Protect Your Pet, Love is Not Enough

4 The Love Of Animals

New figures on vaccination published by the PDSA back up research showed that in the UK, half of pet owners forget to vaccinate their pets against preventable infectious diseases. We love our pets, but are we doing everything that we can to take care of their needs? Here’s a fun infographic to help raise awareness of the importance of vaccinating pets against infection diseases. And to illustrate some of our weird and wonderful pet obsessions!).

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The Most Popular Videos on Our YouTube Channel in 2017

Deming Institute

Deming 101 – Theory of Knowledge/PDSA (This video has excerpts from Ian Bradbury’s presentation at our annual conference in 2013): 1,400 views (3 years – 4,900). Here are the most popular videos on The W. Edwards Deming Institute You Tube channel in the last year. Those with W. Edwards Deming in them are the most popular. The videos with the most views in the last year: W.

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