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Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers is a moral vegetarian

Hawk at Miller Park

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Check out this (mislabeled) video of a hawk in Miller Park , home of the Milwaukee Brewers, much to the dismay of the resident pigeons. What do you think it is? It looks like a Cooper’s Hawk to me. Asides

First Post-COVID-19 Birding Trip: Wisconsin and Horicon NWR

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On the drive back to Chicago, I made a brief stop at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center , a 185-acre preserve on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, that is well worth a visit. Once I was fully vaccinated and air travel became an option, I looked for a location for my first birding trip since 2019.

St. Louis Cardinals Are In The World Series

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Once they squeaked into the playoffs the Cardinals won a tough series with the highly powered and highly favored Philadelphia Phillies and then managed to knock off a divisional rival, the Milwaukee Brewers, in six games to clinch the pennant. Forgive me for a momentary lapse from relatively straightforward bird-blogging. My St. Louis Cardinals, the storied National League franchise, have won their 18th National League pennant in convincing fashion.

448 Great Things to do in Nature

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stacy loves gardening (especially growing veggies) and she is a master gardener in Milwaukee where she teaches youth gardening in the community. Find a Four-leaf Clover. Start your own Plants from Seed. Find your State Bird. These are just three of the 448 great things to do in nature before you grow up that are covered in illustrated detail in The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer.

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Ravenswood Winery: Besieged (2014)

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Beer has become famously associated with particular cities in history – Munich, London, Dublin, Pilsen, Milwaukee – in ways that no wine ever has. It’s no secret that beer and wine share a common heritage that dates back to the earliest days of human civilization.

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