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Vegan Betty Crocker

Creature Talk

My friends and family are shocked and my boyfriend has started calling me Vegan Betty Crocker. On top of it, I never really felt a need to “prove&# myself as a baker - I just didn’t care. Well, folks, times have changed. I LOVE baking now. I can’t stop doing it. It’s gotten sort of out of control.

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Charles Harper’s Birds & Words: A Review of a Classic Reborn

10,000 Birds

With Harper’s cooperation, he compiled and designed Charles Harper: An Illustrated Life (AmmoBooks, 2007), a 424-page, $200 coffee table book/art monograph that showcased Harper’s lifetime of illustration–the birds, the murals, the paintings, the posters, even his illustrations for the a 1958 Betty Crocker cookbook.

Birds 68