Weird Geese

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It returned last year with a small flock of Canada Geese and then again this year with a much bigger flock, nearing 150, that contained more oddities. But then compare the size of it against the Canada Geese. It is associated with the same flock which is made up mostly of Canada Geese.

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Springtime in Canada Geese Country

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Normally, I don’t look forward to seeing the Canada Geese on the lake near my Florida home. Though I’m ignoring the ecological impact of too many geese , I can’t help but hope for more each morning! Birds canada geese Florida

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Snow-fronted Geese

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There are hordes of fowl here (fowl of the water) in winter, with geese having the most prominent presence. Snow, Ross’s, Greater White-fronted (all pictured above) and Cackling Geese can all be easily seen, very conveniently, at Colusa. There is no shortage of Snow Geese, and no shortage of birds that feel right at home hanging out just a stone’s throw from you at the viewing platform. A handful of “blue” Snow Geese can be expected as well.

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Keeping Ducks and Geese as Pets

4 The Love Of Animals

Ducks and geese may not be a particularly unusual sight in the wild, but have you ever thought about keeping them as pets? Ducks and geese make excellent pets because it is interesting to watch them as they go about their activities and engage with their environment. As well as ducks and geese bringing their character and personalities to your life, females also lay eggs that you can cook with. The post Keeping Ducks and Geese as Pets appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals.

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Surfing Geese

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It is unclear how or why this happened and it might be a sign of the apocalypse, but mere days after Jochen’s post about surfing grebes a video of surfing geese has surfaced on the interwebs. And those geese are alright, right? Weird. I mean, it doesn’t seem like they would choose to be surfing… a. Asides

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Magpie Geese breeding near Broome

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Early in the Wet Season we had noticed the arrival of unusually high numbers of Magpie Geese and they are a species that don’t always make it to the Broome area if it is not a wet year. The numbers of Magpie Geese kept increasing and every visit we made onto the highway south of Broome we discovered not only more and more water flowing over the road, but more Magpie Geese. It did seem highly probable that the Magpie Geese would breed in the area this year.

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Fighting Geese With Swans

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Also of interest is how Mute Swans are employed to deter Canada Geese. Which would you rather: slovenly geese or homicidal swans? Asides geese swansBeware breeding and nesting swans! That’s one of the valuable takeaways from this tragic tale out of Chicago of a man drowned by the very swans he cared for. Hat tip to Meredith!)

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African Pygmy Geese – Diminutive Ducks

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When I read somewhere that Pygmy Geese were not actually geese at all I started doing some research. I discovered that there are actually a fair number of ducks and other waterfowl that are wrongly called geese. True geese belong to the tribe or sub-family Anserini within the larger family Anatidae that encompasses ducks, geese and swans. Members of the Anserini tribe include the genera Anser (Grey Geese), Chen (White Geese) and Branta (Black Geese).

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Domestic or Ganky Geese

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Domestic or Ganky Geese Domestic or Ganky Geese By Mike • March 6, 2011 • 4 comments Tweet Share Now that you’re acquainted with the sublime madness of manky mallards and manky muscovies , perhaps you’re ready to be initiated into the next circle of Domestic Waterfowl Hell: the ganky goose.

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The Sandhill Cranes vs. Canada Geese

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On the other hand, the Canada Geese have both safety in numbers and famously aggressive personalities. Cranes and geese weren’t alone – the 5000+ acres of the reserve are known for avian life, from Eastern Kingbirds and Eastern Bluebirds to Eastern Meadowlarks and Red-headed Woodpeckers. The post The Sandhill Cranes vs. Canada Geese appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Birding a Flock of Canada Geese

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Canada Geese are a nuisance. It is not the fault of Canada Geese that they have become a trash bird. And, even worse than being hated, they often suffer being called Canadian Geese , which is just not fair to these non-Tim Horton’s-coffee-drinking creatures.) New York City has famously taken to catching and gassing Canada Geese so it is actually getting difficult to find decent-sized flocks of the birds in Brooklyn and Queens.

