Vick Signs with the Philadelphia Eagles

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I used to like this team. I'll never root for them again. I guess someone did want a dog killer on their team.

Man Who Hung, Electrocuted and Beat Dogs to Death Given Courage Award by Philadelphia Eagles

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Because poor Michael Vick has been through so much. Another reason to root against the Eagles. Sorry but after seeing the victims that he left behind on Dog Town, I still think he's slime. It takes a special kind of callousness and brutality to treat dogs that way. This isn't a bar fight. It's not the mistakes made from being young. This is making dogs tear each other to shreds. This is watching a dog hanging from a rope getting strangled to death because he didn't make the grade.

You Should Go to the American Birding Expo!

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From 29 September through 1 October, the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philly, will host the third annual American Birding Expo. Meredith Mann will be covering the Expo for 10,000 Birds, going through on Sunday, and if I can possibly get myself to Philadelphia that weekend I will make sure to do so. Birding American Birding Expo festival Pennsylvania Philadelphia

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Birding John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

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John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge , AKA Tinicum, is an outstanding urban oasis in southern Philadelphia, less than one mile from Philadelphia’s airport. A diked, non-tidal area of 145 acres, adjacent to the eastern end of Tinicum Marsh, was donated by the Gulf Oil Corporation to the City of Philadelphia in 1955. Trips John Heinz NWR Pennsylvania Philadelphia

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December 26 Podcast Uploaded

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This week's stories: PETA demands that the National Institutes of Health take back grant money awarded to the University of Kansas; The Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums prepares to investigate the Calgary Zoo next year; Convicted dog fighter Michael Vick receives an award in courage from the Philadelphia Eagles; Canada tries to find a public relations firm to counter anti-seal coverage; and a Washington State man is convicted of selling bear gall bladders.

Watch the Focus on Diversity Live Stream

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You can watch the Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding live stream live from Philadelphia today. See how many birders you can spot and recognize! Asides

Appeal Denied for Six Activists Convicted Under AEPA

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From the Philadelphia Inquirer. It was a 2-1 decision by the US Court of Appeals. Six members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty were convicted at a 2006 trial in New Jersey of conspiracy to violate the 1992 Animal Enterprise Protection Act. The law, since revised, aimed to protect animal research laboratories from illegal, sometimes violent protests. The group was formed to protest the activities of Huntingdon Life Sciences in Franklin Township, N.J.

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1,200+ Canines Don Tiaras & ‘Tails’ This Week for Doggy Proms

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Doggy proms will be held throughout the week at Best Friends Pet Care centers in the Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Denver, San Diego and Houston metro areas, across Connecticut and New Jersey, and in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Charlotte and at Best Friends Pet Care center at Walt Disney World in Florida. It’s prom season for teens everywhere — and that includes the canine kind!

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Animal Ethics

He is a star player for the Philadelphia Phillies, who are in this year's World Series (which begins tonight in Tampa). Those of you who aren't baseball fans (I feel sorry for you) may not know Chase Utley. Chase and his wife, Jen, are animal lovers, which makes them good people in my book. See here for a story

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The American Birding Expo, Philly-Style

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for the American Birding Expo , held this past weekend just outside of Philadelphia. However, I’m applying those adjectives not to my fellow bird lovers, but to the panoply of humanity that descended upon the other hall at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center for the “Walker Stalker” convention of Walking Dead fans.). News American Birding Association American Birding Expo Bill Thompson Bird Watcher’s Digest Jeff Gordon PhiladelphiaObsessive. Strange. Inscrutable.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of September 2019)

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Of the species he saw his best was easily a Philadelphia Vireo at Bristol Beach State Park, a surprising migrant that he was please to find. Have you ever heard the saying, “Sometimes you win; sometimes you learn,” as a positive spin on failing to win? I definitely learned something this weekend, particularly regarding how best to see interesting birds. Basically, you have to actually go where they are rather than sit in your office waiting for them to fly by. Imagine that!

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Supreme Court to Review Legality of Animal Abuse Videos

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Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit in Philadelphia voted 10 to 3 last summer to find unconstitutional the rarely used law passed by Congress in 1999. You'd think it would be a no-brainer, but no. The justices said they would review, at the request of the federal government, an appeals court decision that said Congress's broad attempt to discourage animal cruelty by outlawing its depiction violates the First Amendment. The U.S.

