goats are a popular choice. If you still like the sound of keeping goats, you will need to decide if it’s feasible to keep them on your own land.

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The Parable of the Goat Mites

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And so, a man named Salvador Ramirez brought a small herd of goats from Santa Catalina Island where he was to San Clemente Island where he went to live. And so, when Salvador Ramirez left, there were feral goats on the island of San Clemente, the southernmost of the Channel Islands off the coast of California. And so, the goats grew small and nimble, shy and drought-tolerant, through natural selection. And so, a breed association formed to preserve these goats. (No

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Goat Man of Utah

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Authorities are concerned that a man spotted wearing a goat outfit and cavorting with actual wild Mountain Goats in the mountains of Utah could be in danger when hunting season opens in September. And, no, I am not making this up. Asides

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Mountain Goats Accidentally Killed in Study

Critter News

A mountain goat study in Glacier National Park has been suspended following the deaths of two goats after they were shot with tranquilizer darts. The University of Montana study, aimed at exploring the effects of climate change on mountain goats, got under way this month with preliminary field work in the Many Glacier Valley. The cause of death later was determined to be respiratory arrest because the tranquilizer dart punctured the goat’s ribcage.


Animal Ethics

According to this New York Times story, goat is "the most widely consumed meat in the world

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Diving New Zealand – Goat Island

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Goat Island, off New Zealand’s Northland, was an amazing diving location without any birds. Goat Island is one of New Zealand’s oldest marine reserves, one which I have written about before because of its importance in demonstrating the wide range of benefits that marine reserves can have for both the environment, recreational divers and even fishermen. In my opinion, if you’re a birder you should diver too.

Sunday Funnies: Buttermilk “plays” with her friends.

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Some seriously cute, and funny, goats for your Sunday! cute video Sunday Funnies

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Get Your Goat

Animal Ethics

Here is a New York Times story about urban slaughterhouses

Adorable animals are sharing an important message!

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Recently, the Ad Council has crafted three aww-inducing Public Service Ads (PSAs) featuring puppies, baby goats, and hedgehogs! Everyone loves videos with animals being adorable and cute. Yes, hedgehogs (of course we had to share that one). Not only are … Continue reading → cute animals

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"How I Learned to Dislike Henry Alford"

Animal Person

The article is called " How I Learned to Love Goat Meat " (thanks, Bea), and its author Henry Alford, as you might imagine, discovers the wonders of goat flesh consumption and tells us all about his journey. Alford began as a speciesist of sorts with a bias against goats, apparently related to the facts that they are scavengers who have beards and Chaucer called them "stinken." He ends with: D id the goat yield the desired end?

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Animal Prosthetics

Animal Ethics

Here is the story of Albie the goat

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Coast Guard Defends Medical Practice on Animals

Critter News

The Coast Guard is defending its practice of using live animals in its combat medical training after an activist group released a video on Wednesday of a goat’s legs being removed with tree trimmers during what it said was training for agency personnel. Live anesthetized goats have been used in Coast Guard training to treat combat wounds, but the agency could not verify if the video involved its personnel.

Heifer International

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receives a cow, goat, sheep or other animal, along with training in its care and training in environmentally friendly agriculture. Did you know that 63 percent of Americans have a pet? Not only do we love our pets as part of the family, but many times our pets become guides and even therapy aids. It’s even been shown that having a pet helps us live longer, happier, lives.

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India's Cows Contributing to Global Warming?

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By burping, belching and excreting copious amounts of methane — a greenhouse gas that traps 20 times more heat than carbon dioxide — India's livestock of roughly 485 million (including sheep and goats) contribute more to global warming than the vehicles they obstruct. It's been a while since we've posted about Mr. Barky's favorite subject. Cows With Gas! This time, in India!

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A Chance for Bliss

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Currently, A Chance for Bliss sanctuary is home to 96 residents including 25 horses, 22 dogs, 8 goats, 7 pot belly pigs , 4 sheep, 2 steers, 5 ducks, 5 geese, 5 cockatiels, 4 rabbits, 3 chickens, 3 cats, 1 turkey, a one-winged pigeon, Hines, and a turtle, Bart. A Chance for Bliss takes in and provides lifetime care for senior and special needs animals, as well as those others who are facing end of life circumstances.

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What Matters to Animals…

Creature Talk

Saving one dog or goat or chicken matters a lot to that one dog or goat or chicken, and that is kind of a powerful thought. The weekend of June 13th and 14th I went to an animal rights conference in the Twin Cities called Their Lives, Our Voices. Much like last year, it was awesome. I took notes and hope to write a few entries on what I learned there.

