West Virginia University to Build Animal Research Lab

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Why would this West Virginia University project be the recipient of federal stimulus money? From West Virginia Metro News. Tags: west virginia university animal research Obama tax dollars us Thanks to your tax dollars, federal stimulus money is being used to build a $14.5 million dollar research lab. It is the largest grant thus far under the stimulus package. It will house rodents for use in experiments.

Turkey Abuse in West Virginia Aviagen Plant

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Overlooked this one. Another nasty farm animal abuse story. Whatever you think about PETA, I admire them for exposing this crap. It's even got Chuck Jolley from the Cattle Network riled up. Bottom line: If you’re running a business where you allow the kinds of shortcuts that let animal abuse happen, please sell it and leave the industry now. Find another line of work. If you’re caught by PETA or HSUS, please do not plead ignorance and vow to clean it up. It will be too late.

10,000 Birds goes eBirding – Part II

10,000 Birds

A few states still have no checklists at all: Nebraska , Minnesota , Iowa , Kentucky , West Virginia , Mississippi , and Alabama. and West Virginia ranks 44th.

Birding in Costa Rica, August, 2022- News and Recommendations

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The Costa Rica Bird List grows… With more than 900 species of birds identified from a country the size of West Virginia, it might be an understatement to say that Costa Rica has a lot of bird species.

7 State Parks for Fall Colors and Birding

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North Bend State Park, West Virginia. Strong populations of birds reside in the hardwood forests and dense understories in this north-eastern location of West Virginia. Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia. Known as a warbler haven, 30+ species visit this bi-state park near the Kentucky and Virginia southern border. Leaves and birds in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Signs of Spring Migration in Costa Rica

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During migration, they occur in more places, I bet that golden-hooded bird with a rainforest mixed flock was on its way to Virginia or Alabama or wooded swamp in some other part of its ancient range that used to bear witness to the double knocks of Ivory-billeds.

Fall Migration in Costa Rica- Six Things I Have Learned

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If they don’t feel like it, they can just keep going and fly over a place the size of West Virginia in a day.

“They fly and fly until there’s no more ocean to fly over” — a review of the book “Shearwater”

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They hatch in burrows which are located (most of them) on a couple of islands on the British west coast. In six or seven months, the “best books of the year” features will come out in the important print and web publications.

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What is the State Bird of North Carolina?

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In addition to North Carolina, six other states have named the cardinal their state bird, including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio. When birders in the eastern United States see a flash of red up in the canopy or deep inside nearby bushes, more likely than not those crimson feathers belong to the iconic Northern Cardinal.

Costa Rica Tops 700 Species on Global Big Day, October 19

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It wasn’t the highest list for a country but given that Costa Rica is the same size as West Virginia and that a high percentage of possible species were found, it’s still impressive. Global Big Day (GBD). This biggest day of eBirding kicked off in earnest a few years ago. The idea was to see how many birds could be collectively identified by folks anywhere and everywhere. Go birding, eBird the results and see what happens!

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10,000 Birds goes eBirding

10,000 Birds

Virginia (122), New Mexico (112); Texas (106); Colorado (106), and Pennsylvania (102). Some states have no species at all, not even a pigeon, crow, or sparrow: Hawaii , Utah , Nebraska , Oklahoma , Minnesota , Iowa , Wisconsin , Kentucky , West Virginia , Mississippi , Alabama , Connecticut , and Rhode Island. West Virginia ranks 44th, Hawaii ranks 45th, and Rhode Island ranks 48th.

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Blue Jays On the Move

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A jay born and raised in New York State may winter in Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, or Tennessee, depending on its taste in barbecue. Many aspects of fall migration are not calculated to appeal to a bone-idle birder such as myself. The warblers are confusing. The raptors are confusing and distant. The shorebirds are confusing AND distant AND you will probably fall into quicksand and die. Far better just to stay inside and write about birds! But that’s sort of cheating.

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Hawk-Eagle Sweep in Costa Rica

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Although the country is around the same size as West Virginia, 39 species of diurnal raptors are on the list. The tropical habitats of Costa Rica are home to a surprising number of raptor species. The three huge eagles are lottery winner rare and the Orange-breasted Falcon has never been documented for the country but the rest are seen here and there on an annual basis. However, that healthy suite of hawks, kites, and forest-falcons comes with an ironic footnote.

Snowy Owl Invasion!

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Birders in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, West Virginia, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Maryland, and Virginia are all enjoying Snowy Owls , but none as much as the North Carolina birders, who are enjoying their first and second Snowy Owls in thirteen years. Snowy Owl in Queens, New York, 1 December 2013.

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The Raptor Situation in Costa Rica

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It’s a fine selection of birds for a place the same size as West Virginia but it also comes with a catch commonly found in tropical forest ecosystems. What birder doesn’t get excited about raptors? Sort of like the mega birds, these aren’t your average worm-eating, seed-feeding, chirping guys with brightly colored plumage. Instead of being “little brown jobs”, most are large, in charge, and always ready to sink their talons into prey.

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

To the Editor: Re “ To Revive Hunting, States Turn to the Classroom ” (front page, March 8): Shame on West Virginia if it approves a bill that allows hunting education classes in public schools to become law. We should not use public schools to try to reverse the inexorable decline in the “sport” of hunting. The killing and maiming of animals for sport is a cruel and violent activity that is the antithesis of what schools should be teaching.

