Raccoon 1, Drunk Man 0

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This is a what happens when you mix alcohol, sex and a raccoon. Don't worry, the raccoon is just fine

Tainted Milk Poisons Dogs Raised for Fur

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Not only did tainted milk kill 1,500 raccoon dogs (they really look like raccoons), but these dogs were being raised for their FUR! Only from China could you get TWO atrocities in one.

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Critters in our yard

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We get cats, mice, birds, squirrels and raccoons. Our yard is pretty animal friendly. Here is a picture of some mice feeding on bird seed we threw out for the birds

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Judge Clears Way for HSUS Suit Over Fur Advertising

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Consumer Protection Procedures Act, alleges that the companies "misrepresent" the characteristics of the fur-trimmed garments by (1) advertising and labeling products as "faux fur," when they are, in fact, derived from real animal fur or (2) advertising and labeling products as common raccoon, fox or rabbit fur when they are, in fact, made from the wholly distinct species of raccoon dog—a member of the dog family.

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Group Seeks to Ban Chinese Fur Trade with Australia

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The call was issued after the animal rights group discovered that the fur were sourced from the raccoon dog in China, ABC Radio Australia reports. Besides raccoon dogs, other types of domestic dogs are also suffering because of the high demand for their fur. GRUESOME! Excerpted from the International Business Times. Humane Society International (HSI) called on Wednesday for a ban on the fur trade to Australia.

Activists in Mexico Bomb Max Mara Store

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It was not a whim or an attempt to get attention, as the sensationalist press will say; instead this is a response to the domination, objectification and commodification of millions of animals (mink, chinchilla, fox, raccoons, etc.) ALF activists in Polanco Mexico bombed a Max Mara clothing shop. Max Mara is an Italian fashion house. You can read about them here. According to a communique received by Bite Back , they did this in protest of Max Mara's use of furs.

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On Google, HSUS and Fur

Animal Person

Here's the letter from Chris of Furisevil to HSUS: Dear HSUS, Like the raccoon dogs just a few miles from me, in cages awaiting to be killed, I cannot afford to wait for HSUS to do something. Many bloggers who are pro-animal rights have either not used Google's AdSense or stopped because they discovered that, for instance, their anti-fur post was surrounded by ads for fur. We all know that the ads are generated by computer based on the content.

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Rescue Spotlight: Rabbit Meadows

4 The Love Of Animals

The structures will be small so we don’t disturb the trees or our resident wildlife (raccoons, deer, owls, cottontail rabbits, etc.) Rabbit Meadows is a rescue group out of Seattle. As the name suggests, they rescue rabbits, but they also rescue other small animals like ferrets, and other small rodents. They also have a huge vision and mission for their sanctuary!

5 Pet Projects to Bring the Family Together

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When you first install the doggy door, you never know who else you’ll let into the house, so use baby gates near the door for the first couple days, to limit the risk from raccoons and other wild animals. Simple, constructive activities to make pets happier. If your family is starting to get a little stir-crazy as summer winds on, it’s a good idea to find constructive ways to keep everybody occupied.

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Calling all animal lovers!

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Erubbermaids “Roughneck” homes create the perfect winter sanctuary for feral cats Opossums, raccoons and skunks. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to help the furry friends in your backyard, this is it. Feral cats are exposed to cold temperatures, wind and freezing rain in the winter. Erubbermaid “Roughneck” homes offers protection from the elements.

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The Problem with Weight is NOT Losing It

4 The Love Of Animals

“The Problem with Weight is NOT Losing It&# (Raccoon Press) is available now through www.theproblemwithweightisnotlosingit.com. Our guest post today is from Marty McGee Bennett, an animal behaviorist, trainer and author whose new book is called, “The Problem with Weight is NOT Losing It: Let Animals Teach You How to Balance Your Weight.” Read on for some fascinating tips on how working with animals relates to our own weight!

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Make This the Year You Do Right by Animals

Animal Ethics

Then, take 2 minutes and re-view this video of raccoon dogs being skinned alive. As another year begins, most of us find ourselves reflecting on our lives and resolving to improve ourselves and our lives in various ways.

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Resolve to Do Right by Animals in 2007!

Animal Ethics

Then, take 2 minutes and re-view this video of raccoon dogs being skinned alive. As another year comes to a close, most of us find ourselves reflecting on our lives and resolving to improve ourselves and our lives in various ways.

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Are You Wearing Man's Best Friend? That Trim on the Hood of Your Jacket Might Be Dog Fur!

Animal Ethics

According to this Associated Press story, if you are wearing a Sean John jacket with fur trim purchased from Macy's, that trim might have come from a dog indigenous to Asia known as a "raccoon dog." These dogs (pictured here ) phenotypically resemble raccoons in that they have relatively short legs and bushy fur (and sometimes even have facial markings resembling raccoons), but despite their appearance, they are dogs. Just how do Chinese workers kill raccoon dogs?"

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