Upside-down January

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Once upon a time, vast forests of Quercus robur , known as common oak, pedunculate oak, European oak or English oak, blanketed the Sava River floodplain, all the way from Croatia down to the river’s confluence in Belgrade.

How to find the Ural Owl in Serbia

10,000 Birds

The Ural Owl inhabits old and undisturbed boreal forests, in an unbroken belt from Sweden and Finland across Russia to Japan, and is rarely seen to the south, only here and there, in the Carpathians (Slovakia/Ukraine/Romania/eastern Serbia) and Dinaric Alps (Croatia/Bosnia/western Serbia).

Birding Sarajevo or the sentimental journey home

10,000 Birds

One caving friend from a Small Town, Croatia, later told me that it was coming, that it was visible on the horizon, but I lived in a cosmopolitan Belgrade. The series of birding workshops and meetings continued across the map, through Ulcinj, Montenegro, then Samobor, Croatia and Stip (described here ), North Macedonia, leading to Brussels, the unofficial capital of EU. Gonna take a sentimental journey. Gonna set my heart at ease …. Gotta take that sentimental journey.

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The Fourth Record

10,000 Birds

Still, in recent decades, the Great Black-backed Gull has become a regular migratory and wintering wanderer of neighbouring Hungary and Croatia.

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Borderline of Countable

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Four hours later, we left the landfill and started analysing the photos we made and sending some of them to real gull experts, like Luka Jurinovic from Croatia (where he dreams of Belgrade landfill the way some of you dream of Costa Rica). As usual at this time of year, I visited the city landfill to look for gulls. To be honest, mostly to look for one gull, the European Herring Gull Larus argentatus.

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Birding the Cyclades: My my, how can I resist you?

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Tha dropping numbers are suspected in Greece and Croatia, and confirmed in Italy, France and Malta. I am half-awake, but keep my eyes closed. Listening to the wheeping of stays and shrouds and screeching of fenders against the next sailboat, I do not want to wake up. Still, we are sailing out of the marina soon and I should have some coffee before that. We are in the village of Finikas on the island of Syros in the Cyclades archipelago of Greece.

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La Vieille Ferme: Rouge (2016)

10,000 Birds

In that spirit, if the calendar’s providential alignment of French patriotism and athletic pride this weekend doesn’t provide the perfect opportunity for an inaugural wine review, I have no idea what would: tomorrow is Bastille Day, followed France’s World Cup showdown with Croatia on Sunday. I’ve been dragging my feet on wine reviews here at Booze and Birds for quite some time.

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