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A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Egypt and the Middle East

10,000 Birds

Birds of Egypt and the Middle East by Richard Hoath does a good job at giving you the idea which birds to expect and how common they may be. That is where A Naturalist’s Guide to the Birds of Egypt and the Middle East steps in, helping you to get more realistic expectations. Richard Hoath is a naturalist based in Egypt.

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Egypt Begins Slaughtering Pigs to Avoid Swine Flu

Critter News

From the NY Times: Egypt has begun forcibly slaughtering the country’s pig herds as a precaution against swine flu, a move that the United Nations described as “a real mistake” and one that is prompting anger among the country’s pig farmers. The Egyptian government has begun slaughtering all of the pigs in the country.

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On Egypt's Pig Cull

Animal Person

I received an e-mail from the well-meaning Wendy at Compassion in World Farming (which I find an odd combination of words) regarding Egypt's pig cull and asking me to send my protest to the Egyptian Government. Do the people who are so upset about the pig cull in Egypt realize that the pig cull happens every day, all around the world?

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Trash Puppies of Egypt, 2020

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/Telekinetictangerine [link] [comments].

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Brush rabbit - an animal used for dog racing in ancient Egypt

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/trskablog [link] [comments].

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Egypt Kills Thousands of Pigs for No Reason

Creature Talk

The pig you see here being dangled by the leg is still just a baby, and by now he is already dead and thrown away for absolutely no reason, as are the rest of the 300,000 pigs in Egypt. I find this so frustrating.

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Goat with an Ape’s head creates terror in Egypt

Reddit Animals

submitted by /u/mohamer515 [link] [comments].

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