Cooperative Connecticut Warbler in Queens

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Danny let us know about a bird he had earlier that he was convinced was a Connecticut Warbler , something I teased him about because he has never seen one and it was fun to tell him that he actually had a Nashville Warbler , of which there were at least two in the park. He had something good and I slowly and carefully made my way to his vantage point where he let me know that he had just had a Connecticut Warbler and was hoping it was going to come back to the same spot.

“Rise and Rise Again” – Connecticut Valley Brewing Company: Sherwood Double New England Style India Pale Ale

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An enigmatic line of text emblazoned across the can of this week’s featured beer – the Sherwood Double New England India Pale Ale from Connecticut Valley Brewing Company – implores us to “Rise and Rise Again”. Birding Food Reviews American Robin Birds and Booze Connecticut spring

What is the State Bird of Connecticut?

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Found in all fifty states except for Hawaii, the robin is also the state bird of not just Connecticut, but Michigan and Wisconsin as well. Long a symbol of spring in New England (even though they can be present throughout the winter), the robin was named Connecticut’s state bird in 1943. Looks like these birds will remain symbols of Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin far into the future! Birds American Robin Connecticut state bird

Painted Bunting, Cove Island Park, Stamford, Connecticut

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This was an absolutely gorgeous adult male Painted Bunting in Connecticut in November. Nothing was going to compete with a Painted Bunting in Connecticut in November. Seth Ausubel, Mary Normandia, and I had a great time joining a bunch of other twitchers in Cove Island Park in Stamford, Connecticut, which astute 10,000 Birds readers will remember from another twitch that I was on a little over a year ago. Trips Connecticut Cove Island Park Painted Bunting Twitching

First White-Tailed Tropicbird Sighted in Connecticut

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This began the rehabilitation of the first recorded sighting of a White-tailed Tropicbird in the state of Connecticut! The next call I made was to a very good friend who is a pilot, hoping that he would know someone willing to fly the bird from Connecticut to Florida. Today’s Guest Post is written by Linda E.

Bryant Park Connecticut Warbler

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Bryant Park, that marvelous magnet for migrant birds in midtown Manhattan, has come through with another cooperative stunner. Check this out ! Asides Bryant Park

Connecticut Oil Company President Illegally Owns Primate

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I'm starting to wonder about Connecticut. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection says he never had the required permit. It's the same state where the Travis incident occurred. However, this time the owner is an oil and gas company president , not some eccentric woman on Xanax. Six weeks before a 200-pound chimpanzee nearly mauled a woman to death, state officials were cracking down on the owner of a 14-pound siamang that was still wearing diapers made for infants.

Wood-Warbler Haiku 6

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From Connecticut. Having an eye-ring. Does not mean that this bird is. Inspiration haiku Nashville Warbler poetry wood-warblers

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of September 2020)

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On Friday morning he unsuccessfully chased a LeConte’s Sparrow and a Connecticut Warbler in Queens but had his second ever encounter with Virginia Rail in Queens as well as a Yellow-breasted Chat.

2020 95

When Will One Show Up In Queens?

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The Mountain Lion struck and killed by a car in Connecticut in June has been confirmed as a wild animal. The last confirmed sighting of a cougar in Connecticut was in the late 1800s. Its journey originated in South Dakota, 1,500 miles to the west! Asides

Hurricane Irene Waif Set to Be Released in Florida

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Thanks to a kindhearted man who found it, an able and willing wildlife rehabilitator named Linda Bowen who nursed it back to strength, a helpful pilot who got it to Florida, and a host of others, a White-tailed Tropicbird that was found on the ground and exhausted in Connecticut in the wake of Hurricane Irene will be released tomorrow.

Chimpanzees are NOT “Pets”

Creature Talk

Earlier this week a Connecticut woman was attacked by a 200 pound chimpanzee named Travis who had been kept as a pet for 14 years. What’s more is that the state of Connecticut (and the US as a whole) needs to take some of the responsibility for this. The woman was friends with the chimp’s “owner&# , and was called to help coax him back indoors after he escaped using a key to unlock the front door.

2009 40

Collective Arts Brewing: All Together IPA

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Northern Parulas will be returning both to Connecticut and near my home in New York in just a few short weeks, so I found Slothman’s artwork especially cheering. I don’t have a proper post ready for you today, meaning there’s no customary Birds and Booze story and review for now.

2020 87

How To (And Not To) Transport Wild Birds

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“Three hatchling American Robins in a plastic slice of pie container,” said Bonnie Alexander in Connecticut. Five hatchling House Sparrows in a Happy Meal box,” said Johanna Walton, also in Connecticut.

Marlowe Artisanal Ales: Eager to Share American Pale Ale

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Eager to Share is an American pale ale from Marlowe Artisanal Ales of North Haven, Connecticut. I have to admit that, at first, I found the name of this week’s featured beer rather confusing.

2020 96

Calling all Dogs: Celebrate National Dog Day with Free Ice Cream August 25

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Best Friends Pet Care is a leading national pet care company and offers boarding, daycare, grooming and training at 42 locations across 18 states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia.