The Wearing of the Bins

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My real goal is to talk to the local people, and to let them know how much we love coming to their part of the world—whether that’s Woodworth, Nort Dakooootah, or Muddlety, West Virginia or Moose Jaw, Maine, or Salmon Shin, Alaska. I’ve been to a lot of birding festivals—sometimes as a speaker, sometimes as a trip leader, and sometimes just because I love going to birding festivals.

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Tips for Birding Costa Rica in 2017

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Similar in size to West Virginia, thanks to a bunch of different major habitats, rain, and tropical biodiversity, it’s pretty easy to top 300 in a week or two, and even identify 500 over the course of three weeks. Are you on your way to Costa Rica? Planning a trip for later this year? Good choice, the birding is fantastic! If not, I hope the following tips will convince you to come on down to this easy birding paradise: 100s of bird species are closer than you think.

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600 Bird Species in Costa Rica by August, 2015. Which Birds Are Missing?

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That’s not as daunting as one might think when you have a 900 plus list of possibilities in a place the size of West Virginia. It’ s August but there aren’t any lazy, late summer, hazy days down here. The wet season is still in full effect and that translates to dynamic birding in every habitat. Bring an umbrella because you will probably need one, but bring the binoculars too because you will definitely need those.

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Why You Should See The Big Year When It Opens

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From the Cerulean Warbler whose home will not be removed by dynamite in West Virginia to the Greater Prairie Chicken who will be hatched on a restored prairie sponsored by a new company who understands for the first time that birders care about birds. Timothy Barksdale is a birder, Prairie Chicken documentarian , and wildlife videographer well-known for his stunning Adventures with Birdman.

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Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide–A Book Review

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Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide presents both sides of the artistic equation–lovely prints and water colors of 88 (or so) North American birds of the Pacific Northwest; commentary on how the author/artist created the images; and lessons on how to draw and paint birds in various media. 17); he was born in West Virginia and spent most of his life and career in Cincinnati. Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide.

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Bird Sex Voyeurs

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A few weeks ago I joined a group of bird lovers to go out to a little clearing in the woods of West Virginia and watch the skydance of the American Woodcock. Amy Evrard has a PhD in social anthropology from Harvard University and loves to write about human relationships with nature. But that makes her sound awfully stuffy.

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Photogenic Birding in San Vito, Costa Rica

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I reside in Costa Rica, the country is roughly the same size as West Virginia, but I rarely make it to some parts of this birdy nation. In large part, my lack of full birding national coverage stems from another feature shared with the state that harbors the New River gorge, and one that helped create conditions that can result in mega diversity.

My Favorite Release

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We let a one-eyed Bald Eagle go after a year of battling state officials in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana and Kentucky. So I asked seven wildlife rehabilitators, “Tell me your favorite (or one of your favorites) release story – the kind that makes you keep going, in spite of everything.”. “A

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A Review of 101 + Common Birds of Costa Rica- A Birder’s Companion

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To give an idea of what I mean by “birdy”, although Costa Rica is similar in size to West Virginia, more than 920 species have been recorded within the borders of this southern Central American country. Costa Rica is a small yet very birdy country (readers may have gotten that impression on previous posts I have written for 10,000 Birds, at least I hope that has been the case!).

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The Art of Bird Camp

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I stood watching the expressions of the kids, some of whom had been birding since they were four, some whom had a couple of years under their belt; listening to them compare the songs of Wilson’s and Arctic Warblers, describe efforts to save the Delmava fox squirrel, state that in certain areas of West Virginia you can see giardia in a drinking glass with your naked eye, and comment on each other’s cameras. “In

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Aim Small, Bird Small

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Happy New River Birding Festival attendees moments after adding Swainson’s Warbler to their life lists The New River Birding & Nature Festival is in the mountains of south-central West Virginia. We go back each June just to watch the cloud mountains forming in the West and the prairie wind running its fingers through the native grassland.

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What Happened in Costa Rica on Global Big Day, 2017

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Given that the country is the same size as West Virginia, and most of the migrants had already flew north, this was a damn fine total. If you do eBird , there’s a pretty good chance you were birding somewhere on May 13th. You may have birding from the window of your home, you may have been counting birds at a local wildlife refuge, you may have been counting birds on a feverish run from one end of a state to the next.

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Jinx Warbler Vanquished

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No, my rational mind took over–it was a Mourning Warbler , and I’ve known that song since my early birding days in the West Virginia highlands. Note: This is an account, originally published in June 2006, of my quest to remove a jinx bird from my bird-watching soul. I am sharing it again here, at the request of Corey Finger, who takes some sort of sick pleasure in seeing other birders squirm and suffer under the weight of their obsession with life birds.

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Charles Harper’s Birds & Words: A Review of a Classic Reborn

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Is there a birder in the United States who is not familiar with the art of Charley Harper?

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The One Animal Product You Should Feed Your Children

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However, 12 states, namely, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin [Imagine, The Dairy State doesn't protect a woman's right to nurse!],

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Ten Highlights from Birding in Costa Rica, 2018

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Just when a birder thinks that a list of 920 plus species is big enough for a place the size of West Virginia, a few more fly into the local birding scene. The end of another year is nigh. In Costa Rica, we know it by way of windy nights with clear skies, slightly cooler temperatures, and an abundance of festivities featuring carnie rides, prancing horses, and parades.

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