Dog Whisperer and Philly Undercover Premiere Jan 7, 2012

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You will even get to watch as Nat Geo WILD joined a two-day stakeout that leads to one of the biggest dogfighting busts in Philadelphia’s history — 14 suspects are arrested, and several horribly neglected, abused and injured dogs are saved. A covert surveillance operation with the PSPCA undercover team leads to one of the biggest dogfighting busts in Philadelphia’s history — 14 suspects are arrested, and several horribly neglected, abused and injured dogs are rescued.

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More Regulation Needed for Factory Farm Waste

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Some huge livestock farms produce more raw waste than cities as large as Philadelphia or Houston. The US General Accountability Office (GAO) is not happy with the EPA. They've issued a report that throws a negative light on the EPA trying to ELIMINATE EVEN MORE REGULATION of factory farms. Deregulation is EVERYWHERE.

Pat’s Costa Rica Bird List, 2021

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Philadelphia Vireo – Vireo philadelphicus; San Joaquin de Heredia, 4-Jan. Mourning Warbler – Geothlypis philadelphia; La Selva area, 9-Jan. 2021 is already well underway, are you birding?

Are We Much Better than Michael Vick?

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This is an excellent opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer. This is part of the piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The author, an assistant professor of sociology at Tulane University, poses some important questions. While I don't agree with everything he says, I do think he makes some legitimate points. The media and society is vilifying Michael Vick (rightly I believe.) But is he relatively that much worse than the rest of us?

Jane Goodall Charity Auction

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An autographed batting helmet from Philadelphia Phillies player and 2011 MLB All-Star Shane Victorino. The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is hosting an online charity auction until November 9th, 2011. Items up for bid feature a variety of one-of-a-kind experiences and merchandise. Proceeds from the sales will support ongoing programs such as chimpanzee preservation, and many more.

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Puppy Mills Exposed on Animal Planet

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A Special Episode of Animal Cops: Philadelphia Premieres Monday, April 27, at 10 PM (ET/PT). Boney legs poke out from between harsh metal wires. Food and water dishes remain empty for days. Ailments go untreated as puppies bide their time among the dying and the dead. These are the squalid conditions of puppy mills, where it’s estimated more than two million dogs are mass-produced for profit each year.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of October 2014)

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Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was the third-from-last species to be added to his Big Sit total on Sunday afternoon, an amazingly cooperative Philadelphia Vireo that spent over an hour foraging around the Fort Tilden hawkwatch platform. Why is camping so interesting? I ask because, despite my deep affection for warmth, indoor plumbing, and uninterrupted Internet access, I found myself and my family enjoying an overnight out of doors.

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Rally to Rescue Story Contest

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America has the chance to vote for the most remarkable story, and the winner will be announced in November at the National Dog Show presented by Purina in the Philadelphia area. “Doing More for Pets&# Rescue Stories Contest Puts Focus on Pet Adoption and Goal of Finding Homes for 300,000 Deserving Pets by the End of 2009. Some pet rescue stories drive people to tears; others end with smiles from ear to ear. Then there are those amazing stories that lead to both.

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Starting the Year in Birding at Raptor Ridge, Costa Rica

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Migrants such as Philadelphia Vireo , Western Tanager , and Great-crested Flycatcher mingled with local birds like Long-tailed Manakin (a common bird in this area), Social Flycatcher , and others. No matter where you happen to be, you can’t really go wrong when beginning a new year of birding. Birds are everywhere and if you keep the mind open to appreciation, even the most common of familiar birds are incredible, beautiful creatures.

Polly Want a Latte? The (Inevitable) Rise of Bird Cafes

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While I have yet to make it down to Philadelphia’s Kawaii Kitty Cafe , I can attest that Le Cat Cafe —and its kitty yoga nights—are awesome.). You’ve heard of Internet cafes. You may even have heard of cat cafes. Introducing the newest coffeeshop trend: t he bird cafe. From—where else?—Japan.). Japan.). Plunk down some yen and, cappuccino in hand, you can while away an hour or so in the company of chatty parakeets, uncharacteristically friendly owls, and pretty parrots.