2012 176

Collective Arts Brewing: Jam Up Passion Fruit & Peach

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It’s a brew with unapologetically loud flavors and a bold, lurid can to match featuring Connecticut artist Edgar Allan Slothman’s lively, Day-Glo interpretation of John James Audubon’s portrait of a caracara pair from The Birds of America.

Canines Go for the Gold at Doggy Olympic Games Across the U.S.

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Canine athletes are jumping through hoops to capture the gold at Doggy Games in Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Texas. London isn’t the only town where athletes are bringing home the gold this week. Best Friends Pet Care ( ) is hosting its own version – the Doggy Olympic Games — at more than a dozen locations across the U.S. Just check out these amazing doggy athletes!

2012 166

Bubbles the Chimp Resurfaces

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Chimpanzees, like Travis the chimp who mauled the woman in Connecticut, are not meant to be family pets. I had forgotten all about Michael Jackson and his chimp Bubbles whom he rescued from a research facility. Apparently, Bubbles is now 26 years old and living at an animal sanctuary. He got too aggressive to live with Jackson's kids. This is not surprising. They are wild creatures and their psychology must suffer from these abnormal arrangements.

2009 100

It's Confirmed that Travis the Chimp was on Xanax

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Travis is the infamous Connecticut chimpanzee that wore clothes, drank wine, attacked a woman, and was shot by police afterwards. It's now confirmed that he had the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his system. Did this play a role in Travis' attack? The victim is now blind, with a brain injury, severe damage to her face and the loss of both hands. Doctors say that it could take two years and numerous surgeries to reconstruct her face.

2009 100

1,200+ Canines Don Tiaras & ‘Tails’ This Week for Doggy Proms

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Doggy proms will be held throughout the week at Best Friends Pet Care centers in the Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Denver, San Diego and Houston metro areas, across Connecticut and New Jersey, and in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Charlotte and at Best Friends Pet Care center at Walt Disney World in Florida. It’s prom season for teens everywhere — and that includes the canine kind!

2013 163

10,000 Birds goes eBirding – Part II

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The Collective added six new states in the past three years, but none have eclipsed the century mark: Wisconsin ( 74 ), Utah (55), Hawaii (38), Oklahoma (18), Rhode Island (9), and Connecticut (5).

House Bill to Prevent Primates as Pets

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Consideration of the needed legislation comes just one week after a woman was critically injured in a vicious chimpanzee attack in Stamford, Connecticut - leaving no doubt that the danger of nonhuman primates in homes and to communities must be addressed. Ya think? House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Nick J. Rahall (D-WV) announced that, at his request, the House of Representatives will consider on Monday, February 23, the Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R.

Travis the Chimp is the Victim

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And Connecticut needs to pass some serious laws to stop this kind of ridiculous behavior. There has been so much said about Travis the chimp this week. It's 1) a gory story with 2) the bizarre tie-in to the New York Post's inexplicable use of Travis' image in a cartoon about the stimulus package. What were they thinking?) That image was wrong on so many levels. But let's stick to the animal rights issue. His death was a tragedy and should not be mocked.

2009 100

Check Out Outbirding with Field Guides

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10,000 Birds is running a series of articles by and about tour guides, tour companies, eco-lodges, and other birding travel organizations. We want to help the birding tourism industry come back strong from the COVID pandemic.

Update on Proposition 2 in CA

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Efforts for such a ballot initiative in Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire and Vermont have failed but efforts are currently underway to establish similar legislation in Colorado and Washington. Again, thanks to Farmed Animal Net for this update on California's proposition 2.

Birds on Utility Poles – The Electrocution Solution

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Jayne Neville, a former wildlife rehabilitator specializing in songbirds, moved from Connecticut to Florida and immediately began making the acquaintance of all the birds in the area. Picture this.

Some Chinese Pheasants

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Connecticut. Apparently, there is a traditional Chinese saying that seeing one pheasant in the wild is better than seeing ten other birds.

5 things to know about pets and pests

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Be aware of areas where Lyme disease (a common tick-borne illness) is prevalent: the eastern coastal states and the north central states, especially parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wisconsin and northern California. 5 ways to de-bug your pet this spring: Ticks can be difficult to spot. Ticks are tiny, some about the size of a pin head. They can resemble freckles, moles or even specks of dirt.

2010 116

Parks and Public Lands Win at the Polls

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Connecticut. Amendment 2 changed the process for passing conveyance legislation in Connecticut. Voters across the country support environmentally conscious ballot initiatives. Voters in several states had the opportunity to express their support (or condemnation) of various environmental (or anti-environmental) issues respectively in the recent election cycle.

2018 70

Birding at a Historic Sporting Estate

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I am also from the Northeast, and seeing architecture that reminded me of New York and Connecticut and even my home state of Maine beneath southern Live Oaks and Magnolias felt a bit odd. I didn’t expect to see any birds.

