The Birds of March Madness

10,000 Birds

The Liberty University Flames, represented by their American Bald Eagle mascot, Sparky, were also bounced from the tournament, while the Marquette Golden Eagles, Oregon Ducks, and Louisville Cardinals advanced from their first-round matches. Louisville Cardinals. Greetings, 10,000 Birds readers! I’m thrilled to be contributing all the little tidbits I find to the Nature News beat. And there’s little that’s newsier (in the U.S.,

From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

Louisville, Ky., To the Editor: Re “ Two Pigs ” (The Rural Life, Oct. 25): Thank you for another thoughtful piece by Verlyn Klinkenborg, who admirably makes the point that taking an animal’s life should not be a cavalier endeavor. As a longtime vegan with three vegan-from-birth children, I would like to suggest that since vegetarians are generally healthier than meat eaters, there is no excuse for compassionate people to eat animals.