Vegan Betty Crocker

Creature Talk

My friends and family are shocked and my boyfriend has started calling me Vegan Betty Crocker. I tried it out this week and it’s getting great reviews from my omni family! I never used to bake. Ever. I think there were 2 main things that kept me from baking: 1) baked goods only lead me to eating more junk food, and 2) eggs. Eggs gross me out - always have. Every time I would eat them in my pre-vegan days, I’d feel sick afterward.

Charles Harper’s Birds & Words: A Review of a Classic Reborn

10,000 Birds

So, the Eastern Kingbird ”is one of the Tyrant Flycatchers, Tyrannidae –America’s largest bird family–365 different species.” And, unlike a field guide, Birds & Words is the kind of bird book you could give to a non-birding family member and still enjoy yourself, guilt-free. Is there a birder in the United States who is not familiar with the art of Charley Harper?

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