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Herbert Byaruhanga , affectionately known as “Papa” or father of tourism, is one of Uganda’s most distinguished bird guides. Black-chested snake Eagle with a snake at Matheniko Wildlife Reserve Eastern Uganda. Nature conservation is one of the core objectives of Bird Uganda Safaris.

Uganda’s Billion Dollar Bird: The Shoebill

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The Shoebill serves as the symbol of the magnificent wildlife experiences Uganda offers visitors, which may seem a bit odd. Nor is the Shoebill the national bird of Uganda. The post Uganda’s Billion Dollar Bird: The Shoebill appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

Mike And Corey Are Going To Uganda!

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Yes, we’ll be heading to Africa, more specifically the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda. Uganda boasts a checklist of well over one thousand species of birds and host of mammals, reptiles, and interesting insects. We’ll be forever grateful to the Uganda Tourism Board for inviting us on what will undoubtedly be an amazing familiarization tour. … The post Mike And Corey Are Going To Uganda! Destinations Africa Uganda

Finding a Country First: Pectoral Sandpiper in Uganda

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After our two-week-long familiarity trip across Uganda, we ten visiting birders were tired. So we made our way to the grounds of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center , a former zoo that now rehabilitates injured animals. If he hadn’t seen it in Uganda it was a good bird!

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A Brief Tour of Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

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By the time this post publishes, I’ll be on an airplane heading back to the United States following a truly remarkable two week visit to Uganda as part of a group of western birders visiting there to promote the inaugural African Birding Expo. While Uganda does not have the international reputation of its neighbors Kenya and Tanzania, the experience there is no less extraordinary – and in many ways, particularly for the birder, it’s even more so.

Uganda Benefits from Mountain Gorilla Survival

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Uganda is seeing a growth in tourism dollars from visits to see its mountain gorillas. The tourism revenue creates an incentive for Uganda to protect the endangered species at the same time that it contributes to human welfare. Tags: developing countries africa economic development ecotourism uganda gorillas This is very important. This is a kind of symbiotic relationship that only benefits both members of the relationship. Lets hope it continues to flourish.

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Uganda’s Hard To Miss Monkeys

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Kibale National Park, in the west of the Central African nation of Uganda, is home to a 13 primate species, from Common Chimpanzees to bush-babies. They may not even be most beautiful species of monkey in Uganda, the guenons are even more attractive to my mind, but they are certainly the most striking. Mammals Kibale National Park Monkeys Primates Uganda

The Royal Mile: Birding Fit For a King

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Africa boasts its own legendary birding road: Uganda’s Budongo Forest Reserve AKA the Royal Mile. The action began almost immediately, with crackers like Uganda Woodland-Warbler , African Forest-Flycatcher , Rufous-crowned Eremomela , and the highly localized White-thighed Hornbill.

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World birding from a Schrödinger’s house

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Uganda 1079 17. Yet, I would advise you to also consider Uganda. Unlike the more easterly Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda lies between dry savannas of the east and Congolese rainforests in the west, combining the very best of equatorial Africa in a rather compact area.

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How to Bird Murchison Falls

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An expanse of habitat as vast as Murchison Falls NP in Uganda, as excessively generous in beauty and biodiversity, permits endless ways to experience both its birds and animals. Whether exploring Uganda’s eastern or western attractions, always make time for Murchison Falls!

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What Do You Think About When Deciding A Birding Destination?

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Would you go birding in Uganda, where the punishment for being gay is now life in prison? Politics Uganda Paul Hurtado has a very well-thought-out post on birding (or not birding) places where the politics are problematic, to say the least.

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Dreaming of Africa

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Directly under the Equator: southwestern Uganda! Also, Bwindi with all 24 Albertine Rift endemics found in Uganda and Mgahinga NP with 13 of them are the most accessible sites for endemics such as Handsome Francolin , Rwenzori Turaco , Rwenzori Batis , Dusky and Shelley’s Crimsonwings , and the highly localised African Green Broadbill (above – photo by Nik Borrow ). A travel guide for birders should be the “Bradt Guide to Uganda” written by Philip Briggs, who is a birder himself!

The longest way to Costa Rica goes around the world!

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In such a case, you might opt to book an eastbound flight, or a series of flights, from Lisbon to Sao Tome and Principe, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, then Sri Lanka, Thailand, Borneo, PNG, Tahiti, Ecuador, Guyana and finally to Costa Rica…. Its northern neighbour Uganda has 1080 birds, including 24 Albertine endemics. Trips Africa Asia Borneo Costa Rica Ecuador Ghana Guyana Malaysia PNG Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe South America Sri Lanka Tahiti Thailand Uganda world birdwatch

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African Skimmers at the Kazinga Channel

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These African Skimmers were photographed at the Kazinga Channel, a body of water linking Lake George and Lake Edward in western Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. Birding skimmers Uganda It’s a month to I go traveling in Africa again, but between that date and now I have a massive project to deliver, which has reached the ‘invading my dreams’ level of panic.