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Rarities at the South Florida Bird Observatory

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A rare Black-billed Cuckoo banded in South Florida [link] Just 10 days ago we got another great surprise, a Philadelphia Vireo , only the third ever record for the observatory. Note the nice bluish feet of this Philadelphia Vireo [link] Master Bander Michelle Davis talks about this nice Philadelphia Vireo And, if like me, you never thought of bird banding as controversial read here for an interesting discussion.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of January 2018)

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Not only did I pick up my life Golden Eagle on New Year’s Day, but now the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. This new year already appears to be auspicious for eagles. Maybe my perspective is biased, but if you’re feeling left out, you should be making 2018 your Year of the Eagle as well. Of course I saw tons of Bald Eagles chilling on the ice at Irondequoit Bay, but the bird that thrilled me most this weekend was my second Northern Shrike for the year.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of February 2018)

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Those Eagles you’re hearing everyone talk about right now aren’t the ones you typically seek while birding, but rather the ones from Philadelphia that just won Super Bowl LII. Well, they did it. Whether you enjoyed the game (and commercials and halftime show) or not, you’ve got to love an opportunity to share your eagle trivia with the non-birding masses. To get in the mood for the big game, I took a run up to Irondequoit Bay in search of Bald Eagles.

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A fit Fido

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Philadelphia, PA—April 2, 2009— According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 35 percent of the total pet population is overweight or obese. HOW TO HAVE ONE FIT & FABULOUS FIDO. K9 Pet Chef Loreen Playford Offers Advice on Maintaining Pet’s Overall Health. Canine obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and gastrointestinal problems in our pets, all of which can lead to shorter life spans.

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Collective Arts Brewing: Life in the Clouds

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The art for Life in the Clouds is titled “’Q’ Up and Quench Your Thirst” and was created by Alex Dos Diaz , a Philadelphia-based artist and illustrator whose meticulous and decorative style combines interests in Japanese animation and Art Nouveau. Anytime I’m shopping in a good local beer shop, I’m always sure to look for any offerings from Collective Arts Brewing.

From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Philadelphia, PA Find out how you can become an active participant in national efforts to protect farm animals from abuse at this one-day conference. Hi Keith, Farm Sanctuary’s Farm Animal Forum will be here before we know it! Would you be interested in helping us promote this event by posting the notice below? Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of September 2017)

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For example, I heard tell of a wave of Philadelphia Vireos being spotted recently along a certain segment of the Lake Ontario shoreline. Certain seasons demand as much birding time as a person can spare, and sometimes even more than that. But be sure to set aside a minute or two during even the height of migration to share news of your sightings. Birding is one of those activities much improved by the stories told by its enthusiasts.

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Migrants are on the Move in Costa Rica

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These are birds like Great-crested Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Philadelphia and Yellow-throated Vireos, and Wilson’s Warbler. Spring is happening! Each day, the sun stays out just a bit longer and up north, the snow is old, feeble and on its way to a wetter, more fluid existence. However, for those of us living the birding life, Spring is more than just the transition between the cold and the warm.

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Birding the silly season – part 2

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“ This is the range-restricted Schuykill River Rail; the pride of Philadelphia.” “ GREBE sp !!” ” “ What ?” ” “ GREBE sp!! Get a picture! ” This time of year makes great demands on Lady Helen’s patience. “ A picture of what? ” “ That truck. The one that looks like a grebe sp., of course.

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On Trial: Animal Torture Videos vs. Free Speech

Animal Ethics

In 2004, Robert Stevens was convicted of violating this law and sentenced to 32 months in prison for selling videos featuring pit bulls chasing wild boars on organized hunts and depicting a pit bull attacking the lower jaw of a domestic farm pig, according to the Philadelphia-based appeals court. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear U.S. Stevens. At issue in the case is the constitutionality of a decade old law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1999. That law, U.S.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of October 2011)

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Corey, on the other hand, pulled a Philadelphia Vireo that Will Raup spotted at the Coxsackie Creek Grasslands Preserve while Corey was busy looking at a Song Sparrow. Sometimes a person should keep his fool mouth shut. Before the weekend began, I opined about how October felt like a real fall month as compared to the capricious climate swings of September. Then the freezing rain began!

