Activists Set Fire to Idaho Fur Store

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No one was injured in the early morning blaze at Rocky Mountain Fur & Fireworks, a retailer in Caldwell, Idaho, about 30 miles northwest of the state capital. activism fur animal rights idahoI just don't support these tactics. I hate's s disgusting.

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Wolf Killing in Idaho Under Scrutiny

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I'm not surprised Sarah Palin's family is from Idaho. Tags: cull montana idaho wolves The state government is as crazy about wolf killing as she is. But a US District Court Judge has granted a hearing on stopping the killing to wolf advocates represented by Earthjustice. Montana is another state where wolf killing is allowed.

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Week 32: Idaho’s Teton Valley, and a visit to Jackson, Wyoming

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Our little adventure now moves us farther north, into Idaho’s Teton Valley area, and a visit to Jackson, Wyoming. Idaho has been very much that sort of exploring. We parked our 5th wheel in a very nice RV park, in Victor, Idaho, which would give us a nice base to explore both the Idaho side of the Teton Mountains, as well as making the 23 mile drive up over the Teton Pass, and down into Jackson, and the Jackson Hole area south of Yellowstone Park.

Moose Poaching Video

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California Legislators Call for Wildlife Official's Resignation

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He is a proponent of trophy hunting and was photographed with a dead mountain lion in Idaho. fish and wildlife california government mountain lions hunting idaho trophy huntingThe wildlife official in question is the President of the California Fish and Game Commission. Full story here.

CA Wildlife Official Photographed with Dead Mountain Lion

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Dan Richards, president of the California Fish and Game Commission, is shown in the photo, holding a mountain lion he reportedly hunted and killed in Idaho, according to Western Outdoor Press, which published the photo. Hunting mountain lion is legal in Idaho, but illegal in California. wildlife management california Stupid mountain lions hunting idahoWhat was this idiot thinking? The full story is below and it comes from

Best & Worst States for Animal Protection

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New Jersey Illinois Massachusetts Colorado Maine WORST STATES Ohio Hawaii Alabama North Dakota Mississippi Idaho South Dakota (worst) According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the states fell this way. BEST Illinois (best) Maine Michigan Oregon California WORST Mississippi Idaho Hawaii North Dakota Kentucky. According to this Technorati article , the Humane Society rated the states on their animal protection laws. BEST STATES California (best-yay!)

HSUS Offers Reward in Grizzly Poaching Case

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reward for the poaching of a Grizzly in Idaho. The Humane Society of the United States and The HSUS Wildlife Land Trust are offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the illegal killing of a grizzly bear found dead in Ashton Reservoir near Ashton, Idaho The Humane Society is offering a 2500.00

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Humane Society Ranks States in First-Time Report

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Ohio, Mississippi, North Dakota, Idaho and South Dakota are at the bottom. It's their first annual "humane state" report. California and New Jersey came out on top.

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Bird Litigation:  Greater Sage-Grouse and Oil and Natural Gas Leases

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Two conservation groups ( Western Watersheds Project and the Center for Biological Diversity ) promptly filed a lawsuit in federal court in Idaho, arguing that the policy was improperly created and that it unlawfully eliminated public involvement in BLM leasing decisions.

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Grouse Friends?

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Is there something about Idaho Ruffed Grouse that make them seek out human men as companions? Judge for yourself ! Asides

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Animal Legal Defense Fund Ranks States on Animal Protection

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And the worst: Alabama, Alaska, American Samoa, Arkansas, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, South Dakota, Wyoming You can check out the whole report on their web site. The ALDF has released a report on how different states' animal protection laws stack up. Among the best: California, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Oregon.

Obama's Rules Freeze May Help Wolves

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Wildlife conservationists say the freeze will delay and possibly prevent the removal of gray wolves from the federal endangered species list in Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, and also in portions of Washington, Oregon, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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10,000 Birds goes eBirding – Part II

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As devoted readers of 10,000 Birds know , the writers contribute checklists to a joint eBird account called the “ 10,000 Birds Collaborative.”. Every month, Redgannet summarizes the checklists, providing an updated life list, year list, and country list.

Kill the Sea Lions Before They Kill Again!

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Judge Michael Mosman’s ruling means Washington, Oregon and Idaho can shoot or remove up to 85 sea lions next year. This is pretty frustrating. The major threats to salmon are the 4 'H's: habitat, hatcheries, hydro(power) and harvest. All driven by humans. But we can't get rid of humans, of course, and we need to punish someone who can't fight back. Let's pick the sea lions! Portland judge said Wednesday the Northwest states can kill hungry sea lions on the Columbia River.

Canis Lupus

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Here is a New York Times story about gray wolves, who are no longer on the protected list in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. If you haven't read Barry Holstun Lopez 's 1978 book Of Wolves and Men , you should do so. It changed my life

Introducing Bluebird Man

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Bluebird nest box near Prairie, Idaho. By telling the remarkable story of one man’s life work with bluebirds in southwest Idaho, we hope to inspire that next generation of bluebird and cavity nesting bird enthusiasts to carry the torch of environmental stewardship begun in the 1970s by the North American Bluebird Society founders. Neil Paprocki is a Raptor Biology Master’s student at Boise State University as well as the Scientific Director for Wild Lens Inc. ,

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What is the State Bird of Nevada?

