“Birds of Cyprus” field guide review

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Therefore, I was quite surprised when I learned that Helm has taken the gauntlet and, this January, published the “Birds of Cyprus” by Colin Richardson and Richard Porter. pounds to carry around, “Birds of Cyprus” (BOC) has 256 pages and weighs only one pound. Birds of Cyprus”.

Bringing Griffon Vultures into Cyprus

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A few months ago I shared with the 10,000 Birds community the plight of Griffon Vultures in Cyprus , and it has only been getting worse. A census conducted on March 31 indicated that there are in fact only only 6-8 Griffon Vultures left in Cyprus. I had written then that… There are rumors of a plan to capture Griffon Vultures breeding in Greece and release them here in Cyprus, to rescue the population. CREDIT: ©Jane Stylianou / Cyprus Bird Tours a.

Migrant Warblers in Cyprus

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Migrating warblers typically pass through Cyprus from March until May every Spring – a fact that is sadly taken advantage of by illegal poachers. But that gets me thinking of just how many warbler species migrate through Cyprus. Birds cyprus migration warblersTheir migration typically peaks about a week before the end of April however. Well, last weekend certainly held up to the rule, with April 22nd being a particularly good day.

Birding Cyprus’ Sewage Pools

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And the water treatment facilities built to support them are kept wet throughout the year, even in the blistering heat of summer in Cyprus. Birding cyprus Poop WeekIt’s Poop Week on 10,000 Birds and Sewage, though far from glorious, is great fertilizer. Or at least that’s why I think that the Larnaca Sewage Works is a great location to check out whenever you’re birding in the area. Technically it’s in Meneou, not in Larnaca proper, just behind the airport.

Autumn 2011 Report From Cyprus

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“The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) and Friends of the Earth (FoE) Cyprus have now released the report on their bird protection camp during the peak of bird migration in autumn 2011. Asides cyprusIn just over one week, two CABS teams located 3,817 limesticks, 23 mist nets and 32 electronic decoys in the main Trapping hotspot in Famagusta District.

Killing Birds in Cyprus – Fall 2011 Version

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In Cyprus it also means that the hunters and trappers are active again. BirdLife Cyprus started their Fall monitoring program weeks ago. There are also hunters in Cyprus, which are an entirely different situation. If you’re unfamiliar with that story, here’s a video that’ll clue you in from BirdLife Cyprus: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Kk4B4YJWiQ Conservation cyprus hunting trappingSummer is ending, and that means the birds are migrating again.

Cyprus forests and avian inhabitants

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The most recent BirdLife Cyprus newsletter had a feature article that was just too good to pass up comment and elaboration on: Our avian forest gems … (English names emphasized by me) Cyprus, although only 16% of its land mass is covered with forest, hosts more than 34 species of forest birds, 15 all-year residents, eight migratory breeders and 11 winter visitors. Conservation cyprus habitat species

Waterbirds that bred on Cyprus this year

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This comes from BirdLife Cyprus’ research officer Mike Miltiadou, and shared by Melpo Apostolidou: Waterbirds that bred on the island this year. Kentish Plover / Credit: Jane Stylianou It’s just the thing that I thought birders from outside of Cyprus would want to hear that I had to share it in full: BirdLife Cyprus conducts yearly waterbird breeding counts. This article was included in this month’s BirdLife Cyprus In-Flight e-News email.

European Call to End Bird Trapping

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The big story of the fortnight in Cyprus isn’t about birds, but it crosses the path of birding (kinda). It seems that it came off rather well, and was co-organized by the Cyprus Game Fund and members of the Bern Convention. BirdLife Cyprus noted that, “The three-day conference dealt with illegal bird killing across Europe, and emphasis was given to the problem of poisoning, which affects many bird species in many countries (including the Griffon Vulture in Cyprus).

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A Crowd House of Martins

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As I mined my old birding photos, I recalled one such experience at the Palekhori-Kambi Dam in the eastern part of the Troodos mountain range of Cyprus. It’s a common species throughout Cyprus and Europe for that matter, but sometimes the common can impress. Birding cyprus House MartinsA type of birding experience that I greatly enjoy is one of those moments where I’ve come across a simply huge number of birds.

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Spring is for Wheatears

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Spring is for Wheatears Spring is for Wheatears By Dan • March 18, 2011 • 3 comments Tweet Share What is true in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US holds true for Cyprus as well: Spring is prime-time for Passerines. While Finsch’s Wheatear over-winter in Cyprus, Isabelline Wheatears are the very first to arrive among the Spring migrants.

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A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds–A Book Review

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I was especially interested in “To Hide From God,” the chapter on songbird slaughter and protection in Cyprus. Ask any birder–migration is joy.