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Best Opinion Ever on Humans and Nature

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Birds for breakfast

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So, this one’s for free, if you have ever wanted to see an African Finfoot, go to Lake Mburu in Uganda. This species was common as muck at Mweya, a safari lodge in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. Birding Uganda Weaver Birds Weavers Sometimes the birds we see take a lot of work. I wouldn’t know about that myself, as I am a legendarily good birder who finds everything with no effort. Or I’m a legendarily lazy birder. One of those, for sure.

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Python Caves and the Very Dangerous Bats

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You’ll also remember that the caves are also one of the destinations I took my parents to when we toured Uganda. The latter species is now nearly an Albertine endemic, as the region of western Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and eastern DR Congo is an area high in interesting endemics. Birding Trips diseases Ebola fruit bats Uganda

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Wrapping Up Birding Tourism February

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It was a fun month with posts from places as varied as Greece and Uganda, Costa Rica and India. Uganda. Bird Uganda Safaris. We here at 10,000 Birds dedicated the month of February to highlighting a variety of birding tourism companies, destinations, and guides.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of November 2019)

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While we’ve seen more than 150 amazing species in our first 48 hours attending the 3rd African Birding Expo and the pre-Expo familiarity tour of Uganda, one species stands as first among equals. When did birding become so intimately intertwined with technology?

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My Ten Best Birds of 2019

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I birded Uganda, which was my first time on the continent of Africa. I saw nine species of kingfisher while I was in Uganda. Such an unusual and reclusive species so close was a real thrill, and one the highlights of the entire trip to Uganda.

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Our Favorite Bird Books (and one pair of Binoculars) of 2022

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And what I am saying here doesn’t only apply to his Sri Lanka guide, but to all the others as well (these include the first dedicated guidebooks to Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Suriname). This, 2022, has been a curious year for books about birds and birding.

We Want to Help the Birding Tourism Industry

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For example, I never would have gotten that picture of a Lilac-breasted Roller in Uganda at the top of this post without the help of Herbert Byaruhanga. With a worldwide pandemic still raging the tourism industry has taken a massive hit.

Largest Ever Trafficking Bust in Africa

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Body said arrests and seizures were part of a five-country law enforcement operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL, and involved more than 300 law enforcement officers from police, customs, national wildlife and national intelligence agencies in Congo (Brazzaville), Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, further saying this represented largest-ever international wildlife law enforcement operation conducted in Africa. Just five days ago.

Birding Tiaozini again – sponsored by the local government …

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While Mike and Corey – fitting for being real celebrities in birding cycles – get invited to far-flung places such as Uganda, minor local birders sometimes at least get invited to places nearby.

The Bee-eaters of Africa

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My personal record is 8 species in a morning along the Nile in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. The Northern Carmine is readily seen in Ghana’s Mole National Park, Ethiopia’s Rift Valley and in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park. Excellent sites for seeing this beauty include Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla National Park in Uganda and Ghana’s Kakum National Park. Excellent sites include Ampijoroa in Madagascar and Murchison Falls in Uganda.

Where America dreams of/goes birding?

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Some of those “statistical errors” came as surprises to me, e.g. Cuba, Bolivia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Thailand (this is also a clear message to their tourism boards to invest more into promoting avitourism). If I were answering those same questions, my answers would probably be Ecuador, Uganda and Thailand. I had no intention of making a questionnaire or analysing the results.

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Cute of the day: Baby White Rhino!

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In 2008, the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund donated $5,000 to Friends of Conservation, $15,000 to International Rhino Foundation, $10,000 to Rhino Fund Uganda and $10,000 to Tusk Trust to support rhino conservation efforts in the wild. TAMPA, Fla. November 12, 2008) – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay welcomed a new baby white rhinoceros on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009.

Birding the Drakensberg, South Africa

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According to the HBW, “Frederick Jackson, turn of the century Governor of Uganda, and an early leading authority on the birds of East Africa, likened those calls to the hideous mocking laughter of a witch” Sounds interesting.

12 countries with the greatest bird species density

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Nyungwe montane forest national park has 320 species, including 29 Albertine Rift endemics, plus excellent tarmac roads, making highland habitats more accessible than in neighboring Uganda, and the Akagera moist savanna NP offers 490 species. The Species per Square Mile Approach.

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Exploring the Uncharted Bird World

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now the pace quickens: USA; Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia; Nepal, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam. Summer is normally the vacation season, for ordinary tourists at least. Birders follow different patterns of bird migration and their local activities and travel accordingly. But – where? I discovered this cover-photo map somewhere at the BirdLife International’s website. It illustrates the bird richness per country.

