Iranian Monkey into Space

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iran primates space programReportedly, the monkey returned safely from its flight into space. Of course, this was reported by the Iranian State media so who knows what is true.

Is Newt an Ugly, Angry Bird?

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In the recent CNN debate Gingrich, and in the animal kingdom sense of the word, publicly presented to the predator neocons Addington and Wolfowitz—in essence mating himself and his campaign to another war of regime change , this time in Iran. An interesting take on the Republican presidential field , in particular Newt Gingrich, by Oxy Mora at dag blog : …the Republican primary can be best described as a flawed evolutionary process.

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Bring back the Blue Tit

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The noble Blue Tit once ranged from Iran through Turkey and Europe to the Canary Islands (the Spanish Islands off North Africa – the other bird was named for the islands incidentally) and North Africa. I’m a long-time champion of the IOC World Bird List as a standard for bird names. I pushed for Wikipedia to adopt them, and then to follow the taxonomy, and given the dominance of Wikipedia in Google search results, this is no small thing.

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It feels like spring….

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Do try and get it right) is found from the Canary Islands to India; in the Middle East it is found in oases and dry barely vegetated wadis like the one I saw them in, in the drier areas of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE and Iran. …so here’s a post about some birds at a spring. Okay, that’s a fairly weak way to start a post. I’m sorry. Second week in a new job and I come down with the flu.

The Search for the Holy Grail

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The other part of its attractiveness may be coming from the fact that it breeds in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – countries seldom visited by foreign birders. Grey Hypocolius is a Holy Grail of Middle Eastern birding. Not because it is rare – it isn’t, just widely scattered and ill-numbered. Or because it is endangered – it isn’t. Part of its attraction lies in it being a monotypic bird in the family Hypocoliidae – there are no other bird species in its genus and family.

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The Lake of Beasts: Kerkini, Greece

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And the target was a Western Rock Nuthatch (above), a species that lives from the Balkans east to Iran, which cooperatively called for attention from the wall the very moment I got there. With only a few more days left, 2017 was coming to a close. Birdwise, it turned out to be a good one and my year list was almost 400 species long, which made me happy… almost. I needed 4 more birds to round it up to 400, and as I said, I had only a few more days left.

A Woodchat Shrike, and how to almost miss it

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The Woodchat Shrike Lanius senator can be found all around the Mediterranean, including many parts of North Africa, and its range extends East into Iran. Within this range it is not hard to find and enjoy, with the latter aspect based on its fine colouration. It also used to be a rather common bird in the South of Germany, but the German population has crashed and collapsed (almost?)

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Collaborative List – August 2017

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9 beats, birded 9 countries this month; Belize , Guatamala , Costa Rica, UK, Iran, USA, Greece, Australia and Mexico. They submitted 144 checklists, noting 628 species adding 72 to the year’s running total bringing it to 1890. The western hemisphere’s pasting last year has been reversed as it currently out-scores the eastern hemisphere by 1210 to 746. This month dealt a humiliating blow to us easterners as we went down 537 to 105. Come on the Orientals, we are still in this!

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