Birding without a phone

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So I reached for the “Birds of Cyprus” by Richardson and Porter which shows the Siberian in winter plumage. If you are old enough, you will remember birding without a phone? Not too long ago, it was the norm. Then I started to carry a phone just in case my car stopped or something.

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Champions of the Flyway – the Dakar Rally of Birding

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During this year’s competition, each team raised money for – and awareness of – the illegal trapping of migratory birds in Cyprus , a fitting cause for a race that celebrates the miracle of migration. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is a crucial stop-over for migrating birds.

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Flight Identification of European Passerines and Select Landbirds

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Knowing how good Collins 2 is and how high standards it has set, no publisher seems to dare to challenge them on the continental level (there are a few single-country guides, e.g. for Cyprus ).

Pelagic Birds of the Eastern Mediterranean

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For instance, here is a list of the pelagic bird reports that Colin Richardson (the bird recorder for BirdLife Cyprus ) has received: Scopoli’s Shearwater : max. The Eastern Mediterranean Sea is what oceanographers call ultra oligotrophic , meaning that it has low primary productivity. Basically there just aren’t enough nutrients to sustain a lot of plankton, so the entire food chain is impoverished. And as a result, fun things like pelagic birds are rather scarce.

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Good-Bye to Two Beats

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Dan Rhoads , who has ably and enthusiastically chronicled the birds of Cyprus and those who sought to do them harm, decided that with all of life’s other commitments he could not provide the quality content to 10,000 Birds readers that he wanted to. We are sad to say that two of our beat writers, one of whom joined in the first group and the other of whom joined in the second wave of beat writers, will be leaving 10,000 Birds.

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Disaster in the Sundarbans

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I dreamed of birding the Sundarbans delta – roughly the size of Connecticut or Cyprus – ever since my very dear friends Tim and Hanna Balke told me a story of their visit to these swamps where the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Mehgna rivers converge in the Bengal basin.

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Bird Conservation News: The Good, The Bad (and Ugly), and More Good

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The organization dismantled nearly 9,000 traps on Cyprus last year. Confiscated from a poacher in Brescia, Italy, this robin will be released to fly away into an uncertain world, where habitat is threatened and predators and poachers await. The survival of songbirds depends in part upon eliminating illegal hunting. Photo by David Guttenfelder, courtesy of National Geographic ). If you are a migratory bird in Europe and western Asia, this is your sweet spot.

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Poop Week: Wiping Up

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Birding Cyprus’ Sewage Pools Why would you be better off visiting Cyprus’ sewage pools than sampling its local cuisine ? Have you ever tackled a project so ambitious, yet potentially ill-advised that, when the dust finally cleared, you still couldn’t believe you nailed it? The whole 10,000 Birds team has got to be wearing sh*t-eating grins right about now because we actually did it… POOP WEEK was awesome!

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I and the Bird: What is a Vulture?

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Bringing Griffon Vultures into Cyprus – Dan Rhoads, 10,000 Birds. That vultures get a bad rap is something of a given. There’s no getting around the fact that they’re weird looking. Birds are supposed to have feathers and birds without feathers look incomplete, like they left home with shaving cream on their ear and toothpaste spots on their shirt.

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A Problem with Gulls

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Of course hybridizations have been reported, and there may or may not be apparent gradations of these descriptions, making identification even tougher in Cyprus where they can all be seen at various times of the year. While there he studied Molecular Biology, then met a Cypriot, got married, and ended up moving with her to Cyprus. Dan is an active member of BirdLife Cyprus and goes birding whenever his career and family allow.

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The Nonessential Whooping Crane

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Fourth Whooping Crane This Winter Shot Animal Rights vs Conservation in Cyprus Tennessee Crane Hunt Tabled for 2 Years!

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Best* Bird Books, Binoculars, Bottles** of Booze, and Backpacks of the Bygone Year

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The holidays started early this year, with the first night of Hannukah coming right at the end of Thanksgiving weekend!

The Black Album: Black Birders, Blackpoll Warblers, Black-tailed Godwits, Black Flamingos, and more

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Cyprus count yields a rarity: an almost all-black flamingo. After a long hiatus that included a new cat, a new apartment, and enough time with the in-laws to last me quite awhile, here’s a rundown of April’s bird news: Funny, sad, and thought-provoking … an African-American ornithologist’s video tips for birding while black. Even more thought-provoking is the original article from which it sprang.) Props on the sweet Barred Owl call, too. “I

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A History of Birdwatching in 100 Objects: A Review

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Do you include objects related to conservation–a copy of Silent Spring , maybe a photo of one of the lime traps that kill thousands of songbirds in Cyprus? We love our stuff, stuff being the term affectionately given to the objects with which we populate our lives. In birding, we like to think that we don’t need much ‘stuff’. Just give us binoculars, a field guide, and a hat to keep out the sun and rain. Maybe a spotting scope. And a long lens camera.

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