Raccoon 1, Drunk Man 0

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This is a what happens when you mix alcohol, sex and a raccoon. Don't worry, the raccoon is just fine

Tufted Titmouse Plucking a Raccoon

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Fortunately, a pair of fellow Queens birders who will be known to those who read my posts about going to Ecuador, Karlo and Alison Mirth, witnessed a Tufted Titmouse taking hair from a Raccoon in Forest Park, Queens, recently and Alison got some pictures that she agreed to let me share here on 10,000 Birds. Naturalists examining old nests have identified raccoon, opossum, dog, fox squirrel, red squirrel, rabbit, horse, cow, cat, mouse, woodchuck, and even human hair in titmouse nests.

Smart and Getting Smarter

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I found a Common Raccoon foraging at the water’s edge while waiting for a distant heron to do something… anything. I decided to watch the Raccoon for a while and noticed something peculiar… It wasn’t foraging for food… it was testing various pieces of wood by pushing down on them, then moving on to the next one. ” And to my surprise the Raccoon tucked the kelp under its arm and used it as a swimming aid to get across the narrow channel of water.

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Saving Tourists from Foaming at the Mouth

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One might therefore understand why, when I spotted a rather large raccoon shambling through the ramble in broad daylight, that I considered ignoring the fact that it was headed directly for a family of tourists who would probably say something like “Regardez ce joli animal à fourrure avec les petites mains” just before screaming as they were bitten and given rabies. Mammals Central Park features New York City raccoons

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Tainted Milk Poisons Dogs Raised for Fur

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Not only did tainted milk kill 1,500 raccoon dogs (they really look like raccoons), but these dogs were being raised for their FUR! Only from China could you get TWO atrocities in one.

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Critters in our yard

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We get cats, mice, birds, squirrels and raccoons. Our yard is pretty animal friendly. Here is a picture of some mice feeding on bird seed we threw out for the birds

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Judge Clears Way for HSUS Suit Over Fur Advertising

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Consumer Protection Procedures Act, alleges that the companies "misrepresent" the characteristics of the fur-trimmed garments by (1) advertising and labeling products as "faux fur," when they are, in fact, derived from real animal fur or (2) advertising and labeling products as common raccoon, fox or rabbit fur when they are, in fact, made from the wholly distinct species of raccoon dog—a member of the dog family.

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Birding Shanghai in February 2022

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Tianmashan bonus mammal: a Raccoon Dog – though it looks a lot like a raccoon, it is actually more closely related to foxes than to raccoons. Unfortunately, Nanhui – in the past, a great place for birdwatching in Shanghai – is continuing its decline.

For Wildlife Emergencies, Contact Animal Help Now

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If you’ve had an encounter with a wild animal – a bird stunned by hitting a window, a fox hit by a car, or a family of raccoons unexpectedly found residing in your attic – you know how hard it can be to find help. Raccoon kits where they should be.

Springtime Tree Cutting and Wildlife

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Their parents had bored a hole deep enough into the tree’s trunk to keep the babies warm and safe from a hawk’s talons or the reach of a raccoon,” said Michele. . Here’s a can-you-top this tale of cutting down trees in the springtime.

Seeking the Bahama Nuthatch

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Snakes, cats and raccoons preyed on the nuthatches as well. Jim Wright is an author and birding columnist. His latest book is The Real James Bond , available as a hardcover, an eBook and an audiobook. For more Bahama Nuthatch information and links, check his blog, [link].

Activists in Mexico Bomb Max Mara Store

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It was not a whim or an attempt to get attention, as the sensationalist press will say; instead this is a response to the domination, objectification and commodification of millions of animals (mink, chinchilla, fox, raccoons, etc.) ALF activists in Polanco Mexico bombed a Max Mara clothing shop. Max Mara is an Italian fashion house. You can read about them here. According to a communique received by Bite Back , they did this in protest of Max Mara's use of furs.