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On Objections to Slaughterhouses Not Sandwich Shops

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Briefly: Zoning board in Buffalo unanimously approved plans for a slaughterhouse (as in, a place where chickens, goats, lambs and calves will be killed and chopped up). I think I'm going to start a contest for the most absurd/ironic/bizarre sentence to come out of the mouth of a human each week. I'd have to narrow it down to published sentences, just to be fair; I wouldn't want to get into any he said/she said situations.

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Maple Farm Sanctuary Needs Your Help!

Animal Person

As you know, Cheri and Jim are in the early stages of setting up their sanctuary, after a long journey of conscience that began with them closing their dairy goat operation, then transitioning to a vegan way of life, and eventually, creating a loving, lifelong home for farmed animals in need. I was walking through the main barn with Cheri and she was telling me about Jitterbill when she mentioned a downed goat that had been living in poor conditions somewhere nearby.

And Man Created Dog

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The Birth of the Herding Dog ” – Meet Miller, an adorable Pyreneese dog who was born and raised among the goats he herds for his owner. “ On Sunday, August 8 at 9PM ET/PT, And Man Created Dog on NGC traces the history of man’s best friend from its origins in the wild to the evolution of dogs as ultimate companions and even laborers. Coinciding with this program is the publication of Made For Each Other , which is written by Meg Olmert, who wrote the NGC show.

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Animal Rights Zone Launches Today

Animal Person

Goats. Today is the launch of. I'm excited to be a blogger for Animal Rights Zone because its target market is people who don't usually subscribe to blogs. Also, it has the added bonus of organizing my content better than I have. The goal is to provide blogospheric content that is easy to find, and from a variety of sources. On the left, you'll see this: Concepts. Project Treadstone. Responsible Policies. Rabbits. More >> Animals. Horses. Mammals. Buffalo. More >> Category.

On Peaceable Kingdom, Part Deux

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The voices of Jim Vandersluis and Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis of Maple Farm Sanctuary were especially poignant, and the anguish in their faces--in their eyes--jumps off the screen as they explain how and when it hit them that the business of raising goats for milk requires surrendering the babies to be slaughtered. Last week I ventured a couple of hours north to see Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home at the Orlando Film Festival.

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Birding Dulan County, Qinghai

10,000 Birds

Given that it is hard to mention one of my favorite bands, the Mountain Goats, in a birding blog, these photos of blue sheep are probably the best opportunity I will ever get. Dulan County is a large county in east-central Qinghai, China.

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Questionable Practices at the Calgary Zoo

Critter News

Incidents include a hippo who died in transport from Denver and a Turkmenian markhor, a species of wild goat, hung itself at the zoo after becoming trapped by a rope. Another animal dies at the Calgary Zoo and more questions are being raised about their practices. Look at all these incidents that have occurred there (listed in the Montreal Gazette article in the above link).I I don't track zoos, but this seems like an unusually high number of casualties.

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On Honoring Living "Things"

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The same is true for cows, pigs, fishes, turkeys, chickens, buffaloes, sheeps, goats, and many other nonhuman animals whom we call "food." William Horden's, " The Sacred Space of the Shared Heart " is exactly the type of piece I am talking about when I express frustration over "spiritual" people who kill nonhuman animals or who have them killed for a meal. "My

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Listen Today on WALO Radio

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The University of Puerto Rico, an "1862" LGU founded in 1900, operates a slaughter facility killing small ruminants -- typically goats and sheep, cattle being large ruminants. Responsible Policies for Animals Members & Friends! Today, March 30th, at 3:00 East Coast time, Susan Soltero of Puerto Rico will interview me live on the air at WALO Radio about Responsible Policies for Animals' 10,000 Years Is Enough campaign to get our universities out of the meat industry!

What’s in a Name: Chuck-will’s-Widow

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The family name means goat-milker, and indeed all nightjars are sometimes colloquially called goatsuckers, as I’ve learned not to bring up unless I want to keep the weird looks going. European folklore holds that these birds would creep up on goats at night and suck out the milk.

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Australasian Snapper, Pagrus auratus

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A pair at Goat Island Marine Reserve Being both large and common means that snapper have long been fished in New Zealand. The first such reserve, Goat Island Marine Reserve, was established in 1975, and to date there are 33 reserves around New Zealand that protect 7% of New Zealand’s territorial waters. But with the increase in predators the kelp recovered around Goat Island , to the benefit of many other species.

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Calgary Zoo in Big Trouble

Critter News

A huge spiral-horned goat got trapped in a toy rope and choked. We've written about the Calgary Zoo here before. Not a stellar reputation. Now, the results of a long-awaited audit shows that this place truly sucks and needs a lot of improvement. From eCanadaNow.com. To many people, the number of animal fatalities at the Calgary Zoo in newer years seemed very high. A hippo passed away following a long, horrible transfer from another zoo.

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Revenge Birding (Shanghai, early June 2022)

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“I’m doing this for revenge” sing the Mountain Goats in their most recent song, “ Training Montage “ It is very good, though I feel it could be even better without the last 50 seconds or so.