2020 91

Northern Wheatear at Plum Beach, Brooklyn

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Oh, as an aside, did I mention the Connecticut Warbler I found on Tuesday in Madison Square Park in Manhattan? Well, let me remedy that and share a picture… This Connecticut Warbler made me very, very, very happy. Not having to work until the afternoon on a Wednesday, I took advantage and decided to go birding yesterday.

2014 74

Neversink Spirits: Neversink Spirits Gin

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P.S. While I usually forget to make such recommendations, Neversink Spirits is located in eastern Westchester County, New York, right along the Connecticut border, and just a stone’s throw from excellent birding at the Edith G.

2020 80

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of October 2012)

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Corey’s BBOTW was an Orange-crowned Warbler at the Quaker Ridge Hawkwatch in Greenwich, Connecticut. Wouldn’t it be nice if, considering how special weekends are to most of us, we each learned something new every weekend? This weekend was actually quite educational for me… I learned yet again what a fickle mistress traffic can be in a big city. No, this isn’t a birding-related insight, but a life lesson to be sure. Have you learned anything new lately?

2012 46

Midsummer’s Bird and Some Thoughts on Naming

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The fact is, it’s all part and parcel of a long tradition of bad bird naming: Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Ring-necked Ducks , Connecticut Warblers that rarely appear in Connecticut and Baltimore Orioles that have nothing in particular to to with the city of Baltimore, and of course the endless procession of birds named for the friends and family of a small cadre of long-dead ornithologists, now shorn of significance except to the most historically literate twitchers.

2013 75

It’s Nestcam Season—Take Your Pick and Take a Peek!

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OspreyCam … no offspring yet, but you can be the first to spot them, at this cam run by the Connecticut Audubon Society. In the Northern Hemisphere, at least, spring has sprung. Which means spring fever. Which, in the bird world, means babies. And who doesn’t love cute baby birds? Luckily, with March Madness almost over (go ’nova!), there are plenty of nestcams competing for your workday procrastination.

2016 53

Fat Orange Cat Brew Company: The Raven

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It’s impossible to pick up a can of The Raven – a chocolate raspberry porter by the Fat Orange Cat Brew Company of East Hampton, Connecticut – and not think of that most famous supernatural poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Perhaps this isn’t the allusion that the brewery had in mind and – truth be told – there’s nothing else about the beer or its packaging to suggest that it is. But this beer is The Raven – not Raven, or A Raven, or Ravens.

2019 47

Jinx Warbler Vanquished

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Here is my story about a quest for the Connecticut Warbler.–Bill For the better part of the past 25 years of bird watching, I have had one pretty common eastern wood warbler that has eluded me: the Connecticut Warbler. I have met dozens of beginning birders who have seen the Connecticut Warbler. The Connecticut Warbler is MY JINX BIRD. Moments later I heard a sharp, staccato warbler song and my pulse raced–was it a Connecticut?

2011 74

Why Hawkwatching is So Awesome

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Originally from London, England, Luke Tiller transplanted to Connecticut in 2003. In New York and Connecticut spending hours of my time hawkwatching in all kinds of conditions has allowed me to see some amazing species: Golden Eagle, Sandhill Crane , Mississippi Kite , Gyrfalcon , Yellow-headed Blackbird , Bridled Tern , American White Pelican and White-winged Dove. Newly surrounded by wildlife, he found his love of birds reignited.

2016 80

10,000 Birds goes eBirding

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Some states have no species at all, not even a pigeon, crow, or sparrow: Hawaii , Utah , Nebraska , Oklahoma , Minnesota , Iowa , Wisconsin , Kentucky , West Virginia , Mississippi , Alabama , Connecticut , and Rhode Island. However, that’s not the case for others, such as Connecticut or Rhode Island.) Since 2016, writers at 10,000 Birds have been contributing checklists to a joint eBird account called the “10,000 Birds Collaborative.”

2018 47

Two Hummingbirds In New York – In November!

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After our successful chase of a Painted Bunting in Connecticut on an unseasonably warm day, Seth, Mary, and I made our way to Lenoir and were pleased to immediately spot both hummingbirds battling over the patch of Pineapple Sage that adorns one edge of the Butterfly Garden. It is one thing for a single hummingbird to show up at a single location in the northeastern United States in November.

Wood Warbler Names Done Right

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Back to old Wilson, the Father of American Ornithology himself was–according to An Inquiry into the History of the Current English Names of North American Land Birds by Spencer Trotter –responsible for some of our most egregious place-name mistakes, based on the warbler specimens he first captured in Kentucky, Connecticut, Tennessee, Nashville, and Cape May. Connecticut Warblers are rarely seen in Connecticut or anywhere else for that matter.

2019 43

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of September 2011)

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He can’t decide between Connecticut Warbler and Clay-colored Sparrow for best bird for the weekend, since both are new Queens birds for him. Fall has officially fallen around here, yet somehow we’ve gotten off to an uplifting start. Finally getting out to look at some birds at the start of the season may just herald an auspicious autumn! I got out to the Braddock Bay Bird Observatory banding station to observe some masters at work.

2011 55