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Fledgling House Sparrow Getting Fed

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Though they are an invasive species here in North America they can still be pretty darn cute, though not as cute as baby raccoons ! The title of this post pretty much says it all. A couple of weeks ago I watched and photographed a young House Sparrow getting fed by its mother. I also watched, but failed to get pictures of, the same young bird being fed by two different male House Sparrows.

On Google, HSUS and Fur

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Here's the letter from Chris of Furisevil to HSUS: Dear HSUS, Like the raccoon dogs just a few miles from me, in cages awaiting to be killed, I cannot afford to wait for HSUS to do something. Many bloggers who are pro-animal rights have either not used Google's AdSense or stopped because they discovered that, for instance, their anti-fur post was surrounded by ads for fur. We all know that the ads are generated by computer based on the content.

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A New Use For Those BBQ Tongs

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I don't know if she was being sarcastic, but in my town I see dead armadillos, opossums, raccoons, all manner of turtles, and squirrels dead in the middle of the road frequently. I have wildlife/nonwildlife rescue paraphernalia in my car. A large box with airholes, a small one, a towel or two, a leash, soapy handwipes, you get the idea.

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5 Pet Projects to Bring the Family Together

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When you first install the doggy door, you never know who else you’ll let into the house, so use baby gates near the door for the first couple days, to limit the risk from raccoons and other wild animals. Simple, constructive activities to make pets happier. If your family is starting to get a little stir-crazy as summer winds on, it’s a good idea to find constructive ways to keep everybody occupied.

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How To (And Not To) Transport Wild Birds

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Jan Turner took in a raccoon cub delivered by a well-meaning couple determined to get it where it needed to go. I am so happy to be back on 10,000 birds – I have missed Mike and Corey and my fellow Beat Writers!

A Rehabber’s List of Worst Bird Myths

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If you see a raccoon during the day, it must have rabies! Raccoons are nocturnal, which means they are normally active at night. The same goes for raccoons. One might think that thanks to the Internet, all those ridiculous old wild animal myths handed down for generations would finally die a deserved death. But noooo. Thanks to the Internet not only don’t they die, they’re joined by more. I asked a group of wildlife rehabilitators: “What are some of the Worst Bird Myths?

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Returning to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge

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A raccoon investigates crabs on the mud flats. The summer of 2019 will forever be defined by my move to Tallahassee. Though only three hours from my previous hometown, this relocation was still characterized by the endless sifting through things (do I take this? do I leave that?), bickering with my husband, and starting a new job before finding a permanent place to settle down. Needless to say, there was little time left over for birding. Until now.

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Rescue Spotlight: Rabbit Meadows

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The structures will be small so we don’t disturb the trees or our resident wildlife (raccoons, deer, owls, cottontail rabbits, etc.) Rabbit Meadows is a rescue group out of Seattle. As the name suggests, they rescue rabbits, but they also rescue other small animals like ferrets, and other small rodents. They also have a huge vision and mission for their sanctuary!

More Birds Than Bullets: a book review

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He tells, for example, of sitting close by a fox den, and watching a raccoon walk past it with a look of acknowledgement. A cheeky lad, Geoffrey McMullan was regularly subjected to brutal discipline at his English boarding school.

Calling all animal lovers!

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Erubbermaids “Roughneck” homes create the perfect winter sanctuary for feral cats Opossums, raccoons and skunks. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to help the furry friends in your backyard, this is it. Feral cats are exposed to cold temperatures, wind and freezing rain in the winter. Erubbermaid “Roughneck” homes offers protection from the elements.

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The Problem with Weight is NOT Losing It

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“The Problem with Weight is NOT Losing It&# (Raccoon Press) is available now through www.theproblemwithweightisnotlosingit.com. Our guest post today is from Marty McGee Bennett, an animal behaviorist, trainer and author whose new book is called, “The Problem with Weight is NOT Losing It: Let Animals Teach You How to Balance Your Weight.” Read on for some fascinating tips on how working with animals relates to our own weight!

