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Animal Ethics

An inside look at South American kosher slaughterhouses where Israel gets most of its meat is the subject of a new PETA tape released exclusively to the influential American Jewish newspaper, the Forward. According to the article by Nathaniel Popper, PETA and Israel animal rights group Concern for Helping Animals, have tried to address this “shackle and hoist” process, approved by the Orthodox Union but has made little headway.

Canada’s Naughtiest Dog contest

4 The Love Of Animals

Bark Busters has grown into the largest and most trusted dog training company in the world with trained therapists helping dogs in Australia, the United States, New Zealand, France, Belgium, the UK, Japan, Israel, Taiwan and Canada. Readers in Canada, this is for you! Do you have the naughtiest dog? Bark Busters , the world’s largest dog training company, announced today its search for Canada’s Naughtiest Dog.

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