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I've been having a difficult time blogging both here and at Animal Rights & AntiOppression lately because I feel like my thoughts are like " Groundhog Day." Not the day, the film, where Bill Murray experiences the same day over and over again. There are few animal rights stories in the news. We are not people who are interested in discussing animal rights, as in, the right of sentient nonhumans to not be used by humans for potential profit, for sport or for lunch.

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Hoary Marmot (Marmota caligata) at Mount Rainier

10,000 Birds

And marmots, of course, are nothing but pretentious groundhogs, so the name Whistle Pig seems like an extremely fair appellation. Hoary Marmots , also called Whistle Pigs , inhabit rocky areas near the treeline in northwestern North America up into Alaska. Their warning whistles when danger approach are one of the coolest noises one is likely to hear when exploring northwestern mountaintops.

Anchorage Brewing Company: Whiteout Wit

10,000 Birds

As best as I can tell from my vantage point in the cosmos, we’re not stuck in some sort of repetitive Groundhog Day time loop, but who knows? Here in Albany County, New York, we tied the statewide high temperature for February of 78° on Wednesday – and on the very next day, we had freezing temperatures and got about four inches of snow.

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A February Montauk Run

10,000 Birds

I am a groundhog. That is, I was born on the oddest of holidays, Groundhog Day, which means that this weekend is my birthday weekend. And having a kind and loving family I was given a wonderful gift for my birthday, a full day’s birding! And being a New York City dweller in winter with a full day available for birding meant, what else, a run out to the eastern end of Long Island for seaducks, gulls, and, sparrows. Wait, sparrows? Who goes out east looking for sparrows?

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