EU Bans Battery Cages

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1, 2012, egg-laying hens across many European countries will live with fewer discomforts: The European Commission has officially implemented its ban on battery cages, the notoriously cramped cages used by many egg farmers and criticized by animal rights proponents and veterinarians who call them cruel and harmful to the birds' welfare. According to the Scotsman newspaper, replacing battery cages with more-hospitable "enriched" cages has alone cost U.K.

Come@me:Cameras with AA batteries are the best

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Despite the disadvantage of not being able to take many photos or having to wait for the photos to be developed you did not need to worry about batteries, because they were all manually operated. The Kodal Tele-ektralite 20 was a compact battery free camera and at the time it did not seem too big to carry around. The one feature that concerned us from the very beginning was the battery or batteries that ran the camera. My current AA battery camera.

Surprising NYTimes Editorial about National Egg Production

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battery hens eggs egg production hens farm animal welfare agriculture agribusiness chickensSurprising to me at least. The editorial advocates a national standard that establishes humane standards in all parts of the country.

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Royal Decree Issued in Spain Over Animal Welfare

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battery hens spain farm animal welfare chickensInteresting! Effective? Who knows? Here's an excerpt from Farmers Weekly Interactive. The Spanish government has taken the unusual step of issuing a royal decree to compel farmers to report on what action they are taking to comply with the 2012 conventional cage-ban and if they require any government assistance.

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Hope for Hen Welfare

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Because of the work of Farm Sanctuary supporters and other animal protection advocates across the nation, the UEP now understands the overwhelming opposition to battery cages, which were subject to a ballot initiative in California in 2008, in which California citizens voted overwhelmingly to ban the cages; the initiative received more “yes” votes than any other ballot measure in California history. battery hens legislation farm animal welfare farm sanctuary

BOCA to Stop Using Eggs by End of 2009

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By removing eggs from their ingredient list, BOCA is withdrawing financial support for factory farms that use battery-cages. Tags: battery hens eggs farm animal welfare Totally missed this story from about a month ago. On March 19, 2009 a company representative emailed Compassion Over Killing: "…I am pleased to let you know the BOCA brand will be eliminating eggs in all of its products by the end of this year. We anticipate all BOCA products will be egg free in 2010."

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Clemson Researcher Investigates Impacts of Cages on Laying Hens

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Dancing Party Animals

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They don’t come with batteries, but only take 3 AA. You can also use a power adapter (not included) if you don’t want to use batteries. Dancing Party Animals are cute dancing animals (with a speaker) that connect to your favorite music playing device! Plug in your music, and watch them start to move and groove. They will dance until the music stops. They have a lot of fun animals to choose from. We were sent a dancing cat and a dancing dog.

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Zelda Survived Sandy!

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Zelda, the Wild Turkey who makes Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhattan, her home, managed to survive the flooding and devastation that Manhattan suffered due to Hurricane Sandy. Asides Manhattan turkeys

Where Does Vegan Baby Sky Get Her Protein?

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The toy rule is pretty much: Little or no plastic and no batteries. I'm constantly asked about the details of Baby Sky's life. Where does she get her protein? How are her bones going to grow without cow's milk? You mean she's never eaten bacon? Are you a communist? At Baby Sky's 15 month checkup she landed at about the 75th percentile for height and weight. She comes from small stock, so I do see that decreasing a bit. It's already down from the 90th percentile. She was a gigantic baby!

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Packing for a birding trip

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Don’t forget all the cables, chargers, backup batteries and international electrical adapters! When was the last time you travelled for birding? Since the Covid-19 era, I have become a patch birder.

The Other Side of the Egg Debate

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But with battery eggs costing about $2 a dozen and organic free-range eggs costing between $5 and $6 a dozen, the impact of the proposed change goes beyond poultry. I am a firm supporter of reforming factory egg farming. I believe that chickens should have room to stretch and walk around. And I'm willing to pay for more expensive eggs if it allows for that. However, I'm also aware that I'm fortunate to have a job that allows me to pay for that. Not everyone has that luxury.

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Swarovski Skills Camp, or men and their toys

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Yesterday evening I got home from the second Swarovski Skills Camp at Lake Neusiedl in the east of Austria. I am still tired from the long drive, but it was great to play with the very best toys for birders, to be able to share experiences and to ask the factory staff all sorts of silly questions.

A Quick Drive

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But necessity is the mother of invention and some camera battery covers doubled up as spoons to ensure that our stomachs could stop their grumbling!

Death of the Downy Woodpecker, or, Dunlin at 10,000 Feet: The Eighth Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit

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As always, we held our sit high atop Battery Harris at Fort Tilden on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens. This past Saturday, 09 October 2021, was the Eighth Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit.