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The Mountain Bluebird is one of the most striking birds in the United States, and is the state bird of both Nevada and Idaho. Designated in 1967 (36 years after Idaho’s), the Mountain Bluebird can be found all year round in Nevada, though in general its range shift southward for the winter months; in the summer, this species can be found as far north as Alaska.

Back from the West!

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When we left Wyoming we headed west across Idaho making a stop at Craters of the Moon National Monument and spending the night further west still in Boise. I saw few birds in Idaho mostly because of our lack of time but a couple of rest stops did provide a few highlights. I first saw Sage Thrashers in Colorado but this one at a rest stop in Idaho was the most cooperative one that I spotted.

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Here is the management plan of Idaho's Fish and Game Commission Here is a New York Times editorial opinion about the removal of the gray wolf ( Canis lupus ) from the endangered-species list. The editorial board of the Times is intellectually dishonest, so please don't let this be your only source of information about the delisting. Here , for example, is a news release from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Here are questions and answers.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of August 2016)

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Basically, he’s too busy birding from Colorado to Idaho to write about birding! Doing a thing and writing about doing a thing differ in so many significant ways that even mentioning the dichotomy seems superfluous. Yet, in realms such as birding, the acts rarely overlap; if you are birding, you’re probably not writing about it, and vice versa. This brief moment of rumination is meant to explain why we don’t have the best bird of Corey’s weekend.

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White-tailed Antelope Squirrels at Joshua Tree National Park

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The other subspecies range from the southern end of Baja California north into Idaho and Oregon but never east of the Colorado River. While eating lunch with Daisy and her family at a picnic area in Joshua Tree National Park the other day a small chipmunk-looking creature ventured out of the rock formation we were eating next to. The cute little critter was clearly looking for a handout which we did not provide.

Trumpeter Swans: Don’t Shoot Them

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Only several dozen of these swans wintered in the region (the region being, approximately, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming) and for some reason they were almost all at this river in this year, and on this day, they were right there in view. Many years ago, back in the 1970s, I visited my sister, who lived in West Yellowstone, Montana, in the dead of winter. We rented snow mobiles and drove into Yellowstone. That was the only way to get into Yellowstone in the winter (other than walking).

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Listening to Falcons: The Peregrines of Tom Cade

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In the years that followed, Tom Cade worked with various birds of prey through two revered organizations, The Peregrine Fund and The World Center for Birds of Prey, linked in one sanctuary at the edges of Boise, Idaho. The largest of the falcons, Cade often set Kumpan loose over the high desert of the Snake River country in Idaho, saying it gave him great pleasure to watch the Gyr climb. Author Sherrida Woodley thinks deeply about dearly departed birds.

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“Wild Rwanda – Where to watch birds, primates, and other wildlife”

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Ken Behrens is a tour guide for Tropical Birding, originally from Idaho, but now lives in Madagascar. Forget the old news, Rwanda of today is one of Africa’s safest, cleanest and most stable countries. Slightly larger than Wales and about the size of the US state of Maryland, this country’s lure is its 703 bird species and three dozen Albertine Rift endemics among them.

Osprey in Missoula

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although in real life Osprey are most likely to face off with thieving Bald Eagles and the occasional Raven , the Missoula Osprey’s avian opponents include the Idaho Falls Chukars and Orem Owlz. This Wednesday I saw my first of season Osprey soaring over the Clark Fork, not far from the nesting platform at the entrance to Hellgate Canyon. It was flying relatively low, easy to see against Mount Jumbo, and a couple of bystanders spotted it too.

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What Impact Will Drones Have on Birds?

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Taking up the pertinent question of how the newest form of recreational aviation technology affects avians is Liz Greene, who hails from the beautiful city of trees, Boise, Idaho. She’s a lover of all things geek and is happiest when cuddling with her dogs and catching up on the latest Marvel movies. You can follow her on Twitter @LizVGreene or dig deeper into her internal musings on InstantLo. This is Liz’s first contribution to 10,000 Birds.

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10,000 Birds goes eBirding

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However, most states have less than 100 species, including: Missouri (98); Wyoming (97); Delaware (83); Massachusetts (81); Maine (76); Louisiana (73); Maryland (62); Idaho (57); Georgia (54); Nevada (53); South Carolina (49); Vermont (34); Alaska (34); New Hampshire (31); Indiana (27); Kansas (23); Tennessee (17); Ohio (16); South Dakota (14); Montana (11); Arkansas (8).

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The Last Few Rays Before Extinction

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As for me, I didn’t see a passenger pigeon until visiting the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho, about three summers ago, a specimen tagged and strangely out of place in a haven for raptors. Author Sherrida Woodley thinks deeply about dearly departed birds. She’s contemplated California Condors here before, but Passenger Pigeons seem to resonate most with her.

