Gazumped to Norway

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Along with partner Elin Taranger they run Biotope in Varanger, Arctic Norway and have been a key influence in the creation of Gullfest , an exciting trip combining Taiga Birding, dog -sledding (and I’m guessing lots of drinking). Being part of the magnificence that is 10,000 Birds and getting to virtually hang out with some of the other bloggers can be entertaining and fun but occasionally there are downsides.

Norway Knights Penguin, Ostrich Denied Again

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OK, I don't think Norway even has troops in Iraq. Nils Olav, a king penguin on the Norwegian King's Guard , was bestowed a knighthood for simultaneously defusing an IED while taking out a machine gun in Iraq. I kid. The IED was already defused. To the article: FOR the commanding officer of the Norwegian King's Guard, it was a moment as surreal as it was moving.

Seal Products Banned in Europe

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EU nations agree to ban on seal products * Ban would lead to trade clash with Norway and Canada * Final approvals seen as a formality. Tags: canada norway europe trade seals Hooray! Thanks to Animal Rights Person for the heads up on this. As of last Friday. *

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Whaling Compromises Of Little Use

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What about Norway and Iceland? Tags: norway iceland whale Japan whaling This sucks.

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Battle for Control of the Arctic Looms

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Canada, Russia, the US, Denmark [via Greenland] and Norway want a piece of it. Tags: canada norway national security us russia arctic WONK ALERT! The Arctic, and foreign claims to it, are discussed in this dense piece by It will probably make your head spin. Suffice to say that untapped oil reserves are at stake. AND the Arctic is getting even more accessible due to global warming (knew it would be good for something!)

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Whales Losing the Will to Live?

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Tags: norway iceland whales Japan whaling endangered species

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Birds Taking Over TV Screens

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News BBC Norway Snowy Owl television After watching the three-eyed ravens on Game of Thrones , it seems some other members of the bird kingdom want a piece of the small-screen action. To wit: A lingering Snowy Owl plopped down right outside a television news station in Vermont. The BBC’s Winged Planet and Earthflight programs are now available on DVD.

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Europe Votes to Ban Seal Products

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A resolution at the end of a three-year campaign, triggered by a public outcry at the annual seal culls in Canada and Norway, condemned the slaughter of seals as "inherently inhumane". That's good news. From the press release: Euro-MPs have voted overwhelmingly for a total ban on the trade in seal products across Europe.

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Whales in danger.

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The plan can mean not only reversing the current ban on whale hunting by Norway, Iceland, and Japan for the next ten years, but will allow whaling in the internationally recognized whale sanctuary around Antarctica. We recently got an email about the dangers currently being faced by our whale population as a result of a recent proposal to legalize commercial whaling.

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Birding the Bear Mountain of Serbia

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80% of the national park is covered by forest, 85% of it consisting of Norway Spruce , Silver Fir and the European Beech. A narrow forest road takes us to the chain blocking the entrance, with a sign “Area closed – bear danger”.

How I dipped the Horned Grebe

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In the Old World, Horned (Slavonian) Grebe breeds in a wide belt stretching from Scandinavia to Kamchatka and it spends winters along sea coasts, from Japan to China and from Norway to France, plus the Adriatic and the Black Sea (west and east of the Balkans, respectively). …or, how critical are you in twitch or dip situations? Here is one example.

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Disneynature Earth Q&A

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Fothergill: For me, it has to be Svalbard, which is an archipelago of islands between Greenland and northern Norway. Disneynature’s first film, Earth , which comes out on Earth Day (April 22,2009), follows three animal families across the globe. It’s a beautiful film by the same directors that brought us the Planet Earth series. I was lucky enough to get a chance to speak to the directors and ask a few questions. Here they are! Me: I’m from

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From Today's New York Times

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The United States is losing its historic leadership position in international nature conservation, as countries like Germany, Norway, Britain and others have made financial pledges that begin to dwarf United States yearly financing rates to address deforestation and species conservation. To the Editor: “ Watching the Numbers and Charting the Losses—of Species ,” by Verlyn Klinkenborg (Editorial Observer, Oct.

The Mysterious Starling – “Killed Hopping About in a Tree”

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Perhaps the most telling thing in Bloxam’s notes is the following: We saw quantities of rats with long tails, different in appearance from the common South Sea rat and resembling in color and almost in size the Norway rat. Midafternoon on 9 August 1825, Andrew Bloxam, the naturalist on the HMS Blonde, shot a starling on Mauke, an island in the Cook Islands. This fact alone is not at all surprising. After all, that is how ornithology was done at the time.

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Birding Sweden on the Fly

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How could Norway top this? Joseph Chiera is a Masters student in Animal Behavior and Conservation at Hunter College in NYC and a “somewhat newbie” to birding. After taking an ornithology course last year, he was hooked and spends most of his free time birding or reading birding blogs.

We are Just Money Grubbers

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Illegal spring hunting and round-ups of moulting birds are taking place on the Russian breeding grounds and illegal shooting continues in Norway. Out of just under 200 bird species I observed this year in SE Europe, there are 6 threatened species. Some of them were always uncommon in the region, others are highly localised, some are hard to notice among thousands of similar birds, but others were abundant recently and one of them still is, despite the decrease in numbers.

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Birding’s Biggest Dips

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Cuban Pewee 2; Paul and Anita Guris 0 A Cuban Pewee by Mike Bergin Jochen Roder spent a long time walking to dip on a Snowy Owl in Norway. In 1992, a fellow birder he met in Norway mentioned that Snowy Owl was possible north of the village of Vadso. All twitchers will experience it at some stage or another. That most dreaded of disappointments. The dip.

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Time and the Tilting Earth*

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That’s about 400 hundred people in Canada, 2600 in Greenland, 2500 in Svalbrad (Norway), and 700 or so in Russia. Sure, flaunt the birds. Piping Plovers establishing beachheads, Timberdoodles whistling skyward, every day a new arrival. Go ahead, I can take it. I have the warmth of the Sun. Now one of the truly wondrous things about my part of the world is the play of the light, the ever changing light.

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Killingholme Haven Pits revisited

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Unfortunately the Bar-tailed Godwit was too distant on an outgoing tide to be able to read any writing on the yellow flag, so although we know it was marked in Norway since 2016 we are not able to find out the individual birds history. On September 13th we made a decision to go over to the UK to spend time with Mum and enjoy all that an English October has to offer in the way of birds.

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The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving

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Dates of first arrival listed by Schorger (1966) are: Italy 1520, Germany 1530, France 1538, England 1541, Denmark and Norway 1550, Sweden 1556. This is the time of year that we rightfully contemplate the noble Turkey. The very first thing we notice about this large member of the Galliformes is that there is a wild version and a domestic version, and although the two are rather different, they are both given the same species name, Meleagris gallopavo.

Jochen’s Top 10 birds of 2016

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I was quite shocked to learn that my last Northern Gannets were seen in Norway waaaaay back in 1992, some 15 years ago! The year 2016 was not a particularly birdy year for me, mostly because I didn’t get to go on business trips to Indonesia or Kazakhstan, as was frequently the case during the last few years. I did not see any lifers whatsoever in 2016, making it my first lifer-free year since around 2010.

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