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On Ducks and Geese

Animal Person

Reading Deb's post about the goslings at Poplar and getting Jenny 's request to sign a petition to save the Canada geese of Ballwin, Missouri from mass extermination reminded me how much I miss the wildlife at the neighborhood we lived in from 2002-early 2005. This is Girlie Girl. Not to be confused with Little Girl, of course.

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The Amusing Case of the Gulf Breeze Zoo Canada Geese

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But the geese didn’t care, going about their business surrounded by dozens of species from around the globe. The Canada Geese (on the right side) show no fear. The hooved animals had just been fed in a metal trough, and the Canada Geese showed no fear when aggressively maneuvering themselves to catch the falling morsels of grain the instant they touched the sand below. Canada Geese are known for being versatile and adaptable birds.

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“Valley of the Wild Geese”: Glengoyne 15 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Glengoyne’s understated logo shows a simple silhouette of two standing geese facing one another, rendered either in silver or gold depending on the bottling – a nod to the distillery’s name, which means “the valley of the geese” in Gaelic.

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Too Many Canada Geese in the Dakotas?

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They are upping the bag limit to try to keep Canada Geese in check. Asides

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They’re going to kill more geese

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This is after two years of geese killings in New York City , ostensibly to thin the flocks and protect civilian aviation. Anyone want to bet that they double down and start killing more geese? This morning a plane taking off from LaGuardia Airport in New York City hit a bird , which caused engine failure. The plane landed safely and no one was hurt. Asides New York City

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750+ Geese Rounded Up For Slaughter at Jamaica Bay

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New York City’s premiere wildlife refuge proved to be no refuge for Canada Geese on Monday morning as federal agents rounded up 711 geese – including goslings – and packed them up for a trip to upstate New York where they will be gassed and their meat will be provided to food banks. Forty more geese were captured at a nearby landfill earlier.

Another good year for Magpie Geese near Broome

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Last year was the first year since we moved to Broome permanently at the end of 1999 that we encountered significant numbers of Magpie Geese to the area. The numbers of Magpie Geese were not only significant due to the high rainfall at the start of 2017, but the Magpie Geese bred around the area and there was a population boost over the following months. The Magpie Geese stand around on the edge of the water and swim in the shallows. Magpie Geese.

2018 40

Snow Geese in Florida

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By their very name, most would assume you can’t spot Snow Geese in Florida. The Sunshine State isn’t known for its massive snow drifts, nor for the massive flocks of Snow Geese that grace states like Texas and New Mexico every winter. I love Snow Geese.

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Finding a Ross’s Goose in a Flock of Snow Geese

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There are about 2,000 Snow Geese currently fattening up in and around Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and a Ross’s Goose is little more than a diminutive Snow Goose. Finding it in the constantly relocating flocks of Snow Geese would be like finding a small needle in a needle-stack made up of constantly moving, slightly bigger needles. And the West Pond was covered with Snow Geese , with well over 1,500 birds all around the edges.

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Greater White-fronted Geese at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge

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These Greater White-fronted Geese ( Anser albifrons ) flew in with just enough light to begin taking photographs. As the sun rose higher in the sky I was able to get some shots of the geese flying in… and landing among the tules. Greater White-fronted Geese are sexually monomorphic and being generally monogomous, maintain permanent pair bonds throughout the year.

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Snow Geese at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area

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Vermont’s Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area was the first place I saw huge numbers of Snow Geese so I was pleased to stumble across this post on VTDigger and see that the birds are still showing up there. If you live in northern New York or Vermont it is well worth a visit! Asides

The European Christmas Bird Count

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A Great Egret , a few Pygmy Cormorants and, by the middle of the Danube, about a hundred Greylag Geese. Two hundred yards further, the first Common Goldeneye and Smew started to appear and, while counting Smew and geese, a Great Bittern took flight from one stand of reeds to another, right in front of us. A hundred Smew and a thousand geese later, through the gently rolling hills we head for the Labudovo okno, by one Great Grey Shrike and several more Crested Larks.

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What is a Blue Goose?

