Man Convicted of Illegally Trafficking Live Deer

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The deer still got screwed because they ended up at the hunting preserve, but any kind of sentence for wildlife trafficking must be enforced. Tags: wildlife crime wildlife trafficking ohio south carolina Lacey Act deer He was transporting them across state lines from Ohio to a hunting preserve in South Carolina. The deer were not tested for disease. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison. I hope he serves the whole term.

Young Lowland Gorillas Released into Nature Reserve

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Sounds like these guys were orphaned as a result of bushmeat and illegal trafficking activities.) Tags: wildlife trafficking united nations bush meat congo gorillas The UN airlifted these guys into the nature reserve so they can coalesce into a group that can survive when released back into the wild. This action is to prevent them from being eaten or poached in the meantime.

Are Thai Temple Tigers Drugged?

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accuses} the temple of illegally trafficking and mistreating the tigers, allegations that the temple emphatically denies. Some conservationists worry that the tigers living at a Buddhist Temple in Thailand are drugged, but the monks deny it. There's a big article at the ABC News site. Read it and tell us what you think. Tourists visiting the Tiger Temple pay big money: anything from $15 just for entry, up to $50 for the very special photograph of a tiger with its head in your lap.

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Organizations Putting Animals First

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Understanding that threats to animals can range from illegal trafficking to utter exploitation, these leaders strive to promote the safety and protection sanctuaries offer our fury, feathered, four-legged friends. In the fast-paced world of today, it seems people are always on the go. Between running errands, working late and worrying about the bottom-line, it’s no wonder our four-legged and winged friends so often go overlooked and neglected.

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