Nyala, Southern Africa’s Stunning Antelope

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By this I mean applying the term antelope to cover all of the family Bovidae, which would include the sheep, goats and ox. I’m a big fan of the antelopes, a group that is most commonly associated with Africa but which also occurs in Asia and, if you stretch the term to be cladistically meaningful, Europe and North America. But it is in Africa that the group reaches its most diverse, from the enormous Eland to the diminutive Suni, and a whole range of body types in between.

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Saving Birds From Invasive … Plants?

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You’ve no doubt heard about birds being put at risk by nonnative cats, rats, and even goats. Yes, that’s what’s happening at Midway Atoll, a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). But plants? In the case of Midway, a National Wildlife Refuge , the offending species is Golden Crownbeard ( Verbesina enceliolides ) , an innocuous-looking flower that’s native to Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

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Annual Animal Care Gala in NYC

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And not just dogs and cats: goats, cows, and even tortoises have been rescued by Animal Care. Animal Care and Animal Planet Co-Host the Annual ANIMAL CARE Gala Fundraiser on Thursday, October 22, 2009 at PACHA New York. Animal Care & Control of New York City is pleased to announce their second annual fundraising gala, which will be co-hosted by the popular cable network Animal Planet.

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Away From it All: The North Cascades

10,000 Birds

I didn’t see the mountain goats that lend the town of Mazama its logo, though I did buy a water bottle as a souvenir. “It’s the least-visited national park in the United States*,” our gracious host said as we drove up Route 20 towards the Methow Valley, through the jutting volcanic crags of North Cascades National Park.

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Birding the Bear Mountain of Serbia

10,000 Birds

Chamois is an agile goat-antelope with short hooked horns, found in mountainous areas of Europe from Spain to the Caucasus. A narrow forest road takes us to the chain blocking the entrance, with a sign “Area closed – bear danger”.

The Parrots of Howard Beach

10,000 Birds

Howard, a Brooklynite who owned a goat farm in the area in the 1890s, the neighborhood was essentially founded by Howard’s creation of the Howard Estates Development Company, which dredged and filled enough land on which to build a neighborhood. North of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens is a middle class neighborhood, predominantly Italian-American, known as Howard Beach. Named for William J.

Savanna Nightjars prove that growing old is a process of becoming increasingly disillusioned

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I know for a fact that science is correct in stating that they don’t suck the milk of goats. Well, because I have seen many a goat’s udder, and not once did I notice a nightjar attached to it. I am starting to feel my age. To be clear, in my early 40′s I really am not complaining. However, I feel the wind of an increasingly fast downhill ride in my face now: I notice that I should probably get myself some reading glasses soon.

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Iguanas Love Roti!

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Shrimp and goat are also available. West of Port of Spain in Chaguaramus, off the Western Main Road, is a very large boatyard. Hidden away in that boatyard is an amazingly good spot to buy roti, which rivaled doubles as my favorite food that I sampled while in Trinidad and Tobago. What, exactly, is roti? It usually refers to an unleavened bread of the type made in south Asia.

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Birds at Rockaway Beach

10,000 Birds

I hardly paid any attention to the American Oystercatchers which is kind of surprising as I usually can’t resist their carrot bills and goat eyes. I spent the early morning hours the last two days on the beach in the eastern Rockaways, taking advantage of slanted light and cooperative birds.

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Finding Solace in Birds

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No, he couldn’t take care of himself and conversation edged towards the non-sensical but I am better for that brief meeting in the small patch of rare, mature forest on Goat Island and am grateful for it. There are a lot of side benefits to birding.

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Acclimatisation Societies of New Zealand

10,000 Birds

It should surprise no one that someone brought horses, or goats, or chickens. Useful species were ones you could eat, or hunt, or preferably both, which is why New Zealand had several species of deer, the alpine goat-antelopes known as the Chamois and the Himalayan Tahr introduced. New Zealand has a very odd biota these days.

Just how dangerous are birds?

10,000 Birds

But while around 2000 people in New Zealand were hurt sufficiently by spiders to claim for damages (an astonishing figure considering the paucity of dangerous spiders here),and 2600 odd people somehow managed to hurt themselves with a cat (see, it isn’t just the birds they hurt), and 80 people managed to come undone at the hands of a goat (at least they doubtless had a good story), the data for birds wasn’t there.

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Greater Rheas: Germany’s new Big Bird

10,000 Birds

It is not unusual to drive by a farm building and see a bunch of Greater Rheas on the farm’s fenced-in pasture next to sheep or goats. Germany is underrated as a birding destination. Nestled right in the middle of Europe, we have a little bit of everything, a nice cross section of Europe’s avifauna. We have, for instance, very beautiful birds, like European Bee-eater , Blue Tit , and Kingfisher.