The ABA Area and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Virgin Islands were not part of the ABA Area. Virgin Islands , focusing on the arguments that had been successfully made for the inclusion of Hawaii. Virgin Islands

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The Case for Adding the U.S. Territories in the Caribbean to the ABA Area

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Virgin Islands should be added to the ABA Area. # # #. Virgin Islands (USVI). Virgin Islands. Virgin Islands are 40 miles east of Puerto Rico and consist of St. Thomas, and a number of smaller islands. The islands were purchased by the United States from Denmark in 1916. 160,000), American Samoa (55,000), and the Northern Mariana Islands (54,000). Virgin Islands

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Should Puerto Rico be Part of the ABA Area?

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Virgin Islands. The American flag has flown over Puerto Rico since 1898 and over the Virgin Islands since 1917. Virgin Islanders are Americans, just like the Texans and Floridians who were also impacted by hurricanes this season. Virgin Islands not part of the American Birding Association’s ABA Area ? Virgin Islands should be within the ABA Area. Hurricanes Irma and Maria recently caused devastating damage to the U.S.

Filling the Gap Left By DeBooy’s Rail

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The species was probably flightless and was first discovered in kitchen waste deposits excavated by the archaeologist Theodoor DeBooy on the US Virgin Island of St. It is now believed to have been a fairly common resident of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands until the arrival of the first humans when it went the way of most flightless easy to catch island birds immediately after the arrival of man.

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My eBird 10th Anniversary

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Virgin Islands ( St. According to eBird , I have been an eBirder since December 23, 2009, so today is my 10th eBird anniversary. During the decade, I submitted 1,219 checklists and observed 555 bird species, all in the U.S. and Canada.

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Puerto Rico’s Birds after Hurricane Maria

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In September of 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by two powerful hurricanes: it was grazed by Irma and then clobbered by Maria, a Category 4 storm that cut a devastating swath across the island. Species with small ranges ( e.g. , single island endemics) or tiny populations ( e.g. , endangered species) are especially vulnerable. Virgin Islands , which would bring nearly all American citizens into the ABA Area. # # #.

The National Wildlife Refuge System: Birders Leading the Way

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Virgin Islands , and the remote Pacific Ocean. Farallon NWR , a group of islands near San Francisco, hosts the largest colonies of breeding seabirds south of Alaska. Jason A. Crotty is a birder and lawyer living in Portland, Oregon. He has visited more than 40 National Wildlife Refuges in 20 states and frequently visits NWRs in his travels, most recently Buenos Aires NWR in southern Arizona.

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The Fate of the Florida Anis

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Smooth-billed Ani ( Crotophaga ani ) is a widespread and ubiquitous bird in disturbed grassy areas throughout much of the neotropics, including most of the Caribbean Islands. Interestingly, perhaps explaining their widespread distribution that includes many islands, I have observed anis soaring in Venezuela much like a vulture or raptor.

The Traveling Birder

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Virgin Islands. In a recent post, Corey listed five things to do when it is too cold to go birding and one of those things is planning birding travel. Here in Portland, Oregon, it is more frequently too rainy rather than too cold to go birding, at least comfortably. Regardless, planning trips is one way to do something birding-related without getting cold or wet. But it helps to know what kind of birder you are and all of us are different. I will use myself as an example.

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