Tainted Milk Poisons Dogs Raised for Fur

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Not only did tainted milk kill 1,500 raccoon dogs (they really look like raccoons), but these dogs were being raised for their FUR! Tags: fur china food Only from China could you get TWO atrocities in one.

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Group Seeks to Ban Chinese Fur Trade with Australia

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Humane Society International (HSI) called on Wednesday for a ban on the fur trade to Australia. The call was issued after the animal rights group discovered that the fur were sourced from the raccoon dog in China, ABC Radio Australia reports. About 10 million dogs in China are killed for their fur, prompting an animal rights group to seek a ban on fur trade to Australia. The dog fur are used are inside lining for ugg boots. GRUESOME!

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Judge Clears Way for HSUS Suit Over Fur Advertising

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and several other retailers over alleged false advertising over "faux" fur products. The complaint also alleges violations of the federal Fur Products Labeling Act and Federal Trade Commission Act, which also prohibit the false advertising and mislabeling of any fur product. Tags: HSUS fur A federal judge has issued a ruling that clears the way for a lawsuit against Macy's, Saks Fifth Ave.,

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On Google, HSUS and Fur

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Many bloggers who are pro-animal rights have either not used Google's AdSense or stopped because they discovered that, for instance, their anti-fur post was surrounded by ads for fur. pro creating-animals-to-skin-them-for-their-fur. I used to support the Animal Rights Zone until I discovered that my posts were often surrounded by fur ads. link] If Markarian cares about the fur animals of China, he could easily demand that HP stop selling fur on his blog.

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Activists in Mexico Bomb Max Mara Store

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According to a communique received by Bite Back , they did this in protest of Max Mara's use of furs. It was not a whim or an attempt to get attention, as the sensationalist press will say; instead this is a response to the domination, objectification and commodification of millions of animals (mink, chinchilla, fox, raccoons, etc.) Max Mara has long been the target of anti-fur activists in Europe and around the world. Tags: fur ALF

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Are You Wearing Man's Best Friend? That Trim on the Hood of Your Jacket Might Be Dog Fur!

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According to this Associated Press story, if you are wearing a Sean John jacket with fur trim purchased from Macy's, that trim might have come from a dog indigenous to Asia known as a "raccoon dog." These dogs (pictured here ) phenotypically resemble raccoons in that they have relatively short legs and bushy fur (and sometimes even have facial markings resembling raccoons), but despite their appearance, they are dogs. We can say "No" to fur.

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Make This the Year You Do Right by Animals

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d) Stop wearing animals—Don’t purchase or wear garments made of fur or containing fur trim; don't purchase garments advertised or labeled as "faux fur" since these garments may be made of real fur mislabeled as faux fur (for details, see my previous post on mislabeled dog fur jackets here ); don’t purchase leather, and as your leather garments wear out, replace them with nonleather alternatives.

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