Sasol Birds of Southern Africa, 5th edition

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And so, back to political entities, this field guide covers Namibia , Botswana , Zimbabwe , the southern half of Mozambique (south of the Zambezi River), South Africa , Lesotho and Eswatini ( Swaziland ).

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Kenyans Seize Huge Amount of Illegal Ivory

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In July, Kenyan authorities intercepted 16 elephant tusks and two rhinoceros horns being illegally exported to Laos from Mozambique. Kenya seized almost 700 kilograms of ivory worth millions of dollars in a night-time raid at the country's main airport. Elephants are being screwed by Asian demand for ivory. It's a mess. From the BBC. Officials say the sales have fuelled demand for ivory in Asian countries, especially China, contributing to a sharp increase in elephant poaching.

Our Favorite Bird Books (and one pair of Binoculars) of 2022

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And what I am saying here doesn’t only apply to his Sri Lanka guide, but to all the others as well (these include the first dedicated guidebooks to Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Suriname). This, 2022, has been a curious year for books about birds and birding.

The Front Cover Bird

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The nearest seas were 1000 kilometers to the east and 1500 to the west, when I saw a Crab-plover on the front of the Africa Birds & Birding magazine, photographed on some beach in Mozambique. Or my next destination should be that beach in Mozambique (tourism officials of Mozambique, I sure hope you do read my blog)? …or journey to the end of the world.

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Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa

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It was founded as a safe place for refugees from the Mozambique Civil War , which ran from 1977 to 1992. It is a good place for South African birders, as several species are found here and nowhere else in South Africa, and it holds a small number of endemics that it shares with the Mozambique lowlands. The history of Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa is a slightly unusual one.

Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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601-800 sp: Canada, Costa Rica, Panama; Russia; Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo (Brazzaville), Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa; Laos, New Guinea (PNG); Australia. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where?

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Landfill by Tim Dee: Review

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Claire didn’t stopped there, but repeated the same kind of rediscovery after the war in Mozambique. I have visited my local landfill for the last seven years, usually several times per winter, only to recently stumble upon a book called the Landfill! While I have written several blogs on the topic (e.g., here and here ), Tim Dee devoted an entire book to it and I just had to read it. “‘I haven’t met people who say, I quite like gulls. You’re either into it, or you’re not.

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Pink in Africa

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This species is a southern African endemic, restricted to, but fortunately not uncommon, in dry woodland and sand forest habitats of northern Zululand, Swaziland, scattered pockets of north-eastern South Africa and southern Mozambique. This lovely bird was first collected in Durban from where it is now extinct but it still occurs in northern Zululand and southern Mozambique with other populations in central and east Africa.


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He discovered Rudd’s Lark at Wakkerstroom and in Southern Mozambique he collected the first specimens of Rudd’s Apalis , Neergaard’s Sunbird and rediscovered Pink-throated Twinspot (which had been “missing” since the 1820’s when the Verreauxs erroneously claimed to have collected it in Cape Town.) The sunbird was named in honor of Neergaard, a mining staff recruiting officer for Goldfields based in southern Mozambique who assisted Captain Grant during his expedition.

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Getting the Bill – Taste, Touch and Smell in Birds

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A Dominican missionary in Mozambique in the 16th century was astounded to find honeyguides eating the wax from his altar candles! One of the defining characteristics of birds, besides the obvious features of wings and feathers, is their bills. And they come in a wonderful smorgasbord of different shapes and sizes. From toucans to curlews and from hummingbirds to flamingos, birds display an almost otherworldly diversity in these body-parts.

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Birding Eastern Zimbabwe

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Situated slap-bang on the Zim/Mozambique border, this used to be one of the most productive birding sites in the country. And, if you plan to bird the Mozambique side beware of old landmines, souvenirs from the brutal civil wars. Zimbabwe is last in the alphabetical atlas of countries of the world.

Review: Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa

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The most outrageous of these was in Victoria Falls, where the smart list had the Livingstone’s Turaco (actually found on the other side of Zimbabwe on the border with Mozambique) but didn’t have Schalow’s Turaco , which does occur there.

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We Should Kill More Lions

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In addition the Selous Game Reserve is functionally linked with the 42,000 km2 Niassa Game Reserve in Mozambique, and this is another important factor that ensures its integrity. Assuming you have a passing interest in wildlife, or at the least you know someone that does, and chances are in the last week or so you’ve become aware that some lady from America shot a lion.

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Africa’s Barbets

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The next isolated populations are several thousand miles northwards in Malawi, northern Mozambique and the Rondo Plateau in southern Tanzania. Barbets are a group of medium sized, chunky, generally colorful, frugivorous, hole-nesting near-passerines, that are popular targets for anyone birding in the tropics.

Duncan’s 2015 List

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Square-tailed Nightjar , or Mozambique Nightjar ( Caprimulgus fossii ); Mkuze GR, South Africa, 31 January. Struthionidae (Ostriches). Ostritch ( Struthio camelus ); Wakkerstroom, South Africa, 22 February. ANATIDAE (DUCKS). White-faced Whistling Duck ( Dendrocygna viduata ); Kasane, Botswana, 1 January. Lesser Whistling Duck ( Dendrocygna javanica ); Singapore Botanical Gardens, Singapore, 25 February. White-backed Duck ( Thalassornis leuconotus ); Wakkerstroom, South Africa, 22 February.

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Bradt travel guide to Sri Lanka by Philip Briggs – review

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These include the first dedicated guidebooks to Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Ghana, Mozambique and Rwanda, among others, all of which are regularly updated for new editions. Sri Lanka is a ‘must visit country’ for any keen birder.

Best Bird of the Year for 2015

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After charter flying into a remote camp in the wilderness of Mozambique’s Zambezi Delta, we started our search. As 2015 comes to a close and birders the world over start thinking about what 2016 will bring we here at 10,000 Birds would like to take a moment to celebrate our best birds of 2015. Each Beat Writer was given the opportunity to share their Best Bird of the Year for 2015 and, as usual, we had some pretty solid birds.

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