Orcas Have Some Pretty Big Brains

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Interview with PETA re: Captive Orcas

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This is an interview with Lisa Wathne from PETA regarding captive animals in aquariums. It's from MacLean's.

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The Why of Ferrets

10,000 Birds

When the South Dakota ferret numbers began dropping, they captured nine animals in hopes of starting a captive breeding population. All the wild ferrets by 1974, and all the kits born to the nine captives, and finally the last of the captive animals in 1979.

Owls, the debait

10,000 Birds

She has clearly decided that for her baiting is not away to get a photo, and if one does get a photo that way then the ethical thing to do is to state that, much as one should do with captive animals. I love great bird photography, I truly do. Photos that capture great behaviour, and the incredible beauty of birds. Great photographs also inspire me to try and do better with my own photographs.

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H. B. Acton (1908-1974) on Animal Rights

Animal Ethics

I will conclude with some remarks about the rights of animals. When it is asked whether animals have rights, and whether human beings have duties to them, the question, I think, is partly moral and partly verbal. It is this latter view, I believe, that is in the minds of some of those who deny that animals have rights. This could be either because no pain is bad, or because no animal pain is bad. Yet writers on jurisprudence say that animals do not have legal rights.