2011 69

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of November 2011?

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Dawn at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia a. How highly do you value a three-day weekend? For me, time of year exerts a significant impact on the worth of extra days off. Plus I work all the time, so I don’t really get a weekend! But this is about you, right? Does a three-day weekend in late fall mean as much to you as one in late spring? Obviously, my question is prompted by the extended weekend triggered for many by Veterans Day in the U.S.

2011 68

A Sunning Yellow-billed Cuckoo

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I really enjoyed the experience and I would say that these looks narrowly beat out the looks I got several years ago in Philadelphia. Last Sunday, in between taking pictures of Butterbutts , I was walking through some rather tall weeds at Jacob Riis Park when a Yellow-billed Cuckoo flushed, flew over a fence, and disappeared. Though I was pleased to get an identifiable look at a cuckoo in October I was kind of bummed that I didn’t manage an image.

2016 58

Warbling Vireo at Van Saun Park

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In fact, the main point of Warbling Vireos seems to be providing a tabula rasa onto which birders can project their wish of seeing a Philadelphia Vireo. “If I sees you I will seize you and I’ll squeeze you ’til you squirt.” ” -Every Warbling Vireo to every caterpillar ever Warbling Vireos are not much to see. They are bland little birds hidden in the trees, only given away by their loud song, most easily remembered deploying the phrase that caterpillars dread.

2012 78

Montezuma Winery: Red Wing

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The first of these crosses was known as the Alexander and was probably an accidental hybrid named for its discoverer, one James Alexander, who found the strange new grape growing in 1740 in the Philadelphia garden he maintained for his employer, Thomas Penn (the son of Pennsylvania founder William Penn). Thomas Penn, in whose Philadelphia garden grew the first known hybrid of American and Eurasian grapes, as painted by English painter Arthur Davis in 1752.

2019 62

A Post Chock-full of Bird News

10,000 Birds

… because my husband and I have done some migrating of our own, from Chicago to Philadelphia, over the past few weeks, and bringing 10,000 Birds readers the freshest and best bird news sadly had to take a back seat to packing, driving, unpacking, and furiously scouring Craigslist for Ikea furniture.

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Collaborative list December 2020 and year’s round up.

10,000 Birds

The overwhelming sentiment in Christmas cards this year is that 2021 cannot come fast enough. Lock downs and restrictions have curbed our birding, so if you can summon any blessings to mind, count them instead.

2020 66

Cuckoo for Cuckoo, or, A Cooperative Yellow-billed Cuckoo

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So you can imagine my pleasure, then, when I spotted one skulking in some thick brush last week when I was exploring the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the first time last week. It is not every day that a Yellow-billed Cuckoo decides to cooperate and sit out in the open for pictures. In fact, the vast majority of birding days go by without Coccyzus americanus making any kind of appearance at all.

2011 76

Pat’s 2020 Bird List, Mostly from Costa Rica

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Philadelphia Vireo – Vireo philadelphicus; Curu, 4-Jan. Mourning Warbler – Geothlypis philadelphia; Calle Jocote, 1-Jan. It’s January and another year list begins. This is what many of us birders do, we start another list. And this doesn’t mean you are obsessed or a little bit too much into birds because keeping track of a year list actually comes with some side benefits.

2020 67

Support the Queens County Bird Club Big Sit!

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Here’s hoping we see a Philadelphia Vireo again this year, as well as a whole bunch more species! On either 10 or 11 October, depending on which day has the better forecast for birds, several other birders and I will spend all day – from pre-dawn to dark – on the hawk watch platform at Fort Tilden. The 2nd Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit, of course!

2015 54

Unlucky Ducks, Lucky Penguins, and Good-Luck Ostriches

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In a move that brings new meaning to the term “farm team,” one of the min0r-league affiliates of the Philadelphia Phillies has a new mascot. It’s been a busy week in bird news–some of it bad, some of it good, and some of it just plain head-scratchin’ Let’s start with the odd stuff first. Henceforth, the Reading Fighting Phils will now be represented by two ostriches , who will live at the ballpark and greet visitors to the team’s games.