Requiem for a Bat: Mysterious Bat Deaths in the Rockies

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I like bats. So when I spotted a large, handsome Hoary Bat grounded at the side of the path while I walked Muir early one morning, my first thought – after I determined that it was not dead – was “how can I help?” A different Hoary Bat, on a better day. It turns out, helping a bat is hard. She also told me that mine wasn’t the only bat they’d dealt with recently. Bat photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management a.

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Loner, Drifter: More on the Hoary Bat

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I cannot get the Hoary Bat out of my head. Hoary Bats roost in trees, not caves. They are solitary, and their roosting habits may be the reason for their frosted fur and (relatively, for a bat) high-contrast patterns of coloration – in the open, with no safety to be had in numbers, they need to blend with lichen and break up their outlines to avoid predation during the day. So the Hoary Bat is migratory. Mammals bats

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The Endangered Florida Bonneted Bat

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You may not have heard about the Florida Bonneted Bat (Eumops floridanus) , and that is fine, not many know this bat even existed. This bat is rare and range-restricted in South Florida, which are some of the reasons it was recently listed as an endangered under the Endangered Species Act. The Florida Bonneted Bat is the largest of Florida’s bats weighing 1.2 Florida Bonneted Bat roosting in Palm Tree.

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Organic bat control.

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They are very destructive to the valuable trees and the garden’s management have been trying to move the bats along with varying rates of success. The mass of body parts beneath thier favoured roosting branches show that they are very efficient bat cullers. Grey-headed Flying Foxes have been roosting in a large colony in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens for many years now and their popularity with visitors is matched by a reciprocal loathing from the garden’s curator.

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A Day Active Little Brown Bat in Queens

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On Saturday’s nature walk at Oakland Lake, a small park in Queens, Desi and I got to enjoy the antics of a very active Little Brown Bat before our friend Kerry arrived to join us. It was nice to get the opportunity to watch and photograph a bat in bright sunlight, and this particular example of Myotis lucifugus was amazingly cooperative. Little Brown Bat Myotis lucifugus. ……… Mammals bats Oakland Lake Queens

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Python Caves and the Very Dangerous Bats

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were the site which the nasty hemorrhagic fever Marburg jumped from Egyptian Fruit Bats to some unlucky tourists visiting the caves. Luckily, we didn’t enter the caves ( you may recall this wouldn’t bother me any ), but merely regarded them from the outside, which is why we never actually saw any of the large pythons that live there, growing fat on the bats, and also perhaps why the connection between the caves and this nasty virus wasn’t made sooner.

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Man Kills Gull with Baseball Bat

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Louis Hoppmann III has been charged with animal cruelty after hitting a gull with a baseball bat on the aptly named Folly Beach in South Carolina. He claims he was just trying to scare the birds away from his food, but that sounds like a post-hoc explanation to me… a. Asides

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California’s Autumn Seas

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And there aren’t just cool birds rocking up, migratory bats do too. A Hoary Bat. Jen and I looking at said bat (piccie by Adam Brown). Birding bats California Farallon Islands seabirds whales Autumn, or fall, as Americans persist in calling it, is not a season I am experiencing at the moment.

How To (And Not To) Transport Wild Birds

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And another one,” she added, “in a tampon box.” “A Big Brown Bat in a large glass terrarium,” said Marlene Ehresman in Iowa, “because the people wanted to make sure it wouldn’t escape.” Bat finders often want to insure there’s enough room between them and the bat.

Mammals of Madagascar (Lynx Edicions)

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Strictly speaking, Mammals of Madagascar is not a field guide, because some larger groups (rodents, bats) cannot be identified down to a species level following the concise descriptions and a single illustration.

What's Up with the UK and Soaring Wildlife Crime?

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Bats are being targeted. I don't get it. The Brits are known for their animal rights activism, but there's been a rise in wildlife crime against all animals. Apparently they are seen as nuisances. Badgers are being caught for dog-baiting. A bird species is near extinction.

Habitat Mash-up

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We only saw the first two, and in our effort to scour each broken limb for a perched raptor, we stumbled upon a Bat Falcon of all creatures. Bat Falcon in the now blazing sun. The southwest peninsula of Trinidad is unfortunately rarely birded by visiting birders.

Trinidad’s Coastal Forest

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Much smaller but no less deadly, a Bat Falcon dines on a bat in the mid-morning perched comfortably on a roadside stump.

Mammals of South Asia (Lynx Edicions)

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Strictly speaking, Mammals of South Asia is not a field guide, because some larger groups (rodents, bats) cannot be identified down to a species level following the concise descriptions and a single illustration.

A Guide to Easy Birding in Costa Rica at Cinchona

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Watch the skies and scan the forested canyon for White Hawk, Barred Hawk, Short-tailed Hawk, Gray Hawk, Swallow-tailed Kite , and Bat Falcon perched on snags. Birding can be a real challenge.

