Baby Lemurs at Busch Gardens

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay welcomed two endangered baby red-ruffed lemurs on April 21. The babies are the first lemurs to be born at Jambo Junction, home to the parks’ animal ambassadors, since Maditra and Bozeny arrived as babies three years ago. Lemurs are a species of primate, and reach sexual maturity between 2 and 3 years old. They currently weigh about 300 grams or a little more than half a pound; lemurs average about 80 grams, or.17

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Heirs to Madagascar’s Royal Throne Born

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The world’s critically endangered lemur population has just expanded by two: twin baby ring-tailed lemurs born at the Duke Lemur Center, both named Princess Julien after Madagascar’s most famous royal lemur, King Julien. Princess Julien and her sister Princess Julien … Continue reading → The post Heirs to Madagascar’s Royal Throne Born appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. cute animals wildlife

Rare Tee Clothing

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Did you know that they are more closely related to lemurs than they are to monkeys? I recently got the chance to try out a t-shirt from a company called Rare Tee. Their mission is to raise awareness on threatened and endangered species through their fun and contemporary apparel. I chose the Philippine Tarsier Tee, which is a very fun shirt indeed! Not only is it made from 100% cotton, so it’s very soft and comfortable, but all of their tags, packaging, etc.

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Madagascar’s Lost and Found

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Then rumors leaked out that at this same site the mythical Red Owl could easily be seen, Madagascar Serpent Eagle was breeding and other rare birds and lemurs abounded. Photo by Adam Riley The Sambirano Avahi or Woolly Lemur is a little known nocturnal species that occurs in the forests around Lake Bemanevika. Photo by Adam Riley Von der Decken’s Sifaka is a threatened species of lemur found in the remaining forests around Lake Kinkony.

Madagascar: The Last Inheritor of Gondwana

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Prime example: The voice-over closes with a plea to protect the remarkable microcontinent from the interference of humankind, but narrator Massimo Simion has a near Steve Irwin-esque enthusiasm for interacting with his subjects – climbing baobabs, fondling chameleons, feeding lemurs, and at one point actually wrestling a small crocodile. Putting nature on TV is a tricky business.

Come@Me: If Birds are Dinosaurs I’m a Monkey’s Uncle

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People use the terms “primate” and “monkey” interchangeably, and refer to such things as lemurs as monkeys. Let us begin by establishing the following facts as true: – I am not a monkey’s uncle, yet, in a certain way, I am. – Birds are indeed dinosaurs, yet, are indubitably not. Knowledge is knowing that a bird is a dinosaur. Wisdom is not charging people extra to see your reconstituted Jurassic Park style dinosaur zoo when all you’ve got is a barn full of chickens.

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Introducing the African Birding Beat

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Madagascar’s mammals are equally remarkable; over 100 species of endearing lemurs and bizarre carnivores amongst them! Friends, birders, and globe-trotters, lend me your ears. Better yet, offer up your eyeballs because we have a powerhouse post here that deserves, nay demands your full attention. Adam Riley, owner and managing director of Rockjumper Birding Tours , is a world birder if ever there was one, but has a special place in his heart for his home continent.

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Danum Valley: Simply the Best

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The cool stuff seen, principally a Colugo (a flying lemur as it is sometimes known) and the odd Bearded Pig, were somewhat spoiled by the feeling that too many people were scaring away other cool stuff. Danum Valley is the finest birding location I have ever been to. … I typed the above sentence and then dared myself to defend it. It’s a strong sentence, and one I’ll struggle to justify with my poor grasp of English and reputation towards hyperbole.

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