Physicians Committee Accuses University of Washington of Cruelty to Ferrets

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I had never heard of the use of ferrets in medical research though. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine claims these are unnecessary procedures, even though the ferrets are apparently anesthesized during the process. A national physicians group has filed a federal complaint against the University of Washington, saying its use of ferrets to train medical residents in emergency procedures on babies and children violates a federal animal-welfare law.

10 reasons why guinea pigs make great pets

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10 reasons why guinea pigs make great pets – by James Alston writing for ExoticDirect ExoticDirect offer pet insurance for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, mice and other small pets.

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Rescue Spotlight: Rabbit Meadows

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As the name suggests, they rescue rabbits, but they also rescue other small animals like ferrets, and other small rodents. Tags: rescue spotlight ferret rabbit rescue rodent Rabbit Meadows is a rescue group out of Seattle.

Paws at BlogPaws

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Manny-N-Marcuz of the Enlightened Ferret. They arrived in the Ferret Chariot, and were even more adorable in their tuxedos for the Nose to Nose awards. We had a great time meeting all the furry attendees at BlogPaws this year.

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Pet Portraits by Bethany

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Any type of pet is game, be it dog, cat, horse, ferret, rabbit, etc. I mostly paint dogs but I also do cats, horses, ferrets, and other small critters and birds. There is nothing more special than having a portrait done of a loved one, furry loved ones included!

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H1N1 and your pets.

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Ferrets and birds are susceptible. Ferrets and birds may develop swine flu, or other human flu viruses. With the latest news of finding the virus in a cat, here is an update about the H1N1 virus and how it affects your pets. Dogs are safe. Good news. According to theASPCA dogs have little chance of contracting swine flu. Experts are continuously keeping an eye on the situation for any changes. Cats should be monitored.

Reasons to Choose a Pet-Friendly Retirement Community

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And no matter what pet you own — be it a snake, a turtle, a ferret, a hamster or guinea pig, an aquarium full of exotic fish, or perhaps an iguana — you want to be sure that your senior living community supports your pet living there. Not all retirement communities are created equal. And while many are similar, there are always certain things that set the best ones apart from the rest. One of these things is how the retirement community regards its residents owning pets.

2011 109 Guest Post

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In addition to dogs and cats, we now feature all kinds of pets for adoption, including rabbits, farm animals, ferrets, hamsters and other small animals, horses, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and even fish. The following is a guest post from the amazing animal lovers of is the world’s largest non-profit pet adoption website. We are like an ad agency for shelters and shelter pets.