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The distribution of color morphs is unequal in the Snow Goose population, with the maximum number of blue-morph geese occurring in mid-continent breeding and wintering areas 1. The nesting colonies of blue-morph geese were not discovered until 1929 after a direct and intentional search by Dewey Soper (a widely-traveled Canadian Arctic ornithologist) that lasted 6 years and, until 1983, the two color morphs were considered separate species.

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Freeze-birding down the Danube

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At the snowy Danube riverbank, we are waiting for geese to come to their roost inside the mostly submerged island. In front of us, the river is two miles wide… and it is paved with birds: smaller groups of Greater White-fronted and Greylag Geese , numerous Mute Swans and Mallards , plus Eurasian Teals , Gadwalls , Common Pochards , a few Ferruginous and Tufted Ducks , Common Goldeneyes and several Smews. warns me of two locally rare Bean Geese.

2016 60

The Kerkini Lake, Greece: Dipped One, Got One

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We are approaching a large mudbar with some more Dalmatian Pelicans… and a flock of geese… dark, round-headed and short-billed, elongated white blaze on their faces – threatened and declining Lesser White-fronted Geese ! Trips eagles Europe geese Greece Kerkini Lake woodpeckersI dipped a bird recently – possibly a lifer. While crossing Gramos Mountain in northern Greece, a Dendrocopos woodpecker flew over the road and landed in a pine tree.

The Lake of Beasts: Kerkini, Greece

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Nikos said: “I may have about an hour before breakfast and can take you to see the geese.”. Kostas Papadopoulos observing Lesser White-fronted Geese at Kerkini. Lesser White-fronted Geese, of course. Lesser White-fronted Geese at Kerkini, photo by Kostas Papadopoulos. Trips 2017 eagles geese Greece Kerkini Lake pelicans Threatened Species waterbirdsWith only a few more days left, 2017 was coming to a close.

Call B for Birder or Waterfowling East Anglia

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discovered that the usual flock of several thousand Pink-footed Geese was wintering in the Broads National Park. Fast winding flight and one Common Snipe disappeared, followed by slow wingbeats of a Little Egret , while our bins are turned toward numerous spots in the sky: geese, no doubt about it, more than a thousand but way too far to determine the species. Two Common Snipes , one Brown Hare and… geese! Pink-footed Geese (c) Wikipedia Commons.

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Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

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Greylag Geese. Soon I hit the brakes for a 60 strong flock of Greylag Geese of the Siberian race rubrirostris grazing near the road. Leaving the lake and driving up the mountains once more, at the top pass I was greeted by an eye-level trumpeting flock of Greylag Geese heading in the direction I had come from. Trips Europe geese Greece pelicans wetlands

How Many Waterfowl Can Be Found in Queens in a Day?

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Waterfowl is defined here as swans, geese, and ducks. Along the way Canada Geese and Brant will be found, and on the bay side of the peninsula Snow Geese , American Black Duck , Mallard , Hooded Merganser , and Common Goldeneye should all be spotted. Most winters Snow Geese are a gimme when birding Queens. Stop 8 – Flocks of Geese. The eighth stop isn’t a single stop but wherever geese have been sighted in large numbers.

2018 43

A Great Day’s Birding in Suffolk County, New York

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Then we took a half-hour drive further east to Further Lane, where Greater White-fronted Geese appear year after year and we were not disappointed. all three of the Greater White-fronted Geese we spotted with a bunch of Canada Geese. We were surprised to see three Greater White-fronted Geese there as well, amid the hundreds of Canada Geese , but they turned out to be the three that we had just seen. … Trips geese Suffolk County

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Oh Sweet Canada! Canucks Vote on Best Bird

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News Black-capped Chickadee Canada canada geese common loons Gray Jay Royal Canadian Geographic Society Snowy OwlWhile those of us in the United States are coping with a long, painful, crazy Presidential election process, our genial, civilized, and thoughtful neighbors to the North are doing some voting of their own. The contest: Canada’s national bird.

2016 54

A Brant With Bling

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Birds bird banding Brant geeseYesterday morning I was out and about on the coast of Queens looking for migrating birds. At Jacob Riis Park I stopped to scan a large flock of Brant because you never know what might end up mixed in to a large flock of anything. And while I didn’t find anything rare hiding amid the hordes of Branta bernicla I did manage to find one that was banded and color tagged. And, upon closer examination, it had a weird little device attached to the color band.

2018 44

A Surprise Ross’s Goose in Queens

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It made sense to search Edgemere Landfill for a Ross’s Goose because of the thousands of Snow Geese that spent a large portion of their winter there, feeding on the abundant vegetation. Snow Geese at Edgemere in January. Snow Geese at Edgemere in February. By the time I stopped by there on Friday morning I knew the Snow Geese had already departed and I wasn’t even going to look for a Ross’s Goose.

2013 65

Weird Goose in Queens or Not a Pink-footed Goose

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Anyway, you can imagine how my mind leaped immediately to rarities and vagrants this evening when I spotted this bird accompanying Canada Geese on Meadow Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in my home borough. Though you’d think by now I would be used to weird geese hanging out with Canada Geese in Queens. … Birds Flushing Meadows Corona Park geese QueensAfter a Barnacle Goose was found in Brooklyn yesterday we Queens birders got jealous. Can you blame us?

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A Visual Guide to Duck, Duck, Goose

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Birds ducks geeseJust in case you’ve ever wondered why getting goosed in Duck, Duck, Goose is so stressful, the good folks at Buzzfeed have deftly explained the game in pictures. This link deserves three minutes of your day! Bonus Paradise Shelducklings above by Duncan Wright.

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A Post Chock-full of Bird News

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Also from the Philly area, where Canada Geese are concerned, where is the love ?). News black-crowned night herons boreal forest canada geese climate change darwin’s finch fledging fork-tailed drongo new york times

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Waterfowl of North America, Europe & Asia: An Identification Guide

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Ducks, swans, and geese may initially appear easy to identify. Published by Princeton University Press in early 2016, Waterfowl of North America, Europe, and Asia (I’m going to use this shortened title for the rest of the review), covers 83 species of Anseriformes–ducks, geese, and swans–of, yes, Europe, Asia and North America. I particularly like the three head shots of “possible” Snow Geese X Ross’s Geese.

Festive Mystery Goose

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All kinds of weird domestic geese mixing with hybrids (certainly seemed to be some Swan Goose in them). It certainly seemed smaller than the Greylags and Canadian Geese around. Birds ducks geese manky mallards waterbirdsIt’s the time of the year when I have better things to be doing than writing this and undoubtedly most of you have better things to be doing than reading what I write. Actually that’s true all year.

2015 40

Finding a Cackling Goose

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Birders everywhere suddenly had added incentive to search through giant flocks of Canada Geese which explains why when I saw a flock of about two hundred Canada Geese in a field at the side of the road at Blue Chip Farm I pulled over and started scoping through them hoping to find something good. How did I pick the one smaller goose out of the flock of bigger geese? Birds Blue Chip Farm Cackling Goose geese Ulster County

2012 56

Barnacle Goose, Eastport, Long Island, New York

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In the recent past Barnacle Geese that showed up on the east coast were almost uniformly considered escapes from waterfowl collections. The breeding populations of both Barnacle Goose and Pink-footed Goose are increasing in Greenland and it seems that more and more individuals are heading west and south with breeding Canada Geese and make their way to the eastern United States and Canada. Trips Barnacle Goose Eastport Lake geese New York Twitching

The little-known effect of the Egyptian Goose on the work load of the Florida Records Committee

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Birds Florida geese Germany invasive species waterfowl“ Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof ” Carl Sagan. The ABA checklist committee has recently added the Egyptian Goose to the official ABA checklist, based on an established population in southeastern Florida. The reactions of the birding scene to this addition have been rather varied. Some rejoice at this news since it provides them with an additional tick.

2015 56

Greater White-fronted Goose at Van Cortlandt Park

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I got out of my car and walked up to the parade grounds where large numbers of Canada Geese often forage. And while I was expecting quite a few geese I was surprised by the sheer number present. The entire southeastern quarter of the parade grounds was a carpet of geese! ” Eventually a bunch of the Canada Geese took off and flew over to the lake and the specklebelly went with them. Birds Bronx geese Greater White-fronted Goose Van Cortlandt Park waterfowl

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