Marine Life Top of CITES Meeting Agenda

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On its agenda is Monaco's proposal to have a complete ban on the international commercial trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna. Oh look, more meetings. From Al Jazeera. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or Cites that opened in the Qatari capital on Saturday will be discussing 42 proposals during the next two weeks.

Canada to Push Seal Hunt Agenda at G-7

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The Canadian government is so damn stubborn on this issue. The second half of the article deals with their attempts at pushing that damn seal hunt. Is it THAT much a part of its economy? Canada needs to stop exploiting its natural resources and move into a more sophisticated type of economy. You'd think they were a developing nation with nothing else to offer.

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The Conflict Between Animal Welfare and Agribusiness

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This article pretty much sums up how the two agendas are simply at cross-purposes. Compassion is perceived to hurt profits. It spotlights the Humane Society, but I think it's a pretty universal comparison.

Polar Bear Hunters Face Battle Over Extinction Worries

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A limit on the hunting of polar bears by sportsmen and native Arctic people will top the agenda at an international summit in Norway tomorrow, seen as vital to the survival of the predator. Native and sport polar bear hunters may be facing more restrictions due to increasing threats to bear populations.

On Letting Your Emotions Rule the Day

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Once you know what his title is, there is little to be surprised about regarding his rhetoric, but it's still interesting to see how he spins his topic, and particularly how authoritative he tries to sound when it's clear that his agenda either doesn't allow for him to educate himself or doesn't allow for him to admit that his agenda trumps the facts. Bea directed me to the Animal Welfare Special Report at , in which Rep.

On "Food Inc."

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Film is a visual medium and through direction, dialogue, editing, music and any effects, the filmmaker presents (in this case) his agenda. (Sigh.) Here's the idea you have to get used to when it comes to Food Inc.: One message is that there's nothing wrong with eating animals, and in fact it's fantastic and thrilling and a win-win-win (people-planet-profits) when you eat animals that were "produced" by Polyface Farms.

From Today's New York Times

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For that you can blame a cowardly food industry and a cynical consumer movement, willing to sacrifice lives to further its antinuclear agenda. To the Editor: Re “ The Burger That Shattered Her Life: Trail of E. Coli Shows Flaws in Ground Beef Inspection System ” (front page, Oct. 4): Your article about E.