Bacon Bubble Buddy

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Also, you never need batteries, as it is totally person powered! Another fun toy from Think Geek! Baby sure loved the Bacon Bubble Buddy. It’s a fun toy for both dog and human. The bubbles fill a small reservoir in the blower, and then with a few pulls of the trigger, bacon flavored bubbles come out for your dog to catch. They are safe to eat, and though I didn’t try tasting one, they did smell like bacon! Plus, it’s fun to use too.

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Social Distancing

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But every Monday, when my weekend work peak has passed, I literally head for the hills, and recharge my batteries with a healthy dose of total solitude. This is very bad news for those whose battery-recharging times depend on movie theaters, restaurants, clubs, and gyms. I am a nerd.

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Costa Rica: You Only Live Twice

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And yet another reminder for tomorrow: I should somewhere buy one of those button-type batteries for a Bluetooth remote shutter, to give it a shot at digiscoping birds at fruit feeders of Selva Verde with a smartphone photo adapter.

Safe Glow LED Dog Collar

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Even with the battery for the light, it isn’t any heavier than her regular collar, and she seemed to find it comfortable to wear. Baby recently got a very fun item to review, something super awesome for people who love to take their dogs out walking when it gets a bit darker! Yes, a glowing collar! The Safe Glow dog collar, which is well made from wear-resistant nylon and houses a flexible, light-transmitting polymer core that illuminates when the collar is turned on.

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Isolation, a.k.a. Business as Usual

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We counted seven of these alluring birds while I killed my camera battery. By the time my camera battery had went to 0%, the tropical sun was already heating things up and we were just about to pack up and leave when the flock of toucans flew toward us, one landing a mere 30 feet away.

2020 74

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of October 2019?

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Corey’s more ambitious plan involves the sixth annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit at the Battery Harris Platform at Fort Tilden in, you guessed it, Queens. For many Americans, a three- or four-day weekend–no matter its provenance–arrives at the perfect time to enjoy peak autumn excitement. Fall migration only adds to the festivities. If you’re planning any kind of Big Day or Big Sit , this may be your best chance.

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Queens County Bird Club Seventh Annual Big Sit

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As always, we were high above the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, perched precariously on the platform atop Battery Harris, the old artillery battery built to defend New York Harbor in World War II. This past Saturday, 10 October, was my favorite birding event of the year.

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Is Your Pet Okay While You’re at Work?

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Drain the Batteries: Schedule some time in the morning before work to give your pets some exercise. Sadly, we don’t exactly live in an ideal world. If we did, all of our jobs would have in-house pet daycares and we could bring our four-legged friends to work with us. In the less accommodating world we actually live in, our pets have to stay at home while we spend the next 8 to 10 hours making the money that we’ll later use to spoil them.

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Note to Those Wanting Promotion: Pay Attention

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By encouraging people to bake with higher welfare eggs (as well as organic milk, butter and chocolate) vital funds will be raised to campaign against battery cages. We bloggers often get e-mails from individuals and organizations in search of promotion. And that's fine, as we all want to spread the news of fantastic work that needs support. Case in point: AnimalEquality.

The Beach is Back

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I took so many photos on this outing that my battery ran out of charge before I finally saw the Grebes , so no photos of those.). Disclaimer: Technically, Lake Cuitzeo is surrounded by mudflats, not beaches.

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Animals Have Personalities? No WAY!

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Researchers conducted experiments in a lab, then released the animals into the wild, making sure to note that "This was a much harder part of the study, and involved lugging around of batteries," and found similar results. When I started blogging in May of 2006 I was very snarky. Snark defined blogging back then. And of course, as a (pop) culture whose sensibility has been formed by The Onion and The Daily Show , it's no wonder.

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Fledgling House Sparrow Getting Fed

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These particular birds were in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, but the same story is taking place all over the world right now, as few species have successfully adapted to as many locations as the House Sparrow. The title of this post pretty much says it all. A couple of weeks ago I watched and photographed a young House Sparrow getting fed by its mother. I also watched, but failed to get pictures of, the same young bird being fed by two different male House Sparrows.

Consolidation of Egg Industry

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and Canada are actively opposing battery cages. Don't think banks are the only ones gobbling each other up nowadays. So are egg corporations. Thanks to an email from Farmed Animal Net for this information. These are not farming families, folks, but corporations as powerful and ruthless as anything on Wall Street. The U.S. egg industry continues to consolidate.

Join Me for a Big Sit in Queens!

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That spot is Battery Harris Platform at Fort Tilden, a hawk watch platform built on top of the remnants of an old artillery battery that helped protect New York Harbor back when Fort Tilden was actually still a military base. On Sunday, 12 October, I’ll be in one spot all day long from predawn until post-sunset.

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Roger Scruton on the Duty to Eat Meat

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All animals would be kept in battery conditions and the righteous vegetarians would exert no economic pressure on farmers to change their ways. Bit by bit the news would get around, that there is a right and a wrong way to eat; and—failing some coup d’état by censorious vegetarians—the process would be set in motion, that would bring battery farming to an end. A great number of animals owe their lives to our intention to eat them.

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Smile and say “meow”!

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I could not wait to get the batteries in and start taking photos. We love to capture photos of our pets, what pet owner doesn’t? So, when we got a chance to check out this fun “toy&# camera called the Shironeko (white cat) from Four Corner Store, we couldn’t wait to give it a try! The package that the Shironeko Holga camera comes in is adorable! It arrives inside a round tin with a photo of a cat face on it.

2010 109

From Today's New York Times

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Are We Much Better than Michael Vick?

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I still eat eggs that come from battery hens, even though I do try to buy free range, and I wear leather, even though I only buy it used. This is an excellent opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The author, an assistant professor of sociology at Tulane University, poses some important questions. While I don't agree with everything he says, I do think he makes some legitimate points. The media and society is vilifying Michael Vick (rightly I believe.)

Disaster Preparedness Plan May Save Your Pet’s Life

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Flashlight with batteries. With June 1 marking the first day of the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season, it’s crucial to raise awareness about the importance of planning for pets’ safety before it’s too late. VCA veterinarian Donna J. Spector, DVM, DACVIM, offers the following tips to help you be prepared when a disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, strikes your home: If you are ever instructed to leave your home during an emergency situation, ALWAYS take your pets with you.

2011 133

Traveling with pets?

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If you have to leave your pet in the car for a few minutes, Pets on the Go suggests parking in the shade and using a small, battery-operated fan to keep the car cool. Guest post By Peggy Frezon , Rensselaer, New York. Lots of people travel over Memorial Day weekend. Whether you’re visiting family or checking out a new vacation spot, does your cat or dog join you? Kelly enjoys coming along to her “grandparents’ &# summer place on a mountain lake.

2009 100

White-winged Dove in Queens!

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I got up on the Battery Harris platform and enjoyed large numbers of American Goldfinch going past, as well as flocks of Red-winged Blackbird , Common Grackle , and Pine Siskin. This morning I was out at Fort Tilden on the barrier beaches of Queens at first light, hoping to take advantage of the northwest winds to see some good birds going past.

2014 67

Noisy, but nice

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In the moderate warmth of a Miami morning, he was able to sustain his fan under light cloud for longer than my camera battery could last. Blogging is a peculiar activity. It initiates an internal monologue when one is alone in the field and keeps up the chatter all day, even when nothing is happening. But something must happen otherwise, God forbid, there will be nothing to blog about.

2016 42

I Just Flew Back from the Spring Wings Festival …

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My camera battery is probably pretty tired, too, from taking shot after shot of natural beauty and avian charmers. Birding by kayak can now come off my bucket list. … and boy, are my legs tired, from all those hours in scrunched-up airplane seats. And my cheeks are tired, as well, from grinning every time I saw a life bird, or a baby bird, or a bird doing something cool, or a non-bird creature that’s emblematic of the American Southwest.

2013 47

Come@Me Week Round Up

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1PM – Clare: Cameras with AA Batteries are the Best. Another amazing 10,000 Birds theme week is in the tank. Joining Poop Week , Wood-Warbler Week , Bird Love Week , and other theme weeks lost in the ether, Come@Me Week was an unbridled success, causing arguments, hurt feelings, bar fights, and at least one felony during its week-long run. We hope you enjoyed it! And that you didn’t get too rowdy in the comment section here or on Facebook.).

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Queens County Bird Club 2018 Big Sit Results

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We had persevered through four years at the top of Battery Harris Platform and could bring our experience to bear on the task of trying to record as many species as possible on a single day from that single spot. Then I pulled out my bluetooth speaker and started broadcasting a Northern Saw-Whet Owl call only to have the battery die after about thirty seconds. I had high hopes for the 5th Annual Queens County Bird Club Big Sit this past Saturday at Fort Tilden.

2018 66

Can Birds Be Safe? If Only.

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And I am a serious environmentalist, and my heart bleeds every time I take my old car batteries and leftover rat poison and dump them in the river. Another product has been invented that could cut down on the number of wild birds killed by domestic cats.

2015 82

2017 starts off with Black-throated Sparrows

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This is a chance to recharge out batteries, spend a little quite time together and try to get in a whole bunch of birding done. And so begins another New Year, another chance to start afresh. If you are the type to put together a list of resolutions, or goals, then the chance to make them a reality is upon you. I have never been much of a resolutions sort of guy, I just look back at the previous year make a mental note of what I liked, and what I didn’t.

2017 44

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of October 2012)

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No wonder folks are hoarding water and batteries! I don’t know how things are in your part of the world, but in my geographic proximity, people are freaking out. Much of the Mid-Atlantic is bracing for what has been endearingly termed a Frankenstorm. On the bright side, a big storm tends to blow in bedraggled rarities… This weekend, I was quite pleased to see that Dark-eyed Juncos have returned to my yard. They seems pretty pleased to be on the property themselves!

2012 42