Operation Nix-the-Petting-Zoo, Part Deux

Animal Person

Coincidentally, last night was a board meeting for our homeowner's association, and though I wasn't on the agenda there's always time for homeowner comments about, say, the petting zoo and pony rides that are scheduled for the spring "BBQ" ( here 's part one of this story). And there's not much from the health angle for pony rides. And realistically, availability of a vegan burger isn't going to make me want to participate.

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Operation Nix-the-Petting-Zoo

Animal Person

Like a "BBQ, pony rides and a petting zoo!" When I started thinking about trying to get the association to cancel the pony rides and petting zoo (which are often part of one business as a quick Google search of " traveling petting zoo " will demonstrate), my several-year vegan husband said, "What's the use? I might be able to nix the petting zoo, and maybe even the pony rides, but the "BBQ" will remain untouched.

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