Trader Joe's Eggs NOT Humane

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They are debeaked because that is necessary to keep them from injuring each other." If, in fact, Trader Joe's deems debeaking as necessary, then this immediately reveals the high density of birds. I decided to look online for some information regarding the "Organic Free Range Eggs" that Trader Joe's, my favorite store, sells. Here is what their web site says. A Note About Eggs At Trader Joe's we listen to what our customers tell us about the choices we give them.

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To My Friends at Thanksgiving

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There will be no pies or cakes that were made with milk that was meant for calves, or eggs that represent dead male chicks , forced molting, debeaking and other mutilations and cruelties. Thanksgiving 2010 will be Baby Sky's first, and our opportunity to introduce her to the notion that our family doesn't eat animals (not to mention that other historical story we'll be correcting). There will be no greyhound corpse on our table, no turkey corpse and no pig corpse.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second Weekend of 2011)

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As promised, I watched Falcons get plucked, pinioned, and debeaked this weekend. Just two weekends into 2012, I already love this year. No doubt the weather has something to do with it; Rochester, NY may historically be one of the United States’ snowiest metropolitan areas, but we’ve been basking in almost vernal weather. Plus my New York Football Giants just advanced in the first round of the NFL playoffs.

From Today's New York Times

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Free range” does not solve the problem of painful debeaking, enormously oversized flocks or the unnatural isolation of the birds from other sexes and age groups. To the Editor: Re “ Suddenly, the Hunt Is On for Cage-Free Eggs ” (front page, Aug. 12): While this is a step in the right direction toward reducing the animal abuse inherent in all factory farming (from the chicken’s point of view), it’s still a long way from what nature intended.

From Today's New York Times

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The debeaking of hens and other routine cruelties of egg production are seldom put before the public. To the Editor: Re “ Humanity Even for Nonhumans ,” by Nicholas D. Kristof (column, April 9): Thank you for this inspiring and enlightening article. Animals raised for food suffer miserably.

Animal Advocates' Successes Have Factory Farmers Running Scared

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Since chickens of the strain raised for meat production aren't typically raised in cages, the label "free roaming chicken" can legally be applied to chickens that were painfully debeaked and then permanently confined in an overcrowded shed with 100,000 other chickens each of whom had 7/10 of a square foot of floor space. A column entitled "Ag Industry Threatened by Animal Rights" appeared in today's High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal [ HPMAJ ].

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Meat, Cancer, and the Cumulative Case for Ethical Vegetarianism

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In addition, the animals are subjected to excruciating mutilations – including branding, dehorning, debeaking, tooth pulling, tail docking, and castration – all performed without anesthesia. Ethical vegetarianism is the thesis that killing and eating animals is morally wrong whenever equally nutritious plant-based alternatives are available. The case for ethical vegetarianism starts with several uncontroversial premises.

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