Cute of the Day: the bilby!

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In Australia, however, the endangered marsupial is making a comeback, due in large part to a recently launched “Save the Bilby&# fund. Outside of Australia, the bilby is a little-known animal that occasionally draws comparisons to Star Wars’ Yoda character. With help from the Environmental Protection Agency and Wildlife Preservation Society, a pair known simply as the Bilby Brothers are doing their best to help save an animal they call “graceful&# and “beautiful.&#

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Lazy like a Koala

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Due to the fact that we will still be camping and birding when this goes online I thought I could share some photos of a well-known marsupial in the southern parts of Australia. We spent two months in Portland, Victoria in late 2009 with Grant’s work and whenever we could we were birding. It was challenging in tall trees, but what was surprising to us were the number of Koalas that we came across as we looked up.

Behn River birding

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Rather than risk getting attacked the marsupials will dig into the dry riverbed until they reach water and drink from that area instead. Euros are shaggy, heavy built marsupials with hair rather than fur and male Euro can weigh up to 55 kilograms. Our recent birding and camping trip along the Duncan Road included some extended exploring at the Behn River, which is 63 kilometres down the Duncan Road from the Victoria Highway in the Northern Territory.

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Extinction Week Recap

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It’s when we lost the mammoths, the sabre-tooth cats, the giant ground sloths, the elephant birds, the marsupial lions, and other iconic giants. Extinction endures long past regret or even memory. We nature lovers, celebrants of life in all its exquisite multiformity, feel more keenly than most the loss of even the most undifferentiated species.

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Birding the Dampier Downs Road

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Along the track we noticed a variety of prints including birds, marsupials and more recently wild camels. We have made a couple of trips down the sandy Dampier Downs Road now the native plants have started to flower prolifically in the desert country near Broome. It is always interesting to see the changes in the native vegetation over the winter months when there is no rain at all.

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Are Birds Really Dinosaurs?

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Among mammals, bipedalism is found in several rodents, a number of marsupials, and one primate. Most of the time when we think of birds, we think of the things that make them birds, and not the things that make them dinosaurs. But that is because we often have the relationship between dinosaurs and birds reversed in our little primate minds; Much of what is bird-like is not exclusive to birds, but rather, to a larger group of dinosaurs.

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Where the Kingfishers Are

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The Northern Brown Bandicoot ( Isoodon macrourus ) is a marsupial of the forest floor. Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge is one of those birding destinations that leaves those about to go trembling with excitement and those merely reading about it green with envy. You have been warned! I decided to go to KPBL after my first day in Cairns and use the place as my base with which to explore the Atherton Tableland, a high area to the west of Cairns famous for its wildlife.

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