Pakistani Man Caught Smuggling Rare Tortoises

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Thai Government Deals with Victims of Wildlife Trafficking

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Thai Police Arrest Ivory Traffickers

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The dollars part doesn't seem like much to me either, but it could be a fortune in Thailand. Tags: ivory africa poaching trafficking thailand elephants Police arrested two Thai nationals for trafficking in African ivory. Unfortunately, if they are found guilty, they would face a maximum of only four years in jail. The fines could be up to 40,000 baht (1,150 dollars). Anyone know?

Are Thai Temple Tigers Drugged?

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Some conservationists worry that the tigers living at a Buddhist Temple in Thailand are drugged, but the monks deny it. Tags: tigers thailand There's a big article at the ABC News site. Read it and tell us what you think. Tourists visiting the Tiger Temple pay big money: anything from $15 just for entry, up to $50 for the very special photograph of a tiger with its head in your lap.

Endangered Malayan Tiger Cubs Born at Busch Gardens Tampa

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Found only in the southern tip of Thailand and the Malay Peninsula, it’s estimated that only 500 Malayan tigers remain in the wild. Three endangered Malayan tiger cubs were born at Busch Gardens Tampa Sunday, March 31. The litter consists of two males and one female.

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