Cheetah sets new world speed record!

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Compare that to the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt of Jamaica, whose fastest time for the same distance is 9.58 Sarah the cheetah broke her own world record! © Ken Geiger/National Geographic Magazine.

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An update that of course thrills me is that Jamaica has decided to not grant permission for the introduction of greyhound racing (read the l etter from Bruce Golding, Jamaica's Prime Minister--it's only two sentence long, but it does the job).

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

Fraser Jamaica Plain, Mass., To the Editor: Re “ From Hoof to Dinner Table, a New Bid to Cut Emissions ” (front page, Dec. 4): There is a solution to at least some of the beef industry’s sustainability woes, and that is to raise cows in a pasture-based system. Many of the beef industry’s problems result from feedlots that consume tremendous amounts of grain and that pour out huge sloughs of waste. Finishing the cattle on grass is a far “greener” method.