Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres at Brigantine

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It has an enormous range, occurring in such far-flung locales as New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Alaska, Greenland, and Brazil, to name just a few. I usually spot Ruddy Turnstones in winter, hunkered down on windswept jetties being blasted by salt spray in the company of Purple Sandpipers. Either that, or I see them in spring with hordes of other shorebirds feeding on the eggs of Horseshoe Crabs.

“Birds of Cyprus” field guide review

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His work in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey remains inspirational to researchers throughout the region. For the last two decades, Europe and the greater Mediterranean have been covered by one of the best field guides anywhere: “Collins Bird Guide” by Lars Svensson et al.,

It feels like spring….

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Do try and get it right) is found from the Canary Islands to India; in the Middle East it is found in oases and dry barely vegetated wadis like the one I saw them in, in the drier areas of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE and Iran. …so here’s a post about some birds at a spring. Okay, that’s a fairly weak way to start a post. I’m sorry. Second week in a new job and I come down with the flu.

Waxwings and their kin: Meet the bombycillids

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This unique bombycillid is much-sought by birders visiting the region, and our own Redgannet encountered a flock in Saudi Arabia a couple of winters ago. Waxwings and their relatives are a small, interesting group of songbirds that have seen some interesting taxonomic changes in the last few years.

2013 75

Collaborative List – July 2019

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During July, 11 beats birded 11 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Japan, UAE, Mexico, China and Saudi Arabia) and submitted 82 checklists. They accounted for 562 species at this sluggish time of year. The year list has moved forward to 1962 and the life list has leapt forward to 3759. These are the numbers. Alphabetic Taxonomic. Location. Date. Little Tinamou – Crypturellus soui. Cerro Lodge. 13 Jul 2019.

2019 46

Should We Take the “Christmas” out of the Christmas Bird Count?

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Also, if the count is ever going to go worldwide – and I assume that someday that is the goal – what are the odds of getting Pakistan or Saudi Arabia to hold a Christmas Bird Count? The annual Christmas Bird Count is a venerable tradition and this year’s will be the 113th. The oft-told tale of its start in 1900 as an alternative to the “side-hunt” which was itself a long tradition in many families warms many a birder’s heart.

Collaborative list – September 2018

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9 beats shared 100 checklists from 8 countries (Costa Rica, USA, UK, Brazil, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Australia. The nights are drawing in and the mornings are cooler and noticeably damper. It’s September and time for birds to start their southerly journeys. The beats have been out to line their route and cheer them along, wishing them bon voyage and a safe return next spring.

2018 43

Combined Beats’ List – July 2016

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Submissions from July were shared from Serbia, UK, Brazil, Mexico, USA and Saudi Arabia, bring the total as at July 31st to 1858. The list was in danger of diminishing during July as an input error threatened to cut the Beats’ hard-won sightings. Luckily, Redgannet managed to redeem himself with a well-placed trip to Brazil in time to see the Olympic torch stumble through Ubatuba.

2016 40

A holiday in Egypt

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From my poolside viewpoint I can encompass four countries: Egypt where I am and, over the sea, Israel to the far left (there’s a birding mecca of Eilat), Jordan in the middle and finally the endless deserts of Saudi Arabia to the right. East Sinai – Bay of Aqaba, Taba Resort. Morning. Some three dozen migrating Barn Swallows fly above the hotel garden where I am having coffee at the Breeze Bar by the pool.

Egypt 42