Uganda Benefits from Mountain Gorilla Survival

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Uganda is seeing a growth in tourism dollars from visits to see its mountain gorillas. The tourism revenue creates an incentive for Uganda to protect the endangered species at the same time that it contributes to human welfare. Tags: developing countries africa economic development ecotourism uganda gorillas This is very important. This is a kind of symbiotic relationship that only benefits both members of the relationship. Lets hope it continues to flourish.

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Best Opinion Ever on Humans and Nature

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Largest Ever Trafficking Bust in Africa

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Body said arrests and seizures were part of a five-country law enforcement operation co-ordinated by INTERPOL, and involved more than 300 law enforcement officers from police, customs, national wildlife and national intelligence agencies in Congo (Brazzaville), Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, further saying this represented largest-ever international wildlife law enforcement operation conducted in Africa. Just five days ago.

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Cute of the day: Baby White Rhino!

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In 2008, the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund donated $5,000 to Friends of Conservation, $15,000 to International Rhino Foundation, $10,000 to Rhino Fund Uganda and $10,000 to Tusk Trust to support rhino conservation efforts in the wild. TAMPA, Fla. November 12, 2008) – Busch Gardens Tampa Bay welcomed a new baby white rhinoceros on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009.