Three Interesting Things

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But did you know that there is a bat that specializes in eating birds that are migrating at night? Giant Bats Snatch Birds from Night Sky. But researchers have now found evidence of a giant European bat that is plucking migrating birds out of the night sky. Several months ago, a group of bat researchers spent the night recording the sounds of a marshy Spanish forest.

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Sentient: a book review

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The vampire bat is the vehicle for a discussion of what Higgins calls the human sense of pleasure and pain (but not, as to the latter, for the reason you might think).

On Dominance and Animal Birth Control

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But alas, we' re too important and special to "manage," and every human pregnancy is treated as a sacred, blessed event, while we kill the kittens inside pregnant feral cats every day without batting an eyelash, and in fact we're relieved when we can catch one who's pregnant, as that's x number of cats who don't have to come into this world.

On "Compassion," "Nonviolence" and "Justice"

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Compassion" has been so diluted that most people don't bat an eyelash at the idea of " compassionate carnivores." Why all the quotation marks? Because I've been thinking about the evolution of my own thinking--and languaging--regarding animal rights. Both animal rights groups and animal welfare groups use "compassion" frequently. Then again, so do people who kill animals for a living.

GUYANA–Simply Delicious Birding!

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Ok, maybe not the vampire bat…but some of the more “cuddly” species are actually quite easy to see. Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “land of many waters” but it could just as easily mean “land of many birds”.

Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of May 2013?

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Keep your eyes to the skies and you may see more than you expect (like bats against a bright blue sky !). No time to talk… it’s May! Birds are on the wing in a big way. Corey and I will both be patrolling our respective corners of New York state in search of the newest avian arrivals. How about you? Where will you be this weekend and will you be birding? Share your plans in the comments below. Whatever your plans this weekend, make time to enjoy SkyWatch Friday.

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Calgary Zoo in Big Trouble

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For example, there was a higher-than expected number of bats passing away each year between 2004 and 2008, but the zoo didn’t do anything to decide why. Instead, it brought a new bat species into the exact place in the year 2009 — twenty-five of those creatures also passed away. We've written about the Calgary Zoo here before. Not a stellar reputation. Now, the results of a long-awaited audit shows that this place truly sucks and needs a lot of improvement. From

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Herdade do Esporão Bico Amarelo Vinho Verde (2019)

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From encouraging the presence of bats in their fields to control insect pests naturally, to the use of “green” manure to avoid a reliance on artificial fertilizers, Esporão is a company for whom environmental stewardship appears just as important as the products it sells.

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Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of February 2018?

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A bat flew over my house a few days ago. That sentence may sound like the beginning of a horror story, but this bat bade well, serving as a reminder to those of us in the frosty north that winter eventually ends. Another sure sign of spring turned up just the next morning in the form of two Common Grackles stalking my lawn. Make no mistake, areas like mine have plenty of cold and snow still in store for the next month or two.

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Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of October 2018?

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As October winds down, dark minds turn to bats and other creatures of the night. But don’t spend all weekend in the shadows. Birds are flying fast and far these days, and you don’t want to miss them. Somehow, I booked myself for another weekend of work, but I’m hopeful I can catch one of the last straggling shorebirds in these parts. Corey will be birding in and around Queens. How about you? Where will you be this weekend and will you be birding?

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Where Does Entertainment Begin and End?

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And is video of a cow being pummeled to death with a bat worse than a cow being "processed" in a slaughterhouse? Vamsee Juluri, Professor of Media Studies at the University of San Francisco, takes me back to graduate school when he writes of the importance of the stories we tell ourselves in " Use Free Speech to Celebrate Animal Life, Not to Enjoy Their Suffering."

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In Defense of Bad Photos

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Of course, I can’t bat a thousand on the bad photo rankings. So there I was, less than half an hour into my second formal outing for February, on the Ejido Triquillo (eh-HEE-do tree-KEE-yo) dirt road. I was wishing I had a birding buddy with me as a mixed flock overwhelmed my abilities.

Birding in a Hellmouth

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There were opportunities to go to far flung places like the islands of the Pacific or the coast of Canada or the Yorkshire Dales… Anyway, as I was obsessed by Africa at the time, I leapt at the opportunity to go to Namibia to collect samples of bat DNA for a biogeography project. I would be going into caves, which were in my mind holes in the sides of cliffs, like you’d find in a good Far Side cartoon, and catch bats. I think we caught perhaps three bats.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of November 2014)

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With this weekend consumed by Halloween excitement, bats were more easily encountered than birds. How did you fare? Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was a relatively common species though it was uncommonly cooperative. A juvenile White-crowned Sparrow is an expected bird in late fall in New York State but it is always nice when one sits still for a digiscoping session.

