Note to Those Wanting Promotion: Pay Attention

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We bloggers often get e-mails from individuals and organizations in search of promotion. Case in point: AnimalEquality. And though it's not a colossal problem by any means, it's annoying for a moment, and with the world being the way it is, I have enough to be annoyed about. They probably have a list of people whom they blast an e-mail to, changing only the field after the Dear in the letter, and they hope some of them will stick. But that was back in 2006.

Europe's Pig Industry Mad about Undercover Investigation

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Compassion in World Farming led an undercover investigation that showed illegal tail docking and poor attempts at pig enrichment on factory farms, in violation of EU law. Now the pig industry is mad and claiming bias ( scroll down in article.) Tags: europe tail docking pigs factory farm agribusiness

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Watch Video About Pig Farming in the UK

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It's a 5-minute film about conditions for pigs in the UK. Produced by Compassion in World Farming. Don't live in a cloud.wake up! Conditions for farm animals will not change until meat-eaters start demanding changes themselves. As an aside, people who love to eat meat should also watch educational videos like these. They need to take responsibility and learn about the food they eat.

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Investigation Reveals Cruel Treatment of Pigs in Europe

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It really sucks to be a factory farm pig in Europe. Investigators from Compassion in World Farming found 80 per cent of farms across five European countries engaging in illegal practices such as barren pens and routine tail-docking. In one of the biggest undercover inquiries into pig-farming, CIWF visited 60 farms across five big pork-producing states, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary and Britain.

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On Egypt's Pig Cull

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I received an e-mail from the well-meaning Wendy at Compassion in World Farming (which I find an odd combination of words) regarding Egypt's pig cull and asking me to send my protest to the Egyptian Government. The pigs are being buried alive, dumped in mass graves and "covered in what appears to be quicklime where, they endure a slow and agonising death." And what is happening to the pigs in Egypt is indeed sickening.