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Rwanda Dreaming

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Among the 310 bird species recorded in Nyungwe, which reflects the wide habitat diversity and altitudinal range, 27 are Albertine Rift endemics, more than at any site in Uganda and currently second only to the guerilla-infested Itombwe Mountains in the DRC. The beginning of the northern summer is a good time (as any) to dream of some of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Collaborative list – December 2019

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Incidentally, Uganda ( 510 ) leap-frogged Australia ( 475 ) to become the list’s fourth most prolific country behind Costa Rica ( 763 ), USA ( 654 ) and Brazil ( 555 ). Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Uganda Wildlife Education Centre.

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Birding by Volunteering

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My third trip was six months spend working on a monkey project in the jungles of Uganda. In Uganda I would often cross paths with Chimpanzees as they went about their lives and I went about mine (which was living with a troop of monkeys). Well, it’s official. Over a decade since I was last there, I am finally heading back to Africa late this year.

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Avian Quiz – April 15, 2011

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In descending order, the list starts with those countries with more than 1,000 bird species, so the country is NOT one of these: - Colombia - Peru - Brazil - Indonesia - Ecuador - Bolivia - Venezuela - China - India - Congo, Dem Rep - Kenya - Tanzania - Myanmar - Argentina - Mexico - Uganda 7. Two oceans ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Determine the country, but do not name it. This week’s quiz is geographically GLOBAL in nature.

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City Hornbills

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One of my most cherished birding sightings in Uganda was seeing a distant male hornbill land by a walled up hole in a tree and feed its mate. Well, the blog is back just in time for me to post a story… which is annoying as it would be nice to have a week off without having to fabricate a story for Mike and Corey to cover my bone idle nature. Sadly, the downtime means that the usual post crafting process got slightly short-circuited this week.

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The Storks of Africa

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They don’t often move into big cities, however Uganda’s capital, Kampala is an unusual haven for Marabous who use its high-rise building as roosts. A large flock of resting Abdim’s Storks along the Nile, Uganda by Adam Riley A White Stork in its favored short grass habitat, Sani Pass, Lesotho by Adam Riley The White Stork is the most strictly migrant of all our storks. Africa has more than its fair share of storks, with 8 of the world’s 19 species gracing the continent.

Africa’s Barbets

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This image was taken in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. This image is from Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla National Park, Uganda. The little known Red-faced is found in moist broad-leafed woodlands of very southern Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and remote north-west Tanzania. Image from Budongo Forest, Uganda.

Birding the Kruger Park (1): Skukuza area

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Their talent for this work has long been recognized: “Frederick Jackson, turn of the century Governor of Uganda, and an early leading authority on the birds of East Africa, likened [their] calls to the hideous mocking laughter of a witch.”

15 expat-friendly countries for a birder to move to

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Uganda (987 / 1083). What are the best countries for a passionate birder to move to? And why? I discovered this map a while ago, hidden somewhere at the not so easy to navigate BirdLife International’s website, and I have used it as my computer wallpaper ever since. Usually, I interchange some birdy wallpapers several times per month, but this one has stayed for several months already. It makes me think what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Why am I here?

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The Nemesis Cat Defeated!

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I had spent six months living in suitable rainforest habitat in Uganda, and been on innumerable safari walks , drives and cruises were they might be found. If I were to describe my long time wildlife nemesis, my ultimate dip of dips, I would reach for a nemesis cat, not a nemesis bird. For there is no species that I had more comprehensively failed to see than the Leopard.

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Big Ticks; What Was Your Last New Family?

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I remember my first sunbird (Nectariniidae, seen near Carins) my first auks (Alcidae, near my parents home in North Wales), my first finfoot (Heliornithidae, in a lake in Uganda), stone-curlew (Burhinidae, same lake as it happens), wood swallow (Artamidae, on the wires near Nadi airport in Fiji), tinamou (Tinamidae, Tikal in Guatemala), sugarbird (Promeropidae, drove past one in a protea farm in South Africa, obviously), or pitta (Pittidae, on a river trail high in the hills of Vietnam).

Alien species – Rose-ringed Parakeet.

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Although there is a small wild population in the northern reaches of nearby Uganda, Rose-ringed Parakeets would have been a vagrant for German East Africa (now known as Tanzania) at the time. Rose-ringed Parakeets ( Psittacula krameri ) have become the scourge of the householder in the Home Counties of the UK. Their raucous screeching kick-starts more mornings than alarm clocks and early flights from Heathrow Airport combined.

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Introducing the African Birding Beat

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The last wild population of critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis or Waldrapp is almost entirely restricted to Morocco Once you’ve joined our ranks and are a confirmed Afrophile, the next level of trips to consider would be: Uganda – Africa’s overlap zone; 1,000 bird species in a tiny country and Mountain Gorillas (spending time with these gentle giants is arguably the greatest wildlife experience on earth!); Friends, birders, and globe-trotters, lend me your ears.

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