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Visit the Macaw Lodge in Costa Rica

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But the Macao Sanctuary is not only characterized by its high diversity in birds, there are also around one hundred species of mammals, including bats, thirty species of frogs, fifteen species of snakes, and innumerable insects such as butterflies and dragonflies.

Christian Science Monitor Calls for Endangered Species Hour

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They’ve had to earn degrees in economics and sociology to learn to marry their causes with the human one – explaining, for instance, that humans depend on bats to pollinate or on coral reefs to support other marine life that is advantageous to mankind. "Earth Hour" was held yesterday. People were supposed to turn their lights off for an hour. I like this opinion piece from the Christian Science Monitor which calls for an "Endangered Species Hour."

Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of October 2019?

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We’ve hit that part of October where bats hold more fascination. Good thing that Halloween hits just as migration activity seems to fall off a cliff. Still, don’t believe that the only possible treats in your near future have to be accompanied by the threat to tricks. Late October often sees oddball vagrants popping up where you’d least expect them.

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Poop From The Front End Of The Bird

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But the jawbone…that was from a bat! Oehlenschlager apologized that he couldn’t say the exact species of bat. It was either a big brown bat or a hoary bat. Big brown bat hibernates in Minnesota and was just emerging and the most likely candidate, but if the pellet was from last fall, then hoary bat would have been possible-they migrate and wouldn’t have been back to our state in mid April. But a bat?

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Costa Rica’s Best Birds of Halloween

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Bat Falcon. Dressed to kill, the deadly Bat Falcon eats more than bats. The final days of October are naturally spooky, at least in the north. It gets darker earlier day by day. The Maples and Oaks are in a rush to drop their remaining leaves and “shut down” for several months.

Grassy Green Space in the Central Valley- Trash Habitat or Prime Real Estate for Oddball Birds?

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Keep birding and you might see a White-tailed Kite hovering as it hunts rodents and one of the few Bat Falcons in the Valley might dash into view. When looking for birds in Costa Rica, the Central Valley isn’t the first place that comes to mind.

Scope? To Bring or Not to Bring on a Birding Trip to Costa Rica

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You don’t want to miss a Bat Falcon. Binoculars are like a magical optical portal. Without looking through polished sets of coated glass, birds can be itty-bitty specks and flying objects that hint at the colors hidden therein.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of October 2016)

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At least one weekend a year, bats–particularly the vampiric kind–command more attention than birds, at least from most people. Nature lovers, on the other hand, find time for wildlife watching every weekend. Just be sure to choose a Halloween costume that doesn’t obscure your vision too much! I saw lots of different kinds of woodpeckers this weekend, but that big, honking Pileated always wins out over the others for Best Bird honors.

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Jane Goodall Charity Auction

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An autographed batting helmet from Philadelphia Phillies player and 2011 MLB All-Star Shane Victorino. The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is hosting an online charity auction until November 9th, 2011. Items up for bid feature a variety of one-of-a-kind experiences and merchandise. Proceeds from the sales will support ongoing programs such as chimpanzee preservation, and many more.

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10 Household Items that are Toxic to Dogs

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But there were many things that I didn’t realize she needed right off the bat. This is a very important article from Worst Case Scenario: Dogs. Here is a snipet, but to read the entire article visit the link above. Everyone knows that young puppies keep you up all night, have to be let out to go to the bathroom every couple of hours, have accidents all over the house, chew on everything they can get their paws on (including cats), and don’t like being left alone at ALL.

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Just in Time: Kenn Kaufman’s “A Season on the Wind” — a review

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As Kaufman shows, however, to birds and bats, they can be death machines. Eastern red bats, for only one example, may actually be attracted to wind turbines; and unlike birds, they are often killed by “barotrauma” – their inner organs explode from the drop in air pressure as the blade sweeps past.). How blessed can one guy be? Not only is Kenn Kaufman a world-class birder and all-around naturalist who makes his living doing what he loves.

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Backyard Beneficiaries

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Of course, various species of bats as well. With any project or investment we’re involved in, the topic of beneficiaries always surfaces some way or the other. Who is going to benefit aside from the original investor?

Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of May 2014?

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Keep your eyes to the skies for raptors attacking bats ( it happens !). The month of May is almost over, and its passing must be considered bittersweet. For some birders, the last few weeks were nothing less than the culminating event of a long year’s anxious wait. Migration can be that brilliant. But now we ease into a different phase in the phenological calendar, one focused more on the birds that stay than the ones that simply pass through.

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Power Companies and Springtime Tree Removal

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Jochen Roeder, a former fellow 10,000 Birds writer who lives in Germany, says according to EU nature conservation directives it’s illegal to cut down trees during the spring and summer unless they are checked by an expert for nesting birds or resting bats.