Foie Gras to Be Banned in California

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In eight months, the sale of foie gras will be banned in California. There was smoked foie gras, roasted foie gras, steamed foie gras and liquefied foie gras, injected into agnolotti. There was even a foie gras dessert: a brownie sundae with foie gras Chantilly. california legislation restaurants foie gras foodApparently, this will happen in 8 months. I had no idea!

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

To the Editor: “ Some in California Skirt a Ban on Foie Gras ” (news article, Aug. 13) might give readers the impression that California chefs are free to serve foie gras as a complimentary side dish and so evade the state ban on sales. When a diner pays money to a restaurant with the expectation that he or she will receive foie gras and then is served the dish, that constitutes a sale.