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Tell Congress To Fully Fund The Land And Water Conservation Fund

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The landscape known as the Crown of the Continent extends from northern Idaho and Wyoming through Montana to the Canadian border, linking the Greater Yellowstone and Salmon-Selway ecosystems and including Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. Created by Congress in 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was a bipartisan commitment to safeguard natural areas, water resources and our cultural heritage, and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans.

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Avian influenza H5N2 in the Mississippi and Pacific Flyways

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It is the same strain of avian influenza that has been confirmed in backyard and wild birds in Washington, Oregon and Idaho as part of the ongoing incident in the Pacific flyway. What is H5N2 Avian Influenza? H5N2 is a bird influenza virus that is making news. This mainly affects domestic fowl, and in this sense is not a topic central to 10,000 Birds. But, wild birds are part of the story, and the virus itself has changed and has been known to make wild birds ill.

Collaborative List – July 2019

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Cassia County, Idaho. Cassia County, Idaho. Cassia County, Idaho. Cassia County, Idaho. Cassia County, Idaho. During July, 11 beats birded 11 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Japan, UAE, Mexico, China and Saudi Arabia) and submitted 82 checklists. They accounted for 562 species at this sluggish time of year. The year list has moved forward to 1962 and the life list has leapt forward to 3759. These are the numbers.

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Contemplating California Condors

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The World Center for Birds of Prey ( The Peregrine Fund ) in Boise, Idaho, most famous for its Peregrine Falcons , also has a vital population of California condors. Author Sherrida Woodley finds inspiration at the intersection of avians and extinction. The dearly departed Passenger Pigeon plays a pivotal role in her award-winning bio-thriller, Quick Fall of Light.

Week 31: Visits to Hart Mountain, Malheur and the surrounding areas.

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Next week we will continue north towards Idaho, and the Grand Teton area, and then finish the week in Yellowstone National Park. We are wrapping up our last week in the great state of Oregon, and made visits to many of the old haunts of my childhood. Two full days at Hart Mountain Wildlife Refuge, three days at Dog Lake, and a short visit to Upper Cottonwood Lake brought back many great memories, in addition to a nice list of birds.

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Essentials For Packing When Birding Anywhere In The World

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I remember years ago when one of my sisters came with me on a birding trip to Idaho. I travel for birding. A lot. I’m about to head out to the Hula Valley Bird Festival and as I’m packing, I thought I would share with you some essentials I think any birder should plan to have in their suitcase–no matter where they are visiting. I’ve never regretted any of these items being in my suitcase.

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Car Birding: A Birder Litmus Test

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This Swainson’s Hawk was photographed above a gas station in Idaho. A Dusky Grouse scurries across the road in Grand Teton National Park, WY. I was reading Carrie’s post last month and got to thinking about car birding in general. Personally, I am a big fan of car birding, despite the necessary fossil fuel burning that is involved. That not-insignificant-caveat aside, I think it has a lot to offer.

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“Condors over Cologne” – Rogue Ales & Spirits: Condor Kolsch

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More remarkable still was the recent appearance of a California Condor in Idaho , a first for that state since recovery programs began and a hopeful indication of further range expansion. Following passage of the United States Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966, the California Condor ( Gymnogyps californianus ) was among the first 75 species listed for protection, the so-called “Class of 1967”.

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Birding and Safari-ing South Africa with the ABA

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There were birders from a wide cross-section of the United States: Colorado, Ohio, Idaho, Iowa, Wyoming, Washington State, Pennsylvania, New York State, New Jersey, California, Texas, Florida. I wanted Penguins. And Sunbirds. And Flamingos and Hornbills and a Secretarybird and birds with names like Hamerkop and Thick-knee and Eremomela (which I know is a scientific term, but which, when pronounced correctly, reminds me of a Yiddish term of endearment my grandmother used).

The Case for Adding the U.S. Territories in the Caribbean to the ABA Area

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But anyone can keep a list of any area ( e.g. , World, ABA Area, Canada, Idaho, San Mateo County, a backyard, etc.) I recently asked whether Puerto Rico should be part of the American Birding Association’s ABA Area. That post led to a spirited discussion on the ABA Facebook page. I will suggest an answer to the question: this post makes the argument that both Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands should be added to the ABA Area. # # #.

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Birding’s Biggest Dips

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All twitchers will experience it at some stage or another. That most dreaded of disappointments. The dip. For those that might not fully comprehend, the birding slang-term to “dip” or to “dip out on” a bird is to go looking for a particular species and not find it. That bird can then be referred to as a”dip”, the noun version of the word. There are small dips, big dips, memorable dips, disastrous dips, expensive dips, exhausting dips, sad dips.

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The One Animal Product You Should Feed Your Children

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However, 12 states, namely, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin [Imagine, The Dairy State doesn't protect a woman's right to nurse!],

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