New Rat Dissection App for iPad

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Anything to help stop the dissection of real mice in schools. rats technology

On Cat Killers and Mental Competency

Animal Person

There have been inquiries as to the possible relationship between his dissection of cats in school and the 19 counts of cruelty he is being charged with. Weinman had participated in cat dissection in school, and that is being discussed as a possible trigger for his behavior. I don't know if dissecting a cat corpse can lead to the desire to steal and mutilate 19 live cats; that seems like a stretch.

Tom Regan on the Animal-Rights Movement

Animal Ethics

Its currency is ideas, and though it is those who act—those who write letters, circulate petitions, demonstrate, lobby, disrupt a fox hunt, refuse to dissect an animal or to use one in "practice surgery," or are active in other ways—though these are the persons who make a mark on a day-to-day basis, history shows that ideas do make a difference.