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There’s More to Birding than Birds

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And of course, way too many chipmunks and squirrels and raccoons and turtles to count. Much like Carrie’s recent experiences being hoodwinked by non-bird sources of birdy-sounding calls , I’ve had my share of animal encounters out in the field. In New York and Chicago, they’ve been pretty mundane—a White-tailed Deer here, an Eastern Cottontail rabbit there.

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What is the National Bird of Panama?

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Because they like to hunt in the tree canopy , they will also eat “iguanas, parrots, porcupines, coatimundis, and raccoons.” In her book, “ On a Wing and a Prayer, “ Sarah Woods describes the bird that captured her interest when she first visited Panama: “At more than one metre tall and able to kill a monkey with a single swipe of its powerful, knife-like talons, [H]arpy [E]agles are incredibly hard to find.”

Least Terns Complete Another Nesting Season in Florida

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If not returned to the rooftop, chicks will starve if cats, dogs, fire ants or raccoons don’t get them first. The end of July marks the end of the Least Tern’s ( Sterna antillarum ) nesting season in Florida. Young Least Terns , some still begging for food, begin to appear on Florida beaches and will soon continue their flight south eastern South America. But making it to a flying age in Florida is an accomplishment in itself.

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Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

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Rehabbers see reptiles in glue traps, gulls entangled in fishing line, raccoons used as target practice, raptors dying from rodenticides, and songbirds shredded by domestic cats … cats like Puck. This blog is written by writer, photographer, and animal advocate Ingrid Taylar. Years ago, I became a wildlife volunteer and advocate because of a cat who caught a bird.

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The Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Wish List

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I’d like a hit squad to visit the people who call me in the middle of dinner or at 3 AM to tell me they have a baby raccoon they found two weeks ago,” wrote Kathy in Indiana. It’s August, and first on the menu is: Fried Rehabber. Summer is high season. The general public is out and about, birds and animals are raising their young, and human/wildlife interaction is at its peak.

Birds and Bling

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Raccoons are worse than birds,” said Gay Frazee. Wildlife rehabilitators are not known for our bling. First of all: most of us don’t have much, because we spend all our money on gauze, antibiotics, and frozen rats. Second, even if we do, we have discovered through bitter experience that jewelry can either be snatched or, like very small guns, used against us. As for nice clothing … right! People who work with wildlife wearing nice clothes? LOL. “Oh Oh my, where do I start?”

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The Medicine Bird

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What is important to this particular hawk, though, is not the color of the feathers on her body but of the bandages on her feet, as she was caught in a double leg hold trap set for raccoons. “I’ve In case you were wondering, it’s difficult to type when your hands are clenched in the shape of a man’s neck. Check out the beautiful white Red-tailed Hawk in the photo above. If she an albino or leucistic?

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The Joy of Bird Feeding: A Book Review by a Birder who Loves Her Feeder Birds

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A bit beyond the basics but still fundamental are chapters on bird feeding consequences and problems (squirrels and raccoons, too many blackbirds, hawks and cats, woodpecker damage, window strikes, extreme weather, and bird feeding in special situations, including retirement centers, condos, and apartments. Happy Second Day of the New Year, 10,000 Birds friends! I am still in the old year as I write this.

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Last Gasp for Sandhill Cranes—Act Now!

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4.Eastern flyway breeding populations appear to be maxing out their available habitat, and are subject to abundant natural limitations such as ground predation by coyotes, foxes, raccoons and opossums. As you’ll remember, Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources unanimously passed its sandhill crane hunting proposal. All eight hunters on the commission think it’s a good idea to shoot cranes in Kentucky. The proposal now goes to the U.S.

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California Quail, The California State Bird: Now Forming Coveys

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In addition to these aerial predators, their eggs and young are often taken by squirrels, gray foxes, house cats, coyotes, gopher snakes, rattlesnakes, raccoons, American Crows and Western Scrub-Jays. The California Quail ( Callipepla californica ) is the California state bird, inhabiting scrub, broken chaparral and woodland edges primarily in California, Oregon, Washington and Baja California.

