Wisconsin-Madison Cleared by USDA

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison was cleared of animal welfare violations in a report released yesterday. Tags: animal research animal laboratories wisconsin It had twenty violations back in December 2009. According to the ten-page detailed report from December, the USDA cited sanitation, ventilation and enclosure concerns within the Center’s facilities.

Dane County Debates Wisconsin Animal Research

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Not sure anything will come of this, but Dane County is turning its attention to the primate research going on at University of Madison-Wisconsin. Tags: animal research primates university of madison-wisconsin From Channel3000.com. Twenty county board supervisors have sent a letter to UW-Madison's Chancellor Biddy Martin, asking her to get directly involved in the ethics of monkey experimentation.

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Anti-Research Advocacy in Madison

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Groups Seek Charges in Sheep Decompression Tests

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PETA and the Alliance for Animals are asking for charges to be filed against the University of Wisconsin at Madison. From the Wisconsin State Journal. It is illegal in Wisconsin to kill an animal by means of decompression. Tags: animal research sheep PETA university of madison-wisconsin You heard it right.sheep decompression tests. They filed a petition Tuesday asking a judge to allow them to prosecute five UW-Madison officials and several researchers.In

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Key AETA Supporter Suspended Over Animal Welfare

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Michelle Basso was a researcher at the University of Wisconsin who worked with primates. Tags: animal research animal enterprise terrorism act primates University of Wisconsin She testified in favor of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Now, she's been suspended from working with animals.

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01/02/09 Podcast Uploaded

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Court Overrules Federal Government on Wolf ESA Decision

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The ruling today affects wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Good news for wolves in the Great Lakes area. TRAVERSE CITY - State officials say they're not pleased with a federal court's ruling overturning the government's decision to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list for the Great Lakes region. It's in response to a lawsuit filed by several environmental groups, including The Humane Society of the United States. The U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.,

ALF Activists Burn Company That Sells Animals for Research

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Here is one little blurb I found out about them from the University of Wisconsin: Scientific Resources International, Ltd. Activists from ALF are claiming responsibility for a fire that caused an estimated $300,000 damage to Scientific Resources International. From the site: In the early morning hours of May 18th, four incendiary devices were planted at Scientific Resources International, a supplier of non-humyn primates for use in vivisection labs all over northern Nevada.

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Jane Goodall Charity Auction

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The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is hosting an online charity auction until November 9th, 2011. Items up for bid feature a variety of one-of-a-kind experiences and merchandise. Proceeds from the sales will support ongoing programs such as chimpanzee preservation, and many more.

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5 things to know about pets and pests

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Be aware of areas where Lyme disease (a common tick-borne illness) is prevalent: the eastern coastal states and the north central states, especially parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin and northern California. 5 ways to de-bug your pet this spring: Ticks can be difficult to spot. Ticks are tiny, some about the size of a pin head. They can resemble freckles, moles or even specks of dirt.

The One Animal Product You Should Feed Your Children

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According to the Newsweek article "Breast on a Plane" just linked-to above, last year Victoria’s Secret would not allow women to breastfeed in their stores in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. However, 12 states, namely, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin [Imagine, The Dairy State doesn't protect a woman's right to nurse!],

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