Big Cat Week 2012 Starts Sunday!

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From Cougars, tigers, cheetahs, jaguars, and snow leopards and more, it’s a great time to learn more about these amazing cats! Nat Geo Wild presents the third annual Big Cat Week starting Sunday, Dec 9th. The week features shows that highlight the kings and queens of the jungle! A few facts that might surprise you: · Africa’s lion population has declined by more than 90 percent in the last 50 years. There are now more tigers living in captivity than in the wild.

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On Cat Killers and Mental Competency

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Mentally competent people, oddly enough, go around mutilating and killing deer and ducks and cougars, though, when doing so either is in season or some governmental body has decided their numbers need trimming. People in South Florida are still in an uproar over the mutilation and slaughter of 19 house cats (allegedly) by 18-year old Tyler Weinman, who was declared mentally competent and not a danger to himself or others (!).

The Emotional Lives of Animals

4 The Love Of Animals

I also watched a red fox bury her mate after a cougar had killed him. Grief, friendship, gratitude, wonder, and other things we animals experience. by Marc Bekoff. Scientific research shows that many animals are very intelligent and have sensory and motor abilities that dwarf ours. Dogs are able to detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes and warn humans of impending heart attacks and strokes.