My Favorite Release

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When we arrived we looked and there was our one-eyed eagle, eating a raccoon that had been hit. So I asked seven wildlife rehabilitators, “Tell me your favorite (or one of your favorites) release story – the kind that makes you keep going, in spite of everything.”. “A A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher hatchling that I got in two years ago,” wrote Leslie Jackson, a rehabber in Tulsa, OK, and sent the ‘before’ photo above and the ‘after’ photo, six weeks later, below.

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When Feeding Birds Runs Amuck

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Granted, the law is written poorly, but the man was given several warnings and insisted on feeding birds on the ground and attracted huge flocks of ducks and no doubt raccoons at night. Feeding birds is generally regarded as a harmless past-time, a wholesome way for people to share nature and enjoy wildlife with the family. However, more and more news stories are popping up this year of communities cracking down on bird feeding.

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Wildlife Rehabilitator War Wounds

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Another time I was wearing gloves, just as I should have been, and an adult raccoon bit through them and took a divot out of my middle finger. Injured wildlife are not the most cooperative of patients. Most of them think we’re trying to eat them, not help them. Frightened and defensive, they react accordingly. Wildlife rehabilitators have an arsenal of equipment and techniques we use to protect ourselves.

How To Help A Baby Bird

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You typically do not find a bird this naked or featherless outside of the nest unless there has been a storm or the nest has been attacked by predator like a raccoon, chipmunk, squirrel or corvids. It’s a common call/email/text that most bird watchers get this time of year: “HELP! I just saved a baby bird! What do I do? What do I feed it?&#

2011 84

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls

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Raccoons join waterbirds in the wetlands of Willacy County Bill Schmoker The birding was so good that I had all but forgotten about Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls. “Do they have owls?” ” was the first question I asked Mike Freiberg. Mike had just invited me to Nikon’s Prostaffer Retreat that was to be held at a ranch in south Texas. He wasn’t sure of the answer to my question so he referred me to the manager of the ranch.

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Squirrel Buster Wild Bird Feeders: A Review

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When placed correctly, these feeders are squirrel-free, though, as the Squirrel Buster brochure makes clear, they can still be attacked by raccoons and bears. There are bird feeders and then there are squirrel feeders disguised as bird feeders, a fact known well by those of us who have committed a part of our lives to our yard birds.

Best Bird of the Year 2014

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I’d never heard raccoons make that particular weird noise before, but that was my best guess as to what it was. That’s Redgannet’s BBOTY at the top of the post. Read on to find out what it is! 2014 has been a good year for us at 10,000 Birds. We’ve traveled to lots of places, seen lots of great birds, and met lots of great birders. Also, we think we’ve done a pretty good job of sharing our stories with you. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed them!

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Make This the Year You Do Right by Animals

Animal Ethics

Then, take 2 minutes and re-view this video of raccoon dogs being skinned alive. As another year begins, most of us find ourselves reflecting on our lives and resolving to improve ourselves and our lives in various ways.

2008 40

Resolve to Do Right by Animals in 2007!

Animal Ethics

Then, take 2 minutes and re-view this video of raccoon dogs being skinned alive. As another year comes to a close, most of us find ourselves reflecting on our lives and resolving to improve ourselves and our lives in various ways.

2006 40

Are You Wearing Man's Best Friend? That Trim on the Hood of Your Jacket Might Be Dog Fur!

Animal Ethics

According to this Associated Press story, if you are wearing a Sean John jacket with fur trim purchased from Macy's, that trim might have come from a dog indigenous to Asia known as a "raccoon dog." These dogs (pictured here ) phenotypically resemble raccoons in that they have relatively short legs and bushy fur (and sometimes even have facial markings resembling raccoons), but despite their appearance, they are dogs. Just how do Chinese workers kill raccoon dogs?"

2006 62