Greyhound Racing Officially Ends in Massachusetts

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Thanks to Grey2kUSA and the voters of Massachusetts who put an end to live greyhound racing in the Bay State as of last Saturday night! Here 's more on how it all happened and why this particular situation was unique (i.e., the ban happened while the industry was still operating).

Good News for Greyhounds

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You may recall that Massachusetts voters let their opinions about dog racing be heard when they voted to ban racing in their state. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Greyhound Matters Florida Gambling Greyhound Racing Massachusetts Michael J. We who want humans to stop using sentient nonhumans have few victories to celebrate.

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Boston Zoo May Close and Kill Animals

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Skittles’ Surgery GoFundMe

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Any funds that are raised in excess of Skittles’ medical bills will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid, a no-kill animal shelter in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Reader Bridget needs our help! On April 15th, 2014, Skittles required emergency surgery due to an intestinal obstruction.

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Best & Worst States for Animal Protection

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New Jersey Illinois Massachusetts Colorado Maine WORST STATES Ohio Hawaii Alabama North Dakota Mississippi Idaho South Dakota (worst) According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the states fell this way. According to this Technorati article , the Humane Society rated the states on their animal protection laws. BEST STATES California (best-yay!)

Calling all Dogs: Celebrate National Dog Day with Free Ice Cream August 25

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To celebrate National Dog Day 2012, Best Friends Pet Care will be giving away free doggy ice cream treats to every dog who visits any Best Friends facility across the U.S. on Saturday, August 25. The treats are made of yogurt or soy with dog-preferred flavors like peanut butter and honey.

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Canines Go for the Gold at Doggy Olympic Games Across the U.S.

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Canine athletes are jumping through hoops to capture the gold at Doggy Games in Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and Texas. London isn’t the only town where athletes are bringing home the gold this week.

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Angel Tree Campaign To Help Homeless Pets at 70 Shelters

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Beneficiaries range from large animal shelters like the Central Florida SPCA and the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis to small rescue groups like Save a Dog in Texas and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Massachusetts. I was really excited to hear about an Angel Tree program for pets.

Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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In " 'Animal Rights:' Pernicious Nonsense for Both Law & Public Policy ," Massachusetts attorney and "sportsman" Richard Latimer is on the mark with some concepts, and way off with others. However, both his perceptions and misconceptions are based on: 1) observing the work of PeTA and HSUS; and 2) the assumption that those two organizations are in the same category--"animal rights."

Animal Rescue Month

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Volunteers will earn double points for time spent on animal rescue-related activities, which they can redeem for rewards from the site’s retail partners, such as Especially for Pets, a seven store Massachusetts pet food and supply company. “Animal welfare efforts throughout Massachusetts are supported by residents who want to have a direct impact on the life of an animal,&# said MSPCA-Angell spokesman Brian Adams.

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An Animal Rights-Protection-Abolitionist Organization

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Massachusetts is probably an exception, as voters banned racing while tracks were still in operation, so that's a message about how they feel about dog racing that turned into a ban. I've always thought of horse-drawn carriages the way I think about greyhound racing or fur: Most people are against them, so why are they still around? Greyhound racing is dying, for sure, but not because people are necessarily against it.

100 Heartbeats

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He currently resides with his family on an island in Massachusetts. I recently got the chance to read the book, 100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth’s Most Endangered Species , written by Jeff Corwin.

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Steven M. Wise on Legal Rights for Animals

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Lemuel Shaw, the nineteenth century chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, provided this good definition: it “consists of a few broad and comprehensive principles, founded on reason, natural justice, and enlightened public policy, modified and adapted to all the circumstances of all the particular cases that fall within it.” The legal rights of nonhuman animals might first be achieved in any of three ways.

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Woof ‘n’ Worship

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By Rachel Bickford, North Weymouth, Massachusetts. I’m the pastor of Pilgrim Congregational Church in North Weymouth, Massachusetts, and my parishioners are my second family. Would you take your dog to church with you? Sounds good to me! Check out this article from Guideposts (shared with permission), about taking your furry friend to church with you! Sunday afternoon, five o’clock sharp. The organ hums while I set refreshments on the front table and walk to the pulpit.

Guest Post: Susan Wilson

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A feral kitten captured and neutered by a small non-profit, somewhat militant organization, was on display at our local Massachusetts Society Prevention of Cruelty Association branch, which often took these feral cats in the hope of finding homes for them. My second favorite rescue story is that of Hunter, a beagle-ish dog that my daughter and son-in-law adopted from a shelter in Massachusetts. Today we have a great guest post from author Susan Wilson.

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From Today's New York Times

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I grew up on a dairy and hog farm in central Massachusetts. To the Editor: Re “ A Farm Boy Reflects ” (column, July 31): Hats off to Nicholas D. Kristof, who takes note of the trend represented by the animal welfare proposition on the ballot in California this fall. While this legislation would be an important step in transforming inhumane animal production, we must also call for change on the federal level, where the farm bill subsidizes this sector to the tune of billions of dollars.

The One Animal Product You Should Feed Your Children

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According to the Newsweek article "Breast on a Plane" just linked-to above, last year Victoria’s Secret would not allow women to breastfeed in their stores in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. However, 12 states, namely, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin [Imagine, The Dairy State doesn't protect a woman's right to nurse!],

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Prima Facie vs. Ultima Facie Wrongness

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For example, the famous Framingham heart study has been tracking the daily living and eating habits of thousands of residents of Framingham, Massachusetts since 1948. Jonathan Hubbell, a philosophy major at the University of Texas at Arlington, is the newest member of the Animal Ethics blog, and once again, I would like to welcome him aboard.

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