THE CUTE SHOW! Featuring Pygmy Ponies

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I would love a cute little pygmy pony in our yard! These adorably sweet and fuzzy ponies will do just about anything to get food in their mouths. The Cute Show meets Olivia, daughter of Toy House Mousey Prince John of Lancaster pony, and watches her and her friends as they lounge around or partake in exercise routines, in which they trot and jump over tiny pony hurdles (to keep the weight off). Naughty ponies.

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Konik Ponies in Scottish Conservation

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The Loch of Strathbeg reserve in Aberdeenshire Scotland has begun to use eight rare ‘Konick’ horses to manage and improve it’s wetland habitats for birds. The breed is a direct descendent of the Tarpan, a wild forest horse driven to extinction in central Europe in the late 19th century.Hardier than their domestic cousins, konik horses can cope with harsh climates an forage in the wild.Their ability to graze on courser grass, sedges and rushes can also help boost biodiversity.

Operation Nix-the-Petting-Zoo, Part Deux

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Coincidentally, last night was a board meeting for our homeowner's association, and though I wasn't on the agenda there's always time for homeowner comments about, say, the petting zoo and pony rides that are scheduled for the spring "BBQ" ( here 's part one of this story). And there's not much from the health angle for pony rides. The reason they gave for the petting zoo and pony rides was that other communities have done them and seemed to like them.

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Operation Nix-the-Petting-Zoo

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Like a "BBQ, pony rides and a petting zoo!" When I started thinking about trying to get the association to cancel the pony rides and petting zoo (which are often part of one business as a quick Google search of " traveling petting zoo " will demonstrate), my several-year vegan husband said, "What's the use? I might be able to nix the petting zoo, and maybe even the pony rides, but the "BBQ" will remain untouched.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of September 2018)

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The birding mecca on my mind is Chincoteague NWR, renowned far and wide for avian profusion (and wild ponies!) Many birders have places they return to year after year, special pilgrimages promising scenes and species they see nowhere else. Enjoying these locations over time allows us to experience our beloved birding sites in all their multifaceted glory, even when those facets aren’t exactly glorious.

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Five Famous First Pets

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Macaroni the pony. Today is George Washington’s birthday! So in celebration, here is a fun list of Five Famous First Pets. Socks the cat. First Cat from 1993-2001): Socks was a black and white “tuxedo” American Shorthair cat belonging to Bill Clinton. He often visited schools and hospitals. Later, Socks was “voted out of office” because he didn’t get along with the White House dog, Buddy. Millie the Springer Spaniel. First Dog from 1989-1993): George H.W.

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How a Farrier can treat a horse with club foot

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A Farrier is a professional with a very unique set of skills, they are able to care for and treat ailments found in hoofed animals including horses, ponies and some other animals. In the case of horses it is vital that they have their nails trimmed and looked at on a frequent basis as this is an essential part of the animal in terms of their mobility. In the United Kingdom, farriers need to be registered according to the Farriers (Registration) Act of 1975.

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Foraging Palm Warblers

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that this time of year I am pretty much a one-trick pony, a single-track record, a birder stuck in a gaudy rut full of wood-warblers. Wood-warbler mania has taken over my brain leaving me unable to do much but look for wood-warblers, dream of wood-warblers, and devise plans as to how I can see more wood-warblers.

GUYANA–Simply Delicious Birding!

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No matter how many times I see this bird, I still find myself saying, “Smoking Ponies…that’s a stonker of a bird!”. Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning “land of many waters” but it could just as easily mean “land of many birds”.

Rainy Day Birder

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With so much less at stake than them, I should probably just pony up for the SPF 150, or whatever is the strongest sunscreen they make now. Perhaps my greatest handicap as a birder, aside from not driving, the whole being lazy thing, and the poor eyesight, is my +10 weakness against sun. I’ll stand in the cold and damp on, say, a pelagic trip until I just about fall over, hoping for one more good alcid.

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Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls

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“Schmoking Ponies!” “Do they have owls?” ” was the first question I asked Mike Freiberg. Mike had just invited me to Nikon’s Prostaffer Retreat that was to be held at a ranch in south Texas. He wasn’t sure of the answer to my question so he referred me to the manager of the ranch. I immediately phoned the manager and enquired if the property had any Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls.

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Clare M’s 2015 Year List

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A visit behind the Pony Club on the highway into town is a good place to find Little Corella, Black Kites, Whistling Kites, Golden-headed Cisticola, Nankeen Kestrel, Red-backed Fairywren, Gull-billed Terns, Australasian Pipit and Brolga if there is water. Well, a New Year has arrived and of course that means a new list for birds! We had not done “year lists” until we started here in 2012 , because a few other Beat Writers had decided to and really…why not!

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