Internet Exploits Cameroon's Primates

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Cameroon Sets Up Park for Gorillas

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Cameroon, with one of Africa’s highest rates of deforestation, has set up a new national park to protect gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants and a rare type of antelope called bongo. Tags: conservation africa park gorillas endangered species cameroon Let's keep our fingers crossed that it provides effective protection.

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Chimpanzees in Sanctuaries Reflect Widespread Smuggling

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Research shows this is what's happening in Cameroon. Tags: wildlife smuggling chimpanzees africa cameroon It makes sense. The chimpanzee population is decreasing in the wild, but their numbers are increasing in sanctuaries. There are more rescues because there is more smuggling.

African Activists Work to Save Gorillas

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The Last Great Ape Organization in Cameroon is only one of them, but it's the only law enforcement nongovernmental organization in Africa. Tags: africa bush meat congo gorillas endangered species cameroon Bushmeat is horrific, especially the trade in apes. To me, eating apes of any kind is akin to human cannibalism. At least there are activists in African countries themselves that are working to stop this practice.

Canadian Sentenced for Ivory Smuggling

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Tania Julie Siyam, a 32-year-old Canadian art dealer, has been sentenced to serve 60 months in prison and pay a $100,000 fine for illegally smuggling ivory from Cameroon to the United States. Tania Siyam originally operated art import and export businesses in Montreal, Canada, and Cameroon that were fronts for smuggling products from endangered and protected wildlife species, including raw elephant ivory. Good news.