Reasons to Choose a Pet-Friendly Retirement Community

4 The Love Of Animals

Landlords love to hate them, and some senior living centers are equally inhospitable to your furry friends. Not all retirement communities are created equal. And while many are similar, there are always certain things that set the best ones apart from the rest. One of these things is how the retirement community regards its residents owning pets.

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“Your Rent, Your Rottweiler, and Your Rights”

4 The Love Of Animals

Robin believed that the rule implied that if a person could keep an animal in her apartment for three months without the landlord saying anything about it, the pet would be grandfathered in. But that was created to prevent a landlord who knew you had a pet from kicking you out for another reason later. For example, if the landlord realizes neighborhood rental prices have gone up, he can’t force you out by pointing to the no-pets policy if he